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  1. My kids like to collect those smashed/elongated pennies that you get out of machines at tourist places, so we always made a few extra to use as interesting swag. There is a machine sort of local to us, so sometimes I would go zip off a few when I need something to trade.
  2. I'll chime in as a cacher who took a break after multiple years and over 650 finds. (and just in the last week started with 4 finds again) Why did we stop? Hmmmmm..combination of things. Burn out and life went other directions. Add in the turf wars for local caches here...people leaving used condoms in caches, stealing and trashing each others caches etc...it got to the point of being childish and I refused to take the chance of one of my kids opening a cache that had someones used condom in it. That wasn't going to happen..so much for a family activity. Add in lame caches..too many guardrail micros slapped up every quarter mile. No, I didn't have to do them, but the time it took to sort through them seemed to suck the life and fun out of the sport. How about the ones put in gross and disgusting places..like under bridges where there was human fecal matter and used needles. Again..not taking my kids...or even myself to someplace like that for a fun time. Again..I know we don't have tpo do them..but to have to sort through to read logs and find out what type or if it was do-able (by my standards) just didn't make it fun anymore. Add in bad internet connection that kept the site from working for me (finally got other service offered for here)and having to go to the library to really use the site...total PITA..again taking he fun out. Add in one more...TICKS! I HATE THOSE SUCKERS! And findng them on my kids...and having my kids bit by them..is a total turn off. To get back to the car after a find and find a dozen ticks on clothes..go home, strip everyone down, wash clothes, shower..and still have some found on bodies later is gross. Wouldn't put my kids at risk for lymes to play games that are turning into work. I've recently done a few at their away soccer games. Still nnot interested in local ones because I see someone has saturated the area so I'm not going to bother sorting through to find a few good ones..have other things I really need to spend my time on. I'll be happpy doing a few interesting caches here and there and not letting it take over our life. and for me..too many games within the game..too many passports/books/stamps etc. I skip them and just geocache for the old-fashioned fun of geocaching.
  3. Be careful of some of the gel pens. My kids had the basic cheap-o types (don't have a clue what brand they were) and one was left on the kitchen counter. I took a hot pan out of the oven, and left the kitchen. A few minutes later I heard a weird noise back in the kitchen. When I checked it out..MY COUNTER TOP WAS ON FIRE! I guess the hot pan so close to the gel pen ignited it, and I was lucky I got there before too much damage or anything else really caught. It only left a burn mark on the counter, but it could have been much much worse!
  4. We had a cache published close by at the begining of the summer. It was an ammo can, with a nice walk in the woods along a creek. I waited, though I was in the area, or could be very easily, letting the FTF hounds go for it. After 3 days with no finders I fianlly said "Come on kids..looks like we ned to go find it or something." LOL I'm not a FTF anything..but after that long, if no one else is going, we'll hed out.
  5. Wow..I never realized I'm a nerd..I thought I was cool doing this...lol
  6. To me, it depends on where you leave them. If you put them in the compost bin or pile, it's compost. If I eat a pear off my tree and leave the core under the tree...compost. If I eat the same pear at the city park, and throw it in the grass...litter.
  7. Remember that cold water keeps pores closed, hot and warm will open those pores...letting the oil in. Shower in the coldest water possible, for the first rinse, at least. My daughter got some on her feet...it would go away, and she would have it back..we assumed because she always cached in flip-flops. Realized one day that the oil must still be on her favorite flip-flops and that was what was doing it. Soaked those flipper-floppers in water with Dawn (though most detergants do have a degreaser..Dawn was recommended even by the vet for cutting the oil from skunk when the dog was sprayed) over a w/e, and scrubbed them, and she never got it again.
  8. Not necessarily. My last found cache is 33 miles from where I live. First found cache? Our first cache was in Kentucky...we live in PA.
  9. Thanks. and I just found a cute shaped cake pan..actually an Easter Bunny..but I can redraw the lines on top and make it like the TB emblem..lol (picture the bunny ears going up over the top of the head...made into the front pincher claws, and the humpy kind of back legs on the bunny made into the back claws...lol..and black stripes across the middle) This can slove my problem of what to bring to events every time..lol
  10. Thanks Or I could just grab it out of the event cache, and keep it until I wanted to use it again, right? I could always just keep that tag and number and use it for cakes everytime we go to fest where you bring a dish though.
