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Who Would You Like To See Interviewed?

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Who would you like to see Today's Cacher do an interview with, and what would you like to know?


This dosen't have to be someone you see in the forums all the time, just someone that is a cacher that you would like to know more about.


El Diablo










The Man, the Myth, the legend.................................

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Or Evergreenhiker (Just because he just moved to Mt and is now caching here), or RedHotMama (biked from Wolf Point, Mt to California last year (for a good cause) and cached along the way), or GenusLoci (so far I like his creative hides in Illinois). Also King Boreas (placer of the most caches) would be a neat interview.

A neat article might discuss the oldest caches in each state and their placers, if still active. I just found Beverly in Illinois, and it was cool.

Just some ideas!


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I think it would be interesting to "meet" the people that put together the really amazing caches - the ones that people have on their "must do" lists. I don't know very many names yet (too new still) but I know I read that Snoogans in TX has done some great ones...(Quantum Leap is the name that comes to mind?) Learning how these people come up with concepts and then put them into action would be fun to read. It would also help us newbies come up with better ideas than just "park and grabs"!!!

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10. No translator needed. He speaks only English. Bad English, yes, but only English.

9. The tests were negative and he's out of the bubble.

8. Family friendly? Oh yeah! He's been thoroughly investigated and never convicted.

7. He possesses a deep understanding of the geo-political significance of the Global Position Satellite System and junk like that.

6. Two words: Nice pecs!

5. He's cracked that cat-eating fetish and is ready to re-enter sociey.

4. His picture will make Jeremy look TWICE as handsome.

3. He needs the free buffet. There WILL be a free buffet? Right?

2. Has all the right credentials. They're just not his.

1. Witness Protection Program has kicked him out!

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The mysterious Cache Nijna . He's been around since the beginning of the sport and has placed dozens of excellent caches in a number of states, including Nebraska, Mass., Maine and Tennessee. He placed the 1st cache in NJ and the 4th cache in VT and most of his caches involve a pretty good hike and are in unique areas. When someone says they found a Cache Ninja cache, other geocachers nod knowingly because they realize that it was probably not an easy find.


Yet nobody has ever met the guy. No one's mentioned seeing him on the trail (he does have a handful of finds), he's never been to an event and rarely participates in the forums. Cache Ninja has been rumored to be the sock puppet account of some prominent locals such as Stayfloopy and Bassoonpilot, but that's doubtful.


I think it would be neat to track this shadowy fellow down and interview him (or her).

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I'll toss another vote for JamieZ in the bucket, but only if you get him to ride his bike to the interview.


/edit: Uh. I just read Septic's post above (properly this time). Looks like the Jamie interview is already cooking.

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no, not a debate. an interview. if your publication is nonpartisan, you can do that. challenging somebody with whom you disagree to debate in a forum that you control is, well, not an invitation so much as it is a thrown gauntlet.


you ask what we want. i'd like to see an actual interview. i bet it'd be plenty entertaining.

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