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Avatar Creation Requests, Submissions, And Help.

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Somtimes my ideas jump the line....this is what I mean when some come real easy to me and others I really need to think about or do a lot of work on.....Cloudchaser comes to mind.


If you notice TexasTracker...the center of the colors on #2 comes out where you live in the state.


d26e2e26-2a36-4def-88f8-3c29baf9791e.jpg    ee810d95-e1ee-4c28-ae1f-3411fd175861.jpg

Amish Hacker


#2 looks pretty cool...it took a little getting used to but I kinda like it! I am looking for more of my original avatar. Thanks


One more request, if you're up to it. Could you possibly send me a full size version of the picture for my other stuff! T-shirts and geocards? Thanks

That is the full size. I create most of them 75 pix wide. It will take a lot more work to come up with a 300 resolution....but its on my list

Thanks Amishhacker,


It's people like you that make this community a pleasure to be apart of. I haven't met / talked with a person yet that doesn't exemplify the geocaching spirit! (okay I'll get off the soapbox now :blink: ) Thanks again!

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What an awesome topic!! I think it it so great that those who are mechanically inclined are willing to share their talents. And with that being said I was wondering if I could get a SF 49er's hat placed on my avatar? Of course when you get a chance? Thank you in advance.



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These are great but we don't live in desert country! Almost wish we did just for the avatar. I should have mentioned that we live in Darwin - the Wet monsoonal tropics where there are salt water crocodiles, most of the world's Top 10 most dangerous snakes and where you can't swim in the sea due to box jellyfish. And of course there was Cyclone Tracy which wiped the place out. Crocodile Dundee is probably a better Aussie stereotype LOL.



I'll take a stab at a tropical background if you like. Please post a photo of a typical scene (could be a real place near where you live) and maybe I can "cartoonize" a version of it to place the wombat and hat in front of.


I was worried that the rock may be too big of an Aussie cliche, but it does scream Australia to us North Americans. (which a tropical scene may not as much).

Here's a stab using elements from a picture in your gallery.




and small...



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The first one is Hunter Dan from the OFAH. Not sure I'd want to be using that one.


The second one I like. Where did you get the pic of the hunter? Any chance it's an animated GIF?


Sorry to say, that I don't like the words on the bottom that much now that I've thought about it. Probably unreadable at the avatar level is the main reason!


Go Left,


Love the pic, but I'm Canadian, eh?



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Just a different version of the Menace.


c2be630b-6c3b-4c36-8403-08fe28856611.jpg -------------- AVATAR SIZE -------------- > 8ec2d3cb-f355-4de8-a581-a84a25ca8fe7.jpg


My wife walked by when I was zoomed in on the pennant around the arms and wondered why I was drawing boobs with wings. I just had to laugh.


<~GoLeft Curtis

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Thanks AH.


Do you recognize him?

If you do, then you are at least 30 years old (or born sometime before the late 70's) and have a knack for saturday morning cartoon public service announcements.

Of course at the "time" he wasn't carrying an ETrex Venture GPS - I added that part (LOL)


Anyone, anyone??


<~GoLeft Curtis

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It's Timer!!! (although he did not sing "Don't drown your food") Check out the following link I found with all of the Saturday morning songs. (well, not all of them, I still have one that eludes me - and no, that is not my website listed below)


80's Public Service Announcements


Hi! Time for Timer!

And time to make a week supply of healthy after school snacks.

Now some weekend when its raining,

and your mother is complaining,

'cause you're hanging round just twiddling your thumbs.

Tell your mom that you've been itchin

to make something in the kitchen

and oh yes the mess will be a minimum.

But the thing thats going to please her

is you make it in the freezer,

and nothing could be easier to fix.

Now just watch as I go through it,

really all you need to do it

is some kind of juice and just a few toothpicks.

.......... Ok, now take an empty icetray.

.......... And fill it up with Orange Juice,

.......... or lemonade,

.......... or pomegranate juice,

.......... or whatever turns you on.

.......... Then, cover the tray with plastic wrap.

.......... Caaarfully poke the toothpicks through the plastic

.......... Put it in the freezer, and in a few hours - Presto!

