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Magnetic Cache Containers

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I have a slick idea for a cache, but I need the container for it. I would like to find a magnetic contanier just big enough for a log book and a writing utensil. It would have to be h2o proof as well as pretty strong as not to fall off in the elements. Any suggestions?

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you are not likely to find a magnetic container -


the altoid box is not water proof by any means -


there are many plastic boxes that are small (decon)

and/or can be closed securely. It is easy to use the

stick on mag. strips or clue a magnet to it.


Depending on what you plan to attach the box to, you might be able to put the mag. strip on the structure.


IF it is a small box you want there are several really strong magnets you can get - do a search here for magnets - the rare earth mags. are really strong.



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If you are refering to the swing shut tins, sealing them takes quite a bit of work. The problem is with the hing. Putting sealer in the hinge to waterproof them makes it difficult to open and shut because it gums up the hinge.


If you are looking for water proof containers, the black Kodak film containers will do the job but many cachers hate looking for them. If you are looking for something bigger, plastic margin tubs will do the job - just make sure they are empty :blink:.


If you need to be magnetic, simply expoxy a strip of metal or magnet to the container.


One other container that may fit the ticket is an outdoor electrical box.

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Head to your local scuba store, and check out the otter boxes. they come in any number of sizes. You can glue some magnets to them, and if you're not talking about DEEP submersion, they should do the trick for a while. May want to lube the O-ring every now and again as cache maintenance.

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thanks for the suggestions. the thing doesnt need to be totally submerged 100% of the time, but it may be swamped at times of high water (spring, heavy rains, etc). I dont think the place i want to put it has ever been totally under water, but it is in an area where it *could* be. Im going to scout the site this weekend to see if the thing i want to stick it to is magnetic.

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I just found one that has a screw on top that measures .3 inches high by .25 inches across with a powerful magnet that stuck to the bottom of some play equipment at the local park. The log sheet was .2 inches in diameter (coiled) and about .1 inch high. it was coiled up. I admit it was difficult to extract the log and more difficult to write really small, but I enjoyed it! That is the point...

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I'd like to make a point here regarding the physics of magnets.


Someone said to put the magnets inside the metal box and stick it on the place it is hidden.


Normally, when you put a piece of magnetic material on a magnet (or the magnet on the inside of a tin for this question) the lines of magnetic flux (the power in the magnet) are "short circuited" within that piece of metal attached to the magnet.


Think of a can with a hose out the bottom (or your camel pack) with and put the hose back in the top of the container. You can't get at the water.


Now, if you have some really strong little magnets like the rare earth type, and you put them inside a THIN container like the AOL tin, the thin metal gets 'saturated' with more lines of force than it can hold and some 'escape' and can be used to hold the tin to the base metal. Putting the magets inside in the case of the thin tin may be a workable idea, but the holding force is very much diminished.


If it were a heavier piece of metal it would not hold to something else. So, the practice of putting magnets INSIDE a metal container in practice will usually not work for you.


So, if you want the strongest holding power for a metal box it is best to put the magnet(s) on the outside.


Now for plastic containers, it may be possible to put the magnets on the inside -

but depending on the weight of the container, the strength of the magnets, and the thickness of the plastic container walls, it may or may not hold. The greter the distance between the magnet and the metal base, the weaker the holding force.


(And man does THAT! bring back the days of college classes!) :blink:

way longer ago than I want to think about -


- and yes, for the purists out there - and the phyicists - I know this is over simplified.



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I Just use a hide a key, but wrap the log with a small zip lock baggie. I use a california accessories brand hide-a-key (auto zone 2-for $1.98) and I use a normal sized peice of paper for the log. I fold it up and put it in a 3x5" baggie along with a short pencil and close it all up. Easy micro. I suggest doing that.

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Has anyone experimented with the round Altoids tins?


I just bought a tin of 'Tangerine Sours' and it looks like it might be water proof. However the lid just presses on, but it's not like it's going to fall off. There is a little thumbnail indent to "PRESS" to open the lid.


Whaddaya think?

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Has anyone experimented with the round Altoids tins?


I just bought a tin of 'Tangerine Sours' and it looks like it might be water proof. However the lid just presses on, but it's not like it's going to fall off. There is a little thumbnail indent to "PRESS" to open the lid.


Whaddaya think?

They work fine, especially as a magnetic container. Paint it, add a few magnets (be sure to put it "label side up" so water doesn't drip in), and put the log sheet in a ziplock, you're good to go! Be sure to leave the "press here" tab uncovered, tho.

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