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  1. NOt really ure if its caching related but since I get lost easily even with a gps. See my AV<---- (In case you cant read it. GOT A MAP)
  2. First off as a parent. Try teaching your kid something instead of relying on schools. Talk to your child about knives and how to properly handle them. Second, stop exaggerating about how dangerous this knife is. You can get a deeper paper cut from the log book than this knife. And the pencil/pen can be used as a deadlier weapon as well. Third, if you are so uptight about it send the entire bug back to the owner. you have even less rights to destroy someones TB that you feel is wrong.
  3. How adorable. your oldest girl looks exactly like my niece I had to do a double take.
  4. lmao I think the duck missed reading the l in pleasant As for original box, The box looks pretty bad, not to mention that the box had to have been open to get the tag on the jeep along with the sharpie markings. No clue as to whether it could be original I never received them form Jeep directly and everyone I ever saw to include events had them out of box with no boxes in sight.
  5. Thats my favorite part too. I just hate when I mark the bush that the cahce was hidden in first.
  6. Hate to say it but the mystery isn't solved. The mystery is who takes all the good items and leave behind the golf balls. This person merely logged that they left golf balls but they TOOK NOTHING. So the person infact Traded up since anything is up from nothing.
  7. The reason you don't want the number of the TB Tag in the shot is because there are people here that scour the gallery for just such a thing so that they can "discover" the TB and increase their numbers (as if numbers really mean anything). Despite that they have never come across the bug. Welcome to the addiction by the way.
  8. For me, Its not about the numbers its about the location. I have 2 caches that are less than .5 miles from my front dooor and I haven't visited either. mainly because I am not interested in ##'s. Caching use to be about finding the unusual sites or unkown things in a city/country that not many knew about. To share with others. Not really sure when this game turned into a numbers race there is no finish line so having 100 or 1000 or 10000 finds doesn't get you anything more than the person that has 10 or 20. Revisit some of the locations that you enjoyed, read through the logs of people that visited after you. (Atleast around here there are a few cahches that has more than just signatures.)
  9. Those be great for events, but I hope noone would leave them in a cache.
  10. I have 2 different staffs. 1 is made of bambo, which since is hollowed already makes for storing extra things such as matches, string, duct tape easy. Outside I use a burner and log all the caches I visit. My 2nd staff I bought at Pat Catans and was actually a wooden Flag Pole. I burned a travel bug insignia and tracking number into the Pole Knob at the top and keep that one in my jeep for spur of the moment caching.
  11. I thought about something like this. However, since I don't trust people, it would only take 1 person putting a virus on the drive and then others passing it along to have a bunch of people ticked off. So I have stayed away from putting the media out. I know I wouldn't plug anything I found ina cache into my system as well.
  12. Finally caught the whole family at dinner. looks like fish again.
  13. Wow 4 eggs? Haven't gotten a chance to see them yet. The few times a day I switch over they are snug under mom or dad. Hope there are plenty of fish if all 4 hatch. Mom and Dad will be running overtime feeding them all. So when do we start up a name list for the youngins?
  14. If you look at the upper left of the nest it looks more like a transistor radio. Woot they will be boogeying to some rockin music.
  15. Ok so thinking of a travel bug idea and also a way to develop my writing skills. I came up with the idea to release a D&D Figure (I may go with an image instead not decided). Then when people pick up the bug and move him into a cache. I will take the cache GCXXXX number and plug it into my wonderful spreadsheet that will develop an outcome of creatures encountered, how many, if there was a treasure if I win the fight and as to whether a quest item is found (If I have a quest, or the item leads me onto a quest). I would then take this idea and write a story to describe what happened (Sort of like a blog). My question is has anyone done/tried something like this before hand? If so what were some problem areas that came about? Any tips offered would be appreciated. If 1 bug does well and I keep up with it, I may release extra bugs with the same concept.
  16. Hey Planet, in your last post with pic they are with 2 eggs, (look between his legs). Here is another pic with both eggs.
  17. I figured it was part of the stand, but don't recall seeing it in the prior watchings. So either I was to busy watching the birds or Ozzy to not notice it. or the nesting is fallinga part some
  18. Hey Little dude is still there. He was standing on that tombstone looking object at the front of the nest. (Could it be a tombstone for Ozzy?)
  19. Did they abandon their nest? Only reason I ask is both times I have come to watch the nest is completely empty. No signs of any of them. Usually at my times of watching my lunch time has always corresponded with theirs. Today I am eating alone though . When I awoke I guess they were the early birds after the worm because they were gone. Anyone seen them today?
  20. As an owner of three Jeeps, I DO understand! Ah so you are just hoarding the life size jeeps.
  21. I am watching it now and I can see something yellow/white flapping so I think it is just a bow/ribbon that is on him. Sorry all don't think it is a TB (yet).
  22. It's a Jeep thing. you wouldn't understand Some people are just fascinated with tiny things. As for the OP. Glad you deleted it and don't think 2ce of it. Some people are just born to gripe about anything and they just happen to see you first.
  23. 1 potential poroblem I see with this, which is what keeps me from doing the same. What is to keep someone from putting non family pictures on it? remember there are kids that cache without parents and if they got their hands on it. What could they be viewing. Personally I like the idea and wanted to use it in conjunction with maybe clues to other caches (like a multi). But I don't trust anyone to not ruin a good thing. and it only takes 1 irrate parent to take you to court for subjecting their kids to something objectionable (Child pornography). Yeah most won't but in this day n age it only takes 1 to spoil the whole.
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