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  1. I just wanted to thank Travis for all of his work on the cache machine, even though he didn't get a chance to attend. We locals had a great time hosting folks from all over the region, and we hope that you all had as much fun as we did. Hopefully we'll see y'all at one (or more) of the future machines down the road.
  2. I'm the one in the center front.
  3. I would recommend that everyone review the route and see if there is a different order that will work better for them, or if there are active caches not on the route that they wish to find. But as far as the parking is concerned, we've tried to pick the most efficient locations possible. In several cases it might be a toss-up whether it would be quicker to return to your vehicle and drive a short ways, or just walk a little ways further to the next cache. I think we have a good balance. The river and canal really do limit access in area.
  4. Okay. Peggy's finally graduated and all of the pre-graduation parties, welcome the visiting family dinners, nursing department ceremonies, graduation day luncheons, diploma ceremonies, post-graduation parties, hanging with the family breakfasts, and good-bye to the family dinners are over... This week I'll be getting some the additional information I talked about previously. Thanks for all of the work on this, Travis!!
  5. <Sigh> Stupid duplicate posts.
  6. Lisa, we'd be more than happy to have you set up your store at our lunch stop. At this point based on the schedule looks like the most likely location will be at Fort Missoula, which would give us lots of options. But we'll figure out the best spot once the route is closer to being finalized.
  7. Travis, I have a number of suggestions for the route. It'll be best if I e-mail them to you.
  8. Currently the discussion locally has reached the tentative conclusion that we will have the Friday night meet and greet at the Missoula Club, which can handle a moderately sized group. That fits with our past experiences on cache machines. It is also on the hotel strip near the freeway, which makes for easy access. Saturday dinner will likely be at a pizza buffet in the middle of town. Food quality is about what you'd expect, but they seem willing to make it work for us and the individual buy-in isn't too outrageous. Folks can make private arrangements to hit one or more adult drinking establishments afterwards since there are several nearby. Lunch will be provided by the locals at a park to be determined once the route is more fully finalized. We want to carry on the fine tradition set by both Yakima machines. Cooking will include the efforts of a past Champoeg Iron Chef (be afraid, be very afraid). At this point it's clear that visitors will have more than enough to do just in the immediate Missoula area on Saturday. If there's interest, we can also put together an optional Sunday route up the Bitterroot Valley, starting and ending in Missoula.
  9. We've totally corrupted the local cachers, so the micros in town are for the most part worth a visit despite their size. Go ahead and create the route and we'll be more than happy to let you know which ones (mine!) aren't worth the time...
  10. Okay, folks. We have basically two (maybe three) options for Saturday dinner - A banquet room at a local family-style restaurant that has options for pretty much everyone. They think they can seat 80 or so; we've tried it out and think we can easily handle 65+ with no problem, 80 would be ... cozy. If we fill the space we can overflow into the restaurant proper and folks can can come and visit the main group. Cachers can buy in or not. Or we can take over most of a Chinese buffet. Lots more room and we can probably all sit together. Typical fare but you almost have to buy into the buffet. They theoretically serve the usual dinners, but I doubt anyone actually buys those. Dark horse option - we could try to convince the pizza buffet in town that we can make it worth their while to reserve the place for just us. On a Saturday night. You must buy in to be there. (This might be a better option for Friday night.) We have spoken with the first location regarding the cache machine weekend, but we haven't run our plans by anyone else. Personally I think the family restaurant is the way to go, but I want to leave it open to some outside input. Travis, coordinates to follow once a decision is made.
  11. Well, we're reserving the largest banquet room in Missoula we can find for June 21st. Our folks with the proper contacts are informing the local police that there will be a bunch of (harmless) weirdos running around town on the 21st. We're going to be throwing a drive-by potluck in one of the parks in town on the 21st. And there will be 'Phone-A-Friend' lists available the night of the 20th and the morning of the 21st. But y'all could come on a different weekend...
  12. I'd like to thank folks for their kind words about the Montana geocoin. We were complete novices at this when we started (now we're just noobs), so I'm really glad they are popular. Everyone who has let me know the coins arrived safely have been very happy with them and several have said that the photos don't do them justice. There's still a few coins left, though certainly not as many as we once had, so if you are still interested in ordering I'd do so sooner rather than waiting.
  13. I had a watch on it. The cache was retracted. While I obviously know nothing more than what what was in the note (i.e. very little), it appears that the cache was in fact not ready to go and so one of the folks at Groundspeak retracted it until eagsc7 could get it in place.
  14. yumitori

    WWFM - NW

    Yep. Some folks remember what flash mobs are all about. Most excellent. Their improv at Best Buy was pretty hilarious, too, but the management didn't seem to appreciate it. Personally I think the Grand Central gathering was their best effort I've seen to date.
  15. Hey, Jon. You missed a spot or two. And here I thought you were a serious cacher.
  16. All of Moun10bike's coins are owned by Moun10bike. I'm unclear how one legally goes about selling something that they do not own for their own profilt. From a Moun10bike's Version 1 page -
  17. Most of the coins were mailed today, and the rest will go out tomorrow. Start watching your mailboxes!
  18. The coins are in! We'll be holding a mailing party in the near future to get them packaged up and shipped out. I know there's been occasional issues with coin pre-sales in the past and some folks might be leery of ordering from an 'unknown' source, so if anyone has been holding off on buying since the coins weren't available yet, wait no longer!
  19. Really, it was a synthesis. A number of us had Montana-shaped designs and there were three or four of us who had some variant of Lewis & Clark's travels through the state for the obverse. The reverse was another matter; lots of ideas, very little agreement, until Brian proposed using Granite Peak and its benchmark.
  20. Heh. Are you placing an order for the rest?
  21. You mean the one hosted by the commercial website http://www.huetherhotel.com/barleyworks/ ? Perhaps you should remember that this is supposed to be a civil discussion and not make unfounded assumptions. That's okay. Your response tells me everything I need know regarding your willingness to actually consider other points of view regarding this matter. My apologies for interrupting your jihad.
  22. <sigh> A link to a restaurant's website is not commercial? How could it not be?
  23. I'm still wondering why the person bumping the thread chose this particular one for their pictures, and why one in the Northwest forum when they are from Missouri. And yes, I did spot the cache before scrolling down to the spoiler picture. I'd swear I've found that one already, except I've never cached that far east. I guess there really aren't many new ideas. Except for the Cache Machine. I still wish I'd of had the chance to see it in action.
  24. Ah. My mistake. I was just going off of the thread's original question. In that case, I think I'm the only one around here crazy enough to hide such caches...
  25. yumitori


    Okay, I've changed my mind about this thread. Any time you can work in a reference to The Young Ones must mean there's something worthwhile going on here...
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