.......... Stacks of snacks!

Don't wait until it rains before you try this nifty trick.

You'll have a fun time eating sunshine on a stick.


Just a stupid little icon that I recall as a child that not a whole lot of people recognize these days.

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Didnt he also save the food from drowning? Like the hard boiled egg. and salad form the dressing?

Nope. Sorry DA, that was "Louis the Lifeguard", and he's happy to say

He rescued a drowning potato today.

They drowned it in sour cream, oh what a shame,

cause foods so much better when it's practically plain.


Check out the link above and take a stroll down memory lane

of all the old public service announcements that should be rebroadcast.


We still call our kids "yuckmouths" if they do not brush their teeth.

They just look at us with that "huh?" look on their faces.


Sorry, this is getting off topic.


<~GoLeft Curtis

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If you are making a request.....


1. Make sure to post more than just asking for one.....what are your ideas....are you male....female....what type of GPS do you have.......what is the meaning of your name.....etc


2. I may do others before yours because I have an idea or it may be easy to roll out


3. I may not get to yours at all.


4. Please be patient.


If you are going to post and avatar for someone else.....put there name first in Bold, Impact font, Largest, and Red.  If you create more than one for them post to the same message or edit your existing one.


Thank You



Such a generous offer! I'm brand new to geocaching, just got my 1st GPSr last week. I'd love to have an avatar. I'm female, use an eTrex Vista, and my name (ChanceRider) is because I ride my horse Chance. I'm hoping to be able to combine horseback riding and geocaching as I get a bit better - at both!


I'd love to have the silhoutte (sp?) of a horse, maybe with the logo colors incorporated? Thanks in advance if you take this on!

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Hi! You helped my brother, Texastracker, with his avatar and it looks AWESOME!!! Can you help me with mine? I can't seem to get the words Arkansas Cache Crew and the Geocaching colors on my avatar. Any help you can give would be GREATLY appreciated! I use a Magellan Sport Track Map GPS and would also like to incorporate the fact that Arkansas is the Natural State in my avatar. We are a family of 4, Mother, Father, 2 daughters. I don't know if that helps with the creative process at all. We are also new to this, but enjoy it immensly! Thanks for any help you can give us!

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This is an offer I just cannot refuse. Some pretty cool avitars going on in here. I have an idea, but not very proficient with photoshop yet.


My screen name is pretty worthless. I am a graduate of the University of Montana School of Law, 1997. Real creative.


But I want to go a different direction with my avitar, and may change my name (to protect the innocent). My other hobby is air cooled volkswagens. I would like a vw westfalia (pop top camper) bus that is painted dark green to look like an ammo box. Add a handle on top and a Geocaching Sticker and I've got the worlds largest moving cache! Here is a picture of a suitable bus for use. BUS or BUS 2


Thanks for any suggestions.

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I have loved scrolling through all the avitars. What a creative and talented group. So of course, ;) I thought I would jump in and see if any of you wizards had some ideas for an avatar for me. I've tried but can't come up with any ideas.


I'm a proud Swedish American woman but my avatar name, Sulis, is a celtic goddess. I'm fairly new to geocaching but currently Garmin Etrex Legend is my GPS of choice. I really have been blank as far as ideas. Maybe something with celtic knotwork or the viking heritage. I was going to use a dala horse (those brightly decorated wooden horses from sweden) but never could get something I liked good enough. Or a viking ship, or I don't know...thats why I'm coming to you. ;)


If you have any ideas that would be fabulous.


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I've been lurking in this thread, and watching all the wonderful new avatars pop up. I wasn't going to ask if someone could make one for me, but I'll throw this out and if anyone can do anything with it, mondo! If not, that's fine, too. You guys are wizards with graphics programs; I'm lucky if I can move the mouse in a straight line. :unsure:


What I'd like is...are you ready? A Siamese cat (as was Pyewacket from the movie "Bell, Book and Candle") holding a cup and saucer (with tea, of course) in one paw and an older Maggie unit (a Map 410, to be precise) in the other.


Can this be done? I challenge thee, valiant cachers. :unsure:

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