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Tri-cities Cache Machine


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The first draft route is finished and posted, and the page is written. Feedback?


Three caches I'm particularly wondering about - my map isn't showing a road with half a mile of these, but the cache logs imply that they're short walks or drive-ups:

  • GCG1GE Obliquely Obtainable Oracle by Big Bird (1/2.5)
  • GC5276 Powerpuff Bluff by Tick Sparkie and Hunter the Dog (1.5/1.5)
  • GC11E6 Sluggo's Chandler's Butte Cache #2 by Sluggo Sugar Andondo & Pew (1.5/1.5)

Are these "machineable", or are we talking about more than a half-mile roundtrip stroll?

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Our topo maps show roads within 100' of GCG1GE, 1700' of GC5276, and 1.3mi of GC11E6. Logs say something about "dishes" at powerpuff, so, I'd assume a road to it would also pass near Sluggo's as well.


Calendar is marked and we're excited to be part of the next machine!

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I've done Powerdpuff and Chandler Butte. You can drive fairly close to both of these in a passenger sedan but it is very slow going. With a more rugged vehicle, it is no problem. The final grade up to Chandler might be better walked if in a passenger sedan.

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The final grade up to Chandler might be better walked if in a passenger sedan.

Unless you're Logscaler, of course. <_<

Yeah, in Red's car. When she is not around.


NEWSFLASH: I saw Logscaler walking from a cache, about a 2-mile round trip, this weekend! You can drive real close to it, too. Don't know what got into him. :unsure:

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I'm leaning towards staying at the Motel 6 (1751 Fowler St, Richland, WA 99352, Tel: (509) 783-1250), but haven't decided yet. I figure I'm just sleeping there, so it doesn't need to be that nice. :lol:


I'd planned on posting a second draft of the route tonight, but messed up my pocket query, so it'll (hopefully) be tomorrow instead. I'm (very slightly) concerned about the first cache, A Walk In The Park by 5Tucks (GCJQJ6), because it sounds like a residential pocket park, which can be irritating to the neighbors when we hit it at sunrise. I may re-route things a bit to hit it a little later in the day.

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Ok, time is drawing near.  Where is a good place to stay? 


Cheap is good!  So is a place with Internet Access. 


Yes I know, Cheap with Internet Access probably doesn't exist.

I tried finding something cheap on Priceline but couldn't get a hit even at $45.00 so I made a reservation at Motel 6 in Richland for $33.99. I figure if something better comes up between now and then I can just cancel that reservation.

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Can we look foreward to a PDF with the cache pages to print up?

Nope -- haven't done those in a while. They're a ton of work to assemble, and most people were using GPX files instead, so I've stopped making them.


The second draft PDF of the route is up, though. Same file name -- I just replaced the first one with the new one.

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Although I would enjoy participating in the cache machine, it looks like I will be working and I have done most of the caches included. A few comments, though:


Might need to confirm some of those Prosser caches are still there. When last I looked, it had been a really long time since the last finds.


Consider adding my Warehouse multicache. The Machine is doing a couple other multis, and mine is REALLY EASY. In fact, some of the regular caches on the route will take longer to do than Warehouse, and the tour route goes right by it. Plus, the cache is lonely and would like some visitors.


Drop Hole in the Rock and Maddogg 1st, they are both missing and have been for some time.


Thanks for your time




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I just picked up a TB that wants to visit all 50 states and has not been to Oregon or Idaho yet. If anyone from the Seattle area wants to pick it up from me so that it can be dropped in an Oregon cache, let me know and we shall see if we can get together for a swap. I won't be going to Tri Cities due to other commitments. Email me or post here.

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Ahh crap. Not buying one of those PDA things is the only thing that keeps me from being totaly geeked out. I felt bad when I bought a cell phone and a auto-routing GPSr.

I'm pretty sure being a logger keeps you on the other side of geekdom. :blink: So go ahead and splurge on a PDA.

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The local cachers would like to invite all those attending the cache machine for a 'Pre-CacheMachine' get together at the local Carl's Jr.


We tried to set up a BBQ but alas none of the nearby parks are set up for 'after-dark' so this is the next best thing - 99 cent meals and free refills on pop :blink:


There is quite a bit of seating and we should be able to mill about and shoot the breaze easily.


I am planning on being there from 6:30 till everyone feels it is time to hit the hay for the big day Saturday.


Looking forward to a fun time.


The restuarant is on Columbia Ctr Blvd very close to both Motel 6, Super8 and the RedLion.




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That's too bad about the picnic not happening. But will look forward to getting together for last minute changes. We were told that # 17 might take a great deal longer to get than budgeted and because of loose rocks, people need to watch for sprained ankles. A western Washington cacher did #34 and 35 last weekend and said that they couldn't get closer than 1/2 mile with their regular car.

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"Not sure if anyone needs this, but I have a html list of all the caches, links to the printer friendly, hint decrypted cache pages."


Sweet. I know a couple of folks have asked about something like this. I've added the link to the cache page, with instructions about how to do a full route cache page print-out (In Internet Explorer, "File" > "Print" > "Options" > "Print All Linked Documents").


"And how does Travis do it? He picked a good weekend again!

Sat Sep 25 Sunny 86°/52°"


I missed last year's sweltering Spokane Cache Machine. Sounds like this'll be about the same, and definitely warmer than Snolympia.

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And how does Travis do it? He picked a good weekend again!


Fri Sep 24 Mostly Sunny 86°/56°

Sat Sep 25 Sunny 86°/52°

Sun Sep 26 Mostly Sunny 78°/50°

Since when is 86º in late September good! I'll have to go through my closet and find my short sleeve shirts that I packed away for the winter. :o

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And how does Travis do it?  He picked a good weekend again!


Fri Sep 24  Mostly Sunny 86°/56°

Sat Sep 25  Sunny 86°/52°

Sun Sep 26  Mostly Sunny 78°/50°

Since when is 86º in late September good! I'll have to go through my closet and find my short sleeve shirts that I packed away for the winter. :o

hmmm...still summer like in Washington. We've already got our first frost in cut bank. As I said before, I'm not coming to the machine...too close to moving time. Have fun everybody!

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Friday Night at Carl's Jr. N46 13.243 W119 13.363

Great. And I can now make it there in time for this! Wife is letting me going Friday morning so I'll be caching on the way there tommorrow. Tempted to take I-84 but I'll probably end up going the other way around across Hwy 12 and do a mini-Yakima cache machine.


If it doesn't get all over the place, it doesn't belong in your face.

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Can't tell you all what fun I had watching everyone look for caches.


Got to meet some more super people - and see others again.


I think the 1 mile hike in to Bateman Island after Red Robin with a small group finished off anything I had left in me! Horizontal may be where it's at - but the only horizontal I wanted to do after that was in my warm waterbed!

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