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  1. This cache Setec Astronomy would be my personal favorite. It has a very nice view and requires a little hiking, and the puzzle isn't too bad.
  2. Ammo boxes, new ones at least with a proper gasket will be waterproof. The question is how waterproof will they remain after repeated use (opening and closing). Eventually gaskets will wear out and the container will allow water to seep in. If you are set on immersing an ammo box, be sure you tell folks not to put items that won't survive in water and use a WriteRight log box and be sure to place that into a water proof container as well.
  3. Here is an article I found that should clear things up... there is even a specific reference to this site as well as what appears to have sparked this legislation. Article from the Beaufort Gazette
  4. UV sensitive paint has been brought up earlier, but glow in the dark paint has not. I've had some mixed reviews on a cache that uses an acrylic glow in the dark paint. You will have to do some experimenting because if you use the paint directly from the bottle the paint is visible in the daylight. I ended up diluting the paint with water. For my cache I painted the next waypoint on a rock - a very big rock. I changed the solution so that only the degrees is visible in the daylight. The cache would have to bring a decent flashlight to "charge" the remaining numbers (minutes & seconds). The paint has so far weathered quiet well - it has almost been a year and the writing is still as good as the day I painted it. The rock is under a small grove of trees. Oh yeah... more thing... a few weeks ago there was a thread discussing someone using a laser and IR receiver. The IR trips a laser which points lights up the cache location. That was the coolest idea.
  5. We just got a bunch of those same pens from one of our visting vendors. They are kind of junky. But what do you expect for free?
  6. YES! I totally agree! I know it is nice and convient to put the pen in with the logbook, but I agree on many occasions bags tend to get holes from the pen.
  7. How waterproof does it need to be - I assume the container will not be immersed in water while hidden. Well the picture plastic container looks like it would fit the ticket. I can only suggest you check out some of the Asian markets or Japanese toy/gift stores for small plastic containers. Magnets? Try sticking them inside the container.
  8. People aren't phased at stealing software, that still doesn't justify it. There is just no excuse for using a bad container, especially if you already know it.
  9. Cache containers do matter. When a container is selected where it doesn't hold up to the elements, the finder is the victim a junk cache. Caches like this are pretty much throw-away caches. The hider doesn't invest the resources to make a decent cache, it really shows. Gladware hidden outside deteriotates from the elements. Don't get me wrong Gladware can be used as a cache, as long as it isn't the primary container (the Gladware could be surrounded by some other container. Cache size? IMO when cache sizes start getting down to anything smaller than an waterproof match container, its quickly approaching to the realm of the absurd. If cachers need to resort to making booger sized caches, it is time to examine if a cache really should be placed at that location or look into if a virtual.
  10. Shameless plug: Setec Astronomy GCHV58
  11. I used to have a cache in this area. I originally had was a traditional micro cache, then a virtual. Finally after the incident with the with "Grand Central Station" my cache (Chop & Stamp - GCH9R1) was archived because I had changed the cache without going though the proper procedures (I should have archived and resubmit). Basically the Airport Police are pretty antsy with this area. There is another cacher that got hauled in for doing a cache east of where you wanted your cache and that was a VIRTUAL. No... no good can come a cache in this area. The area is pretty close to the airport. I personally I would try to locate the cache closer west (towards the ocean). I would contact the approvers and see if that would be better. John Doe
  12. You can make the same arguement with ANY picture that has been submitted to any virtual or locationless cache. Requiring a GPSr in a picture does very little to validate a picture for a find. Just as you can find any snapshot on the Internet of anything, anyone can also be clever enough to make a sucessful fake with a GPSR with Photoshop IF they spent enough time faking the pic. Yeah, so the cache owner made it a requirement to log the cache. If he wants be a cache nazi, it's his choice. But to come out into the forum seeking validation to be a snitch/tattle-tail because he feels like his cache was violated, is just down right petty. If he feels wronged, then he should just email the offending user and delete his log. It should end right there.
  13. I hide caches so I can 1) Share sights and sounds I believe others would enjoy 2) Education to anyone who wishes to look into the subject of my "theme cache" 3) To read the logs and to see if others enjoy looking for my cache 4) It also gives me an excuse to get off my butt to maintain and look new caches to plant!
  14. Finding a cache should be defined as physically handling the cache AND signing the logbook. Period. If no logbook is available, then leaving a slip of paper with one's geocaching name should be sufficient.
  15. Out of nine geocaches I've only had to archive 1 (the area was deemed to be a security risk - have all the logs) and replace another (had to hide it better - lost most of the logs). My caches tend to be just a little bit out of the way, so I don't get that many visits. I recommend using those small spirl bound notebooks. They hold a lot and fit into most regular size caches without a hitch. The key thing is to buy in bulk, keep the log in a ziplock bag and keep the pen OUT of the ziplock! How many ziplock bags have you seen where the pen has punched a hole in the bag? When folks begin to note that the log is getting full, it is time to replace the book.
  16. In general, I don't see the harm in posting parking coordinates. I would write an email kindly requesting the objectionable parts be edited out. If nothing happens within a week, encrypt or delete the log entry.
  17. I would suggest you find something else for your cammo. Although most geo-muggles would avoid feces on the trail, eventually you cache will be discovered by someone cleaning the area or even worse, someone deciding to BURYING it.
  18. I would just like to say that I have no problems with it at all. However if you have a beef with it, move onto the next cache. Promoting "family values" isn't bad at all, in fact there are many more things around you that probably need more attention than someone promoting something more traditional. How about practicing some tolerance here?
  19. Rive_Rat, A walking stick/staff? If not, a nice set of boots.
  20. Interesting article. One item I didn't see was what would happen when Galileo GPS system goes up. When it does, Galileo is suppose to be compatible with current GPSrs. The article is a good read, but shouldn't affect us too much since they would only do it when we're being attacked.
  21. If the information can't be downloaded, why can't we as cache creators give Buxley the links to newly created caches as we find/create caches as well as the posted coordinates. That should be in line with the TOS (I think). The links themselves should be harmless enough and will only be viewable IF the cache is approved. I know it is a pain... but it should work.
  22. Perhaps a few of those biohazard stickers would be in order so geomuggles DON'T want anything to do with that container.
  23. Stay out of the sunlight and away from sharp sticks and you'll live forever. Buy a bulldozer. A decent pair of cammo clothes with "I hate the government!" written on the back of your cammo outfit.
  24. The end of Geocaching? It will never happen. If it does get banned, it will continue mostly in the form of Virtuals. If geocaching.com disappears, then my guess someone else would put up their own site. If that doesn't happen, local communities will form and the cache community would be fragmented in the form of webrings, blogs, and listservs (???). John Doe
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