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Pooter And Firth Of Forth Both Hit 500

G Force

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It's not a numbers game...


... but then again, both of the people involved have a well-developed sense of the theatrical.


By the last week of February, Pooter was 21 ahead and it seemed like he could not be caught. But Firth of Forth had a secret plan.


The plan was: to put psychological pressure on Pooter, by not trying to beat him to 500. This plan had a couple of glaring defects:


1) It was told to about twenty different people at the SGDO - thus ensuring that it didn't remain a secret for very long.

2) It wasn't a very good plan, anyway.


During the following weeks, Pooter did a sweep round the Midlands and picked off the remaining caches. His last one was (accidentally, you understand) a DNF, leaving him on 499.


Pooter did not worry about this, because it isn't a numbers game...


Firth of Forth let it be known that it was impossible to catch up, because the children's activities had priority for the weekend. And anyway, it isn't a numbers game...


In fact, the kids were handcuffed to a radiator with 2 days' supply of food placed within reach. By daybreak, FoF was already over the border into Northumberland, with a list of 20 caches and a tankful of gas.


Meanwhile, Pooter had his eye on one special cache for his 500th. It was on the Kintyre peninsula - only 30-odd miles away, but over 100 miles by road.


Firth of Forth was grabbing 1/1 caches by the handful. The 500th came up at 12.25hrs - would be enough?


No. Pooter had already found and logged GCKY6K at 11.15. The race to 500 was won, by little more than an hour.


Which is pretty close,


Considering that it isn't a numbers game...



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Thanks everyone. In fact, Pooter beat me comfortably by two hours, although I didn't get his text announcement until a little later.


That's the last time I tell Wlw any of my sneaky plans! :( And as for handcuffing my children to radiators - don't tell the Social Work Department, OK?


I won't be racing Pooter to 600 - it's far too exhausting! :( Anyway there simply aren't enough unfound caches left in Scotland. Don't know what we are going to do!

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