  11. to use it later? Here's the whole story. A local geofest is coming up. I am considering making a cake and decorating it as a TB tag on the top (I do cakes) and I just happen to have an unactivated set of TB tags. So can I use the real number, and activate it for the fest, for discovery only, of course. Leave it activated for a month or so, until the fest is archived, and then deactivate it, and be able to use it later? To me it makes sense, but am I missing something? And I could also say you have to eat a piece of cake to log it...lol..or you have to get the number before the piece with the logging number is gone..lol
  12. Missing since June isn't missing that long. We has one that went missing for over a year, came back into play for a few months.,,,went missing again in April...back agian last night. Hang in there...it's early yet. Another of ours was gone for a good year or more, showed up just out of the blue with a dif. cacher. We picked one up over the summer and moved it..when I looked at its history, it had been out of play for almost 2 years...the last logger said something like "sorry..I forgot I had this until I found it in the trunk of my car" LOL..guess he doesn't clean his trunk out often!
  13. Sixty eight within ten miles of my address. A few of them are mine/ours.
  14. I was just reading a cache page a few mintues ago that we plan to do that said the FTF Prize was a $10 bill...wow..no I feel cheap! Sad to say, somene already claimed the FTF!
  15. In our caches I leave a $2 bill as a FTF prize (yep..I actually pay them to come to my caches..lol) I leave it inside the log book with a note that it is for the first one to sign the book if they would like it.
  16. In this area I have seen window clings in the shape of TB's, with number, on windows of vehicles. You can log them as "discovered" if you see them and get the numbers. In fact, my BIL has one. I think they buy a TB and then use the number off of it to have the cling made.
  17. I have one we plan to do soon that requires some info from the 'net. (even asks for the url where you find it) Not a problem for us though..it's a good thing when my kids have to look something educational up over summer vacation! and he gave me permission to not post a pic if I can't. So all is good with the world here this morning.
  18. We've never seen them when out caching, but had one on our deck last week, raiding the bird feeder and hummingbird feeder. The week before there was one at camp, standing, drinking from the hummingbird feeder. It was at least 6 and a half feet tall standing up like that. Needless to say, all feeders come down at night now.
  19. Hi all you Michigan cachers! Just a PA cacher here, BUT we are on our way to the UP for a week of vacation starting on Friday. We head out about 9 am, and will stop at Marblehead Lighthouse in Ohio (Lake Erie) to do the Earthcaches there, and a few others close...picnic lunch and head to the W. Bloomfield area to stay at SILs for the night. Might grab one or two close to her house while we are there. Heading out Saturday to cross the bridge..planning to get a few right across it, while we sight-see and take pics. Off to Naubinway to check in, and enjoy the week. Plans for lots of caches in fun fun areas. (Castle Rock. Cut River Bridge, Seul Choix Lighthouse and caches in that area, The Big Spring Earth cache, maybe throw in some Bigfoot series caches since I am a BF fanatic and many others thrown into the mix) It looks like an awesome place to visit! See you all soon!! Next Saturday we'll check out, and head back across the bridge to SIL's house again, but stopping along the way at Indian River to see the Cross in The Woods, and do the caches there. Staying the night, and heading out in the morning, but going to PA by way of Cabelas. (and getting a few caches in that area that we didn't get on other trips there) Gee, the husband siad we'll do 4 or 5..I'm thnking we're getting a few more then that! lol (we're actually caching close to home tomorrow, because there is a cache that we didn't do yet that has a few TB's in it..one wants to go to Canada...gee...we can almost take it there..another wants to see how many miles it can get in a year...we can give it a big boost...like 500+ miles in one hop!! lol)
  20. http://www.timesobserver.com/page/content....9.html?nav=5006 story about it for anyone interested
  21. We'll be there! It's only about an hour and a half from where we'll be that w/e! Wohoo!!
  22. We started caching with a family name, and our two kids decided to branch off to their own names last summer. We were almost at 500 finds at the time. Since then they log all the finds they were there for under their own names. Me and the husband use the same name, but I do most of the caching, and have literally only not been there for 1 find, and also do all the logging. One thing I did make sure my kids didn't do....they are not allowed (according to ME) to go back and log all our past finds under their new name. I told them the rules say you have to find the cache and sign YOUR NAME, and since their new name is not on the log for the first almost 500 we have done, then they have to redo them to get the smiley. slowly, on days with nothing else to do in the area, I take them back and they refind the old caches...THEN and only then do I let them log under their names.
  23. Okay..got my answer. I thought maybe I just wasn't understanding the rules. (I deleted so as not to stress everyone out here..the tolerance level seems to be mighty low..lol)
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