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  1. he lives in ohio some whair
  2. if u know the geocacher Crocodile Hunter plz tell him to place my travel bug soon
  3. its from my Trestle cache its realy cool the code is GCXGGN heres the photo Trestle built around 1900 Still an amazing site out in the middle of nowhere. PA style. i relly think its cool just wondering
  4. tell whair the cache is and the shortcut to it
  5. can u take ovet someones cache if you have premisen ?
  6. its a 2006 Portland Oregon Original Cache Coin
  7. i found this huge one at pa's crow's nest it was a missel can lol it was big
  8. http://www.webspawner.com/users/kingriched1/index.html
  9. Are you sure? I was CERTAIN it was an 80's band reference myself. I'm pretty sure someone in this thread Wang Chunged tonight. I'm sorry if I acted too quickly. I will review my conclusions. Thank you for your continued patience. he was being a jerk
  10. all i need is papa's place travel bug house cache published if you can for me
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