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  1. I am pretty disappointed that we haven't had any feedback from the Groundspeak community on this topic. It seems there are quite a few people that are interested.
  2. Simply ask the cache owner for permission. Maybe ask the person who invented the cache.
  3. I think you said it well. Why can't people just look over these items? Some people feel they have to go and make a big deal out of everything.
  4. Just enter the coordinates in this website!
  5. No it dosen't. Not by any stretch if your or the driver's imagination.Yes, it does. It takes imagination to think up ways that it doesn't apply. I'm sorry, but I'm with Team Cotati on this. We should "respect" the guys who took out the twin towers and "go on with our lives"? Sorry, I'm not tolerant of other's belief when that leads them to trying to kill me and mine. You get no argument from me. I'm being a bit "general" with the terms "belief" and "religion". Yes there is a caveat to my words above... if your religion says "kill people", whether those people be innocent civilians, or abortion clinic doctors, then we have a problem. If I saw flyers in caches inciting people to kill, well I have a different opinion on that. Sorry, we seem to be veering off the topic here, and that was not my goal. I have no problem with anyone's religon... EXCEPT when they try to do harm to me. ex. "The terrorists!" I do not agree with their beliefs! Other than that, Christian, Buddhist, Mormon, Jehovah’s Witness and anything else you can think of doesn’t bother me as far as finding traces of these religions inside a Geocache. You are free to worship freely, and you also have Freedom of Speech alongside Freedom of Religion!!!! Therefore if I want to place an item that relates to my religion "Christianity" in a Geocache... So be it! I will do so. If I find an item placed in a cache by a cacher who has a different religion/ beliefs, I'm simply going to look over it. Pay it no mind, sign the log, go about my own business! Can't we all be adults here?
  6. No it dosen't. Not by any stretch if your or the driver's imagination.Yes, it does. It takes imagination to think up ways that it doesn't apply. I'm sorry, but I'm with Team Cotati on this. We should "respect" the guys who took out the twin towers and "go on with our lives"? Sorry, I'm not tolerant of other's belief when that leads them to trying to kill me and mine. You aren't using your God-given commom sense. You know good and well what the discussion is. I agree with you about the religion of those people who brought us harm on 9/11, however, I don't bash them about their religion. I simply wonder why in the world do they act this way? I believe it is wrong of them to bring harm on others, but I do not bash their religion. I disagree with their beliefs, but I don't post threads on GC.com about them. Back to th OT, (which I'm sure was concerning Christianity.) If you find a cache with a bible inside or a cross for that matter (assuming that you are not of that religion or of any religion at all) simply Pay it no mind!! Move on with your life and find the next cache!!)
  7. Actually, the same applies for any belief. Just like Driver Carries Cache said, "Go on with your own life!" It is simple, if you stumble upon something you do not agree with, just keeping going, pay it no mind.
  8. Very well said. I think this line should be bumped to the top of the page! "True tolerance means that even though you may not agree with someone's beliefs, you can respect them and then go on with your own life."
  9. Rangerroad and I found one in Nashville near a recycling center. The requirement was to bring a bag or items that can be recycled and place it in the correct dumpster. We had to post a picture of us with the items. This cache mentioned giving back to the environment or something of that sort. It was a pretty good ideal.
  10. If you have enough time on your hands to dig through previous posts to try and prove someone wrong, you need to be out caching. Now back to the OT. I totally agree with you, I guess people feel that by posting a topic is a way of venting. Who knows? Does Geocaching need a Counseling Service?
  11. Good one! I have found that when you tell someone you are doing a scavenger hunt, they seem to pay less attention. Now if I say "treasure_hunt", they begin to watch carefully so they might be able to locate the treasure after I'm gone.
  12. I have to disagree with you there. I have the 76CSx, I don't believe I have lost signal in the woods since I have owned it. We went searching for a cache that was in a parking garage, we even had signal on the lower level. I love that thing. As far as Magellan, I once owned one, it seemed like a descent GPS. I traded it in for Lowrance, which wasn't too much different for signal.
  13. This topic could keep going round and around and around. I say everyone just come to an agreement. If you come upon a cache with an item inside that you are not fond of or that offends you, simply ignore that item and move along to the next cache. There is no need to make a big fuss about it. Nobody is making you accept a religion. Heck they advertise Beer on TV, does that mean you have to drink beer? No!
  14. Here is a list of LTL caches compiled in Altosaxplayer's bookmark list. I hope this helps!
  15. It's kind of hard to hide one of those under a lampost skirt.
  16. For future references, you may want to post this topic in the Website forum.
  17. Haha... You are very true about the Crown Vic. Geocachers have more technology in their vehicles than the safety officers will ever have. I have had a similar experience as far as being on the location of the cache along with someone else who was thought to be a "muggle", but later turned out to be some fellow cachers. lol
  18. If your not interested in the items left in the cache, simply don't take them. That solves the problem.
  19. Stupid or not, I do respect their interest in keeping the instruments working properly, and I will obey the rules. Lord knows doing something you shouldn't on an airplane now days could mean big problems for you once you land.
  20. It only says it has been temporarily disabled. The note on the page says "It is on private property!". I would assume, it will either be relocated, or archived. Cachers have the option to temporarily disable their cache listing pending re-location or other matters. It's perfectly fine that it shows up.
  21. haha... rangerroad and I usually play off that we are looking at Fauna and Flora life. This always helps when you "photograph" these specimens with your "GPSr-cam". We discuss the rocks, flowers etc. aloud. It usually works pretty good.
  22. IMO.. If they find your cache (whether it be a light pole micro or an ammo can in the woods) and then log their nasty remark, I will first email the cacher to ask of his/ her experiences. If he/ she doesn't have a good reason to bash my cache, I'm going to ask them to edit their log. I could live with 1 or 2 caches with logs showing dissappointment or something of that sort, but when it becomes an everyday thing, thats when I will get angry. It's plain and simple, if you don't like my hides, (Once again, whether it be a light pole cache or an ammo can hidden in the woods.) don't search for them! If I took my personal time to go out and hide those caches, the last thing I want to hear is someone telling me how bad they hate micros or something of that sort. The cache page tells the size of the container, and heck most cachers even tell the location, whether it be in the description or in the hint. If the cache page describes a 1/1 35mm in the middle of a parking lot, commom sense is going to tell you it's more than likely going to be in a light pole. Don't hunt it if you don't like them! Or shall I say, go ahead and hunt it, because I'm not going to stop you from doing that; I simply ask that you don't tell how bad you hate micros or that you don't degrade my cache. If you have a problem with one of my hides, email me. Just my $0.02
  23. "BUMP" ... Or shall I say dug up? haha I haven't been on here in quite some time. I kind of took a little dead period from the forums, just visiting every now and then. I remembered this old thread, and I used to enjoy reading the posts about "Cover Ups". I figured I would bump this one back to the 1st page and see any new techniques anyone has fashioned. So... What are your techniques to blend yourself in as the muggle's eyes are locked on?
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