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  1. Ya Its up todate now. So that must be the case. Thanks BQ
  2. Recently Ive logged a few caches and my counter has not gone up that I've found the caches. I get the smily faces and the check mark beside the listing but my states hasn't changed. Is anyone else experienceing this or is it just me?
  3. Got my two, Though since I ordered two I thought I would get one of each colour since there wasn't a colour option when I oredered the coins. Ah well the coins look great, good job Jwid
  4. Hello All I'm heading to Germany for a week and of course I plan on hitting a cache or two. If anyone has any bugs that need to get out there let me know. I'll be at the dairy dayz event on saturday and I"m off to Germany on monday. Happy hunting
  5. I'd be in for the day if its on a weekend. I'm not available till sept now tho. May I suggest a new thread for this trip as its getting confusing trying to sort through the logs about this trip and the last. You may also get more of a turn out if people think this is a new trip.
  6. The first one was a great time, sign me up for the second.
  7. I'm in Timmins and never seen them here. Where in North Bay.. the Army Surplus store? I have only ever found them at Princess Auto in Barrie. Murfster I believe the surplus store they are talking about is called Ecotrex ltd. its on pine wood park drive, tel. 705-497-5942
  8. 9 am start is good for me. They've changed the Roads in that area due to construction of the the red hill expressway. Most GPS software is not up to date. So keep that in mind when planning your trip into hamilton.
  9. June 11 works for me. I'm pretty flexable so most weekends will work.
  10. I've been out caching pretty late. 4 or 5 ish I think. Tomtec's pub night comes to mind and as jeff trex said brent who. that was a late hike, but well worth it. Caching at night is great but thats just because i get to use all the flashlights i've collected. As for night vision, I don't know much about goggles but I do have a monocular and I havn't found it very usefull for caching at night. some one remind me to bring it to the next pub night and we can test them out on some caches after the event.
  11. I too have noticed the same thing, most of the people i cache with are older then me. I don't mind at all and enjoy the differences we bring to the table. But I too have thought it would be nice to cache with some people closer to my age. I attend most events in the area (the golden horseshoe) and find that I am in a age group with very few people. Most people are either kids of the parents or the 'older' group as they have been so called here. So I'd be into meeting some younger cachers out there. Cheers. and good idea with the thread.
  12. Count me in on the planning and event. I can never pass up a good ride and caching and good company always makes things better. Let me know the night and i'll try and be there. All i need is a way point and a date and i'll try to be there with my crazy work schedule.
  13. Still up for grabs. riding season is fast approaching. get yourself a new bike now.
  14. DyverDown. ya bike is still for sale. Email sent
  15. hey I'm looking to sell my old caching bike. Its a trek 8000, mint condition. hardly used. Contact me for more details.
  16. Tomtec. you should try driving in roller blades. thats a fun one. Now on to the post. I've only had one winter caching, this will be my second. On my few trips out I never used them once. I find it just as easy to put on a pair or gators and just walk. I'm sure if I cached more in the winter I'd use them but I havn't yet. Tho Tomtec's event will change that this year. I've got a pair og GV's. They are great. I do a lot of night hiking on untravelled terrain. I over sized them to accound for a pack and winter clothes. They got a life time warrenty on them, "crampon" style bottoms and a full metal axel as a hinge instead of piece of strap of some sort. They are very easy to put on and off with gloves on. Here's a link to there web site. http://www.gvsnowshoes.com/ They are Canadian made as well which is always nice. As far as a left and right. I've got a pair of GV's and it doesn't matter what foot you put them on.
  17. Clyde what you said sounds like it could be my problem. I'm running ME and for the most part I have a few windows open when I try to run gsak. Hopefully that will help. Thanks for the info.
  18. So i've been using gsak for a long time now. I must say It isn't registered and i've been thinking about doing it for some time now. But, the problem is the program doesn't run great for me for some reason so i don't want to spend the money to pay for somthing that doesn't work. my problem is that after i waid the nag time it doesn't load and I keep getting errors all the time. this happens about 8/10 times. I'm using the second latest ver. of the the progam and even. the problem was going on before I had that ver so I upgraded to the second newest and I still get the problem. So i guess my question is. will this go away if I pay for it or is there more worng here? Has anyone else had this problem?
  19. Iv warrior. good poin on the finders. I'll do it that way. THanks.
  20. how do I change as existing cache listing from a traditional cache to a multi cache? do i need to resubmit a new listing and say the old the own is archived or is there an easier way to do this? Thanks in advance Rm
  21. was in the hamilton princess auto today and say 50 cal ammo cans on sale for $6.88 most look in good shape with a little rust on the out side. the ones I looked at had no holes or anything, A little paint and they'd be ready to go. Just a heads up for those lookin for cache containers. cheers, happy hunting.
  22. After reading your post i did a little test and came up with the same thing. no matter what the last three characters are the list and distance is the same. so if you want better search use the home coordinates search or search from coordinates. You will find the coordinates will make a difference in your search list and the distances.
  23. great work on the video. its to bad i missed this event and the farewell as it seems from the video i was on a few outings with nilsk. hopefully there are some big white buckets for him to find back home. good work on the video and i'm sure the pub was a great night.
  24. personally i use panasonic 2100mah ni-mh batteries. and a quick recharger. are they the best i dunno, i use them in my digital camera as well and like then. as for charge length. i can get a few days of caching and about a week of sitting around out of a charged pair on, as for the camera they last quit a while. with Ni-MH batteries they begin to lose charge the moment you take then off the charger. this is typical to these batteries. as per the lose i'm not to sure. i'm sure with some looking you could find that info some where. also they say don't use these batteries to full discharge. in a gps that would be ok, but don't put them in other device to drain them any more. they handle recharging well so its no problem to keep them topped off. they don't have a memory effect anymore. one more the thing the higher the mah (milli amp/ hour) the longer they will run hope that helps
  25. Site looks really good guys and gals. great to see such an active intrest in our game. Keep up the good work. the only thing i found is that the privacy policy link didn't work other then that great job.
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