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I Get Chills Every Time I Watch This

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Here is a 90 second video of Dave Ulmer, “The Father of Geocaching,” describing the contents of the very first geocache, and explaining his intent for the game. It is published in Today's Cacher and will be archived there for your future enjoyment.


Note that the file may take several minutes to download to your media player; it is definitely worth the wait.


Here is a May article from Today’s Cacher about Dave Ulmer. The history of geocaching is good reading, too. The original Usernet posts and emails that put life into geocaching are here. :o :o

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"There'll be thousands of these, it should be pretty good stuff"


I think he was a little more accurate than the first president of IBM who said that there'd be "a world market for maybe five computers" :o Five per house maybe, but certainly not just five!


That's a cool video! So many things don't have their origins, let alone a video of it. Too bad we don't have video of the cache placement, too!

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Blackeyed peas! I always heard it was beans. I guess blackeyed peas are beans.


There's an old Southern superstition that eating blackeyed peas on New Year's Day is lucky. My grandfather believed it so strongly, he had them bring him blackeyed peas on his deathbed. Then he died. Lucky, huh? My mother used to mail me a can every year. I finally realized...wait, I can't stand these things. I've still got the last can she sent me. Maybe I should go bury it somewhere.


But I digress.


The Ross Perot book was pretty funny, too.

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Is this legit? Or a clever re-enactment?


This can't be real. Is it? Who can authenticate this?


Very cool either way.



Having spoken to Dave by phone when I did the original interview with him for the mag back in May, I can say that it sounds like him. At that time he gave me a list of everything in the cache, including the slingshot that you see in the video.


El Diablo

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SA was turned off in May. Check the date on the stash note and you will have your answer.

If he had placed the cache on the date scribbled on the note pad, that would certainly have added to the challenge. :o

Which is another thing that makes it authenic. When I talked to Dave he had mentioned that he had misdated the original log book.


El Diablo

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The article on todays cacher says

The first logbook was damaged and Dave didn't keep it. At the time, he had no idea of its importance as a historical document.


But yet he keeps an old video tape of the first hide? That seems conflicting to me.

The tape wasn't damaged. The log book was totaly trashed from being wet.


El Diablo

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I've seen that rusty old can of beans. Team 360 brought it to an Event Cache at Cabela's in Dundee, Michigan last December.


I took a picture of it too not knowing at the time what significance it had, just knowing that since he had taken such care with it that it meant something to our hobby.


It was suspended by a magnet inside a clear acrylic box, rusty as all get out, with holes, (needed the magnet on top of the container to keep it from collapsing on itself) but just like anything else, it doesn't have to be pristine to be part of history.



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What blows my mind is the guy that invented geocaching (or stashing) has only 13 finds and a handful of all archived hides (under that profile, at least).


And people are stressing about having to get 500, 750, or 1000+ hides...




The video is VERY cool, BTW!!

Dave has a lot more than that, he just dosen't log on line.


El Diablo

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