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How Many Pennsylvanians Are Here?


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I"m a NWPA Newbee checking in from smack dab in the middle of Venango County. I cant wait to get started! I'm waiting for my GPS to arrive. :P I'm looking to meet up with anyone in my general area or even the next county or two. Hello to H20 Bob and Lynie! :P


I can't believe how many caches are so close to where I live. I've already have plans on some places to put some too! I have been tempted to go out and hunt them without the GPS. Maybe I am a wee bit enthusiastic? :blink:


Anyway this is my first post and I hope to be doing this in my spare time. It sounds like such a cool sport.


~Nurse Hamster~


P.S. I don't plan on caching any live hamsters :ph34r:

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Just stopping by to say hello. I live in Warrington, PA.


I had a magellan 330 but just purchased a garmin 60 CSx, which will arrive tomorrow. In the past I have tried to find caches only to discover that they were moved.


See you around ...

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Lancaster here. Have been part of geocaching.com since.. 2000? 2001? Somewhere around there :anicute: But haven't really been in the forums. We tend to have fun as a family: TrailRydr, Sierra and Topaz (formerly known as Little One, but since she's 13 now...) :P



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Just thought I'd throw this offer out to Pennsylvanians who may live near me (Butler,PA, about 45 mins north of Pittsburgh). There is a cache near butler at Moraine State Park that is on an island and boat is required. (The Holy Cache http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...bf-390a965ec0a8) I would like to complete it at some point this summer. I'm looking for a somebody (or a group of people) who have access to a boat and would be willing to do this cache with me and other local cachers who may want to get this cache off of their nearest list. If anybody is interested, feel free to shoot me an email, maybe we can make an event of it if there's enough interest.

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