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  1. So I know Geocaching gets featured in the press a lot, but I thought this one was pretty interesting and I don't imagine many people will know about it. Geocaching was recently mentioned in Game Developer magazine - a magazine which covers, what else, video game development (programming, design, art, etc.) It's not a whole article or anything, but I still thought it was an unusual place to see Geocaching mentioned... On page 40 of the September 2005 issue in Noah Falstein's article, "Don't Cell Out," there's a little blurb about Geocaching... "I've since learned that even if a developer is willing and interested to make a game for one specific model of phone to exploit its capabilities, another type of fragmentation - that of the many cellular carriers who provide distribution of games - means that many of these carriers won't even accept a game unless it can run on nearly all phones. So that means that your killer idea for a geocaching game using GPS may not be picked up by any major carrier." So, I guess Noah must be a cacher... anyone have any idea what his user ID might be? I don't want to sound stalkerish, I just think it's a really cool reminder of how broad the spectrum of cachers is...
  2. Obligatory Simpsons reference: I prefer Gasahol. (Homer filling up his car at the pump): One for you, one for me, one for you, one for me...
  3. The emissions from that one are pretty bad though! I don't know exactly how much it costs to feed a horse, but I'm pretty sure it's more than it costs to buy gas. Of course, the horse itself is cheaper than the car... That said, horses are cool.
  4. But preferably not Wal-Mart. They have 'em, but... it's Wal-Mart.
  5. A little server magic could get you Charter Member status for a little while... at least, until you got banned.
  6. Tidalflame


    My guess is that the server's a bit busy. I don't have too much experience with Windows Server error messages though. I always use Linux servers... they hardly ever generate error messages!
  7. Heh, I just noticed that. How terribly ironic. I wonder if they intended it as a joke, or if nobody knew about the acronym?
  8. Incidentally, throwing a PC out the window is about the only way to make it less stable than a Mac.
  9. The Garmin Rino is really neat - it's a GPS receiver and a two way radio in one! Not only does it allow you to talk, but you can also see the location of other devices by syncing them over radio frequency. I don't actually own one, but it sounds really cool.
  10. I just wish I could get free Lock 'n Locks and ammo cans. They're not cheap!
  11. Heh, I was thinking "What fake rock cache?" until I looked at the photo, at which point I immediately knew which one you were talking about. It was a fun cache. The GPS wasn't working so well, so we were climbing all over the big wheel thinking it might be hidden on that!
  12. What's your app written in? I imagine there's probably a better example to follow somewhere on the web... based on how you're describing it, it doesn't sound very complex...
  13. GPX Sonar. Even better than CacheMate, in my opinion - AND it's completely free!
  14. I've never come close to dying while attempting a cache, but I've gotta tell you that you guys posted some great stories. I want to try that cache!
  15. That's awesome! Except for one thing... We have all the same cell phone technology as you guys, but perhaps your carrier doesn't support roaming up here... and then, of course, some of the smaller towns may not have more than one tower, so if your phone isn't the same frequency then you're out of luck. Just nitpicking. Anyway, that aside, that must have been one hell of a journey. I love the photos. (By the way, what does the sign say in this photo? What's up with the cliff in this photo?) Incredible sights. Must have been a tough journey... congratulations.
  16. My girlfriend is almost as obsessed with caching as I am. She won't let me go alone, 'cause she can't stand to miss a find!
  17. I don't know. I agree with you to a point, but this is hardly seems like a piece of history when it's such a recent event. I think there's a difference between putting a cache up in memory of someone who died long ago and putting a cache at the scene of several murders before the trial's even finished...
  18. I can't tell you what I do with my unit, this is a family site. Darn, you beat me to the unit joke! Good one, though =P
  19. I don't have the terms of use memorized word for word, but I can't see any reason why this would be a problem. This script just reads the GPX file and puts the points on a map. The GPX file doesn't stay on the server, by the way. It's automatically deleted as soon as the script has finished running. If Jeremy has any problem with this I will shut it down immediately, but I can't imagine why he would.
  20. Hooray for intolerance! Human rights? Who needs those? They're only for people with money, 'cause if you don't have money, you certainly aren't human.
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