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How Many Pennsylvanians Are Here?


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Just curious how many Pennsylvanians post to these boards and geocache...


What region of the state are you from? Are you interesting in caching with others (me or others from PA)?


I'm from South Central PA... :)




We're from West Chester, down near Phila. Family of 4

I'm the oldest kid... 11


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I was recently out in the Pittsburgh are and picked up a couple caribiners with a key ring and attached was a 1 x 4 inch piece of stainless or aluminum that had "Pensylvania Geocacher" cut out of the metal. It is also numbered. I can not find out anything about these, or if they should be logged. They would make a nice key chain. Do you have any info on these?



Those keychains are made by "PA - Drifter" They are his sig item. He is a steel worker and hand makes them himself. They are awesome. He places one at each cache he visits, and his cache count is the number you found. His first 100 just said Pennsylvania Geocacher on rectangle piece of stainless, but his new style for 101+ says the same thing, but is shaped like the State.


Here is his profile that also has pics of his keychains.



HEY! I have one of those too..found in a cache. I keep my soccer shed keys on it!

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Anyone ever do this in a group where not everyone has equipment. I just heard about this and would love to take my "little sister", but I don't have GPS, so I am not sure how successful it would be. Would love to watch/tag along before I decide to invest. I especially want to make sure she would want to do this regularly. Anyone interested...we live near 100s of caches in NE Phila.

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:P Dubois pa. And never trust a goundhog to tell u the weather lol

You know that Phil's prediction is only for Punxsutawney, don't you?? :anicute: Welcome to the fun! ;)

:D I ok now u understand I think. only peaple in punxsutawney . Get there weather from that groundhog on feb 2. ty LOL

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