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How Many Pennsylvanians Are Here?


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Check out the topic which is pinned at the top of this Forum: "State And Local Geocaching Groups"


I checked out the Central PA Group. I think they emphasize the area to my north. Thanks!


There seems to be a lot of Pennsylvanians here! Not too many near me, but that's okay!


Thanks to all who have posted!



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Sounds like you're a Pennsylvania by residence...!  Sure it counts!

But I don't like admitting it!

I moved to rural-as-rural-gets Pennsylvania when I was in high school, so I was always proud of the fact that I'm originally from Western Massachusetts and not plagued with any of the local accents from MA. or PA. Now I'm content just being a Pennsylvania -- I've now been in PA longer than MA, so I guess I have to let it go!


-Jason, formerly of Massachusetts ;)

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pittsburgh area, actually east pittsburgh, tiny town, no caches and even fewer people who have heard of geocaching. Until now.

Yeah, East Pittsburgh isn't going to be cache wealthy, but there are a good bit of Benchmarks in your area. Most are probably non accessable because they are all on RR tracks, but I'll be finding out soon.

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