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Avatar Creation Requests, Submissions, And Help.

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We have been trying to toss around a few ides for a new avater/signature card graphic but have been falling short..maybe one of you amazingly artistic minds could come up with something for us.


One of our favorite books is "The Tao of Pooh" (see current avatar) and our signature item is a YinYang Necklace (for now).

Perhaps someone could come up with a cool GC related YinYang?


Thanks in advance if anyone happens to bite. 



Us too please! :blink:

If easiet the yinyang could just be made with a splash of GC colors....


How is this? If you like it I can polish it up a bit more.





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I would love a cool avatar that I can use here as well as for my sig cards, profile page,  etc.




I really like your current avatar, but here's something different that would work well as a stamp or coin.





I hate to be a pain in the a** but since this is sooooo close to being exactly what I want....


Can the arms be a bit thinner ? more like the ones in the black and white figure

Can the outline of the state be larger and be "around" the entire stick figure ? or more centered around the GPS body

( the words/cities don't have to be in the outline )

and finally can my geocaching name be spelled correctly ? :blink:

Hope I'm not being picky

Please and thank you

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I think y'all are absolutely wonderful to offer your help to us artistically challenged cachers. If you're still in the avatar-making mode, would you mind terribly taking a run at one for me? We cache as "Paws"itraction, because I'm in the automotive industry and one member of the caching team is Kai, our dog. He's a German Shepherd / Siberian Husky cross (looks mostly Shepherd). Our GPSr is a Magellan SporTrak.


Can you do anything with that? Maybe a cartoon GS dog driving a 4-wheeler or looking at a GPS or one with wheels instead of paws? Or I'm sure you can come up with something better.


Thanks awfully, and if you don't want to tackle this one, that's entirely OK.

Thanks again.



This is Kai. (If the IMG link worked; I hope it did.)a0e4ae33-95a9-4138-98be-c1714b6cfef4.jpg



Ah-ha! It did.

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The avatar that I am using came with a software package that I installed. Can't remember now which one though. All I did to it was add the text "Which way to the cache" using Photoshop 5.0 LE. If anyone has any other ideas, I would love to hear them. I am also thinking about making this into a signature item using inkjet compatable Shrinky Dink material.

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That's cool too ChrisS!

Okay, just one (maybe two requests) can it be a Etrex Legend?

OR, If you could find a Pony (Mustang) that would fit, that would be great substitute.

Either way we like both of the yinyangs we have seen so far!

THANKS! :lol:

Etrex Legend it is. I also cleaned up the edges and such.




After looking at it again I'm thinking pooh and the GPS should swap spots. Let me know what you think.

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... Well I hope to do some soon for you all. Thanks Mud Puppy for picking up my slack


No problem. I've had so much fun doing these I'm thinking I should take some graphic design courses.


When you get a chance I think Cloudseeker and RustyTLC are both waiting on someone more creative than me.

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Here's a start. I started having problems trying to do what I wanted with this image. Maybe someone can take over for me, or come up with something better. I guess it too late and I don't have the mental stamina to keep at it. The others put me to shame anyway. I just have fun trying to figure it out (usually). Sorry.



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I have worked out how to place the avatar, now thanks Chris, Anyone who feels they can make suitable changes please feel free to do so. I would like a more "firetruck appearance" and the roo could also be changed if you like. :lol:

If you like the idea I'll play with it more early next week. That was just a "rough" to see if you liked the concept.


Yes or no to the roo? you decide.

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Thanks for the effort, but I don't understand the avatar.  :huh:

Of course, when it's explained I'll probably say "Oh, I get it now", but at the moment I'm just confused.




  - Mark (S-4-C)

It's a play on your nic... those are piggy banks.


Hey Cachengrab, maybe slots on the backs might help. It could be just a bit too subtle without them.

Like stated above with many nights of straight nightshifts and a blurred life I have not been able to get back here to reply. I will revamp,restyle and rework if you would like.

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Do you need help with a current Avatar?



" " Important! If you make any changes to your profile and they do not update in the forums, click on the "Register" link on the forums page and it will send you to a page to update those settings.

" "


I went to the forums page (( http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/ ))

and there is no "REGISTER" link.


Ummm... I think I followed all instructions, and still have no avatar showing up.


I didn't want to bother anyone, but ---- help?


Diff :huh:

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We're ooking for logo / Avatar ideas for "Team Differentpath" :huh:


Differentpath was originally inspired by a famous poem.

But I'm sure no one here has ever heard of it... :huh:

Ok, I got an Avatar to work, but not by the instructions I was provided...

The deign of the site has changed and so the instructions quoted are not exact, per se ... but other newbies are NOT going to try it out.


They will clog up the forum with whining.


How about changing the instructional page to

log in

upload a picture

My Cache Page

Click on "PROFILE"


that way it would be a catch-all for those who have tried, and those who have not tried - and they will have an image ready to go.


I think that will cut back on the # of peeps flagging you down on the superhighway.


- Diff

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Thanks, McWeb, it looks great! But could you replace the Geocaching logo with something else? Jeremy's requested we not put Geocaching logos in our avatars.




Yeah, what would you like in its place? I didn't realize we couldn't use it. I just thought we couldn't alter it. My bad. Give me some suggestions and I'll see what I can come up with.



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A bit more work for Blue Grass Gyrl.


This is a little smoother than my first posting...




But at 75 pixels = much too small to read.




Here's an attampt to make the idea taller and less wide.

(also toyed with the colours a bit)




Can this be read at 75 pix wide ?




Or for something completely different...





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Maybe this will work better.



Hi Mcweb...I know this may be totally wrong, but something bothered me about this pic and it hit tonight what. Does it look (to anyone else) like the dog is facing the back of the car? I know the headlights are yellow and taillights red, but the car is shorter in front than in back, which to my eye looks like the dog is facing the wrong way. Other than that I love your creation and since it's not my avatar, maybe I shouldn't even offer the suggestion, but I am. And it is only a suggestion. :blink:

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Not all cars have the motor in the front eh?  :blink:


I know...I know....But there are some things that just look right, like the American flag blowing in a breeze to the right. When the breeze blows the other way and the flag faces left...well it just looks odd, at least in a picture. Kind of like cars with motors in the trunks! :lol:



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