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  1. anybody see law and order last nite? cool highlight on geocaching...you should check it out!! P.S. nice to be back...ima try and start caching somemore!! Pete
  2. Thought i might pop in! Hello to all, I know i have been missed but dont fret, im just busy. Pete
  3. Thats a chore ryan....alot of them havent stood the test of time....i mite do the same!! a lot of logbooks need replacing
  4. TeamTek and I did 21 in a day I think it was but we were on bikes with a 30 mile round trip..It took about 5 hours or so That was alot of fun...The american River Bike trail is very dense MOO
  5. Ryan..got the palm...need some help!!!
  6. Hey guys...not much caching lately...*cough* Ryan call me *cough* Anyway.....laura that looks so inticing but i have plans at five...congrats on 200.....Ryan congrats on EAgle again...Finals wer easy as pie...which can be difficult if you have runny ice cream and try to make mudd pie...and im am totally bored because i have nothing to do!!
  7. TEK GOT EAGLE!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!! Anyway...this Saturday might be a possibility. Anyone else?
  8. Ryan!!!!! I am sooooooo proud of you!!!! YOUR FIRST DATE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway...why don't we just do what they did to people back in the day....tie him to the back of a donkey and throw rotten tomatoes!!!!!! BTW no one has gone to find Operation Stump Tek 3 in a long time!!! BILL!!!!
  9. Technically....you were the first to find it and i was second...i'm logging it right now
  10. hey guys.......back from my (whats the opposite of power?) caching weekend....I mosied on up to Sacto and nabbed 6 caches and met the Sleuther and wife and then went down to Santa Cruz to my cabin and nabbed one i wanted to get at a covered bridge. 7 caches in 3 days not bad when none was intended!!!! My dad now uses caching against me......"You want to go with me to (insert boring place name)?....Why don't you pop up a coupla caches and we'll go do them?"....blargh who knew?
  11. wow guys....no one talking at turkeyday??? My dad set up a Gps course for me and i had to go to places and tell why I am thankful for them....HE decided to put a 1 inch by 1/4 inch magnetic strip on the back of a wrought iron fense with bad coords!!! Anyway...a couple good placements and fun had by me and my sis who drove me around!!! Great fun!!!!
  12. hey what about mine?!?!?!?!?! I'm planning on doing a major flag retirement ceremony where we will collect un flyable flags from anyone in the community and were going to retire them all in a big ceremony, probably for teh whole council!! Anyway...you'll see my picture in his site...look for peter!!!
  13. Check out Parade in the sanfrancisco chronicle today.....HUGE article on geocaching!!! I'll keep it if someone wants it!!
  14. I placed one before i even found one! It was really dumb though
  15. Hey Guy's....lots happened since I was in here last. First.....Camel....ditto to what everyone else is saying....100% behind you.....also to everyone else THIS IS THE GREATEST GROUP IN THE WORLD ....I love it how everyone is banding together in this time of need for our fellow geocacher Anyway...I'm sorry for all the poeple who have to take away their caches. I don't think I have any that would fit the description but I'll keep it in mind next time!! Happy (and smart) Hunting!!
  16. A Rant!!! You call that a rant?!!?!?!??! I've seen better rantsw by a six year old girl with ADD...on the topic of ADD....I was recently tested...not positive!! Funny how some things work out!! ANyway...am trying to figure out a way to make a cache that will stump everyone.....maybe ill put a listing but not place the cache?! It would make for some fun banter in the forums....also don't you hate muggled caches!! especially ones with great stuff inside like my newest (and only) mysstery cache)...and isnt it funny that poeple get tired of placing regular caches and start putting out myster caches and stupid multis!!?? I'm done....and to count the topics I believe i encompassed 7 topics...but that will be debated for a while just like the article in the record!! anyway thats 8 I'm out.....g2g do homework.....9......and cache you later!!
  17. RYAN!!!!! YOU WENT CACHING W/OUT ME!!! I'M HURT!!! lol congrats amytincan...may i ask how you chose your name or did you lose a bet?
  18. OOPS My bad...forgot to read the profile!!! Anyway....Ryan and I are in the scouts too.....we've had c few events w/ geocaching and always cache on scout trips.....maybe sometime we could invite their troop down....I'm pretty close to eagle...how about your boys? are they involved? ANyway nice to meet you Amytincan!!!
  19. do you have a son in the scouts or something?...If he'd like to join our troop....we'd be flattered....BTW I'm sorta back!!!!!!!
  20. hey great container...althought you might want to move this thread to general geocaching topics....im sure it wont last very long in here and in the other forum itll get much more feedback.....ooo and did i mention great container?!
  21. You have no idea......I was standing at that cache for at least 10 minutes narrowing the space of search to the newspaper thing with twenty cachers around and they still couldnt find it!!!! It took them 25 minutes to find the darn thing....and WE thought it would be obvious that it ws there
  22. Excuses, Excuses! OK Maybe we'll let you off the hook also!!!!! Especially since you were kind enough to let my 3 year old feed the goats & Llama. She won't stop talking about it! BILL......THIS IS CRUCIAL INFORMATION...WHY DIDN"T YOU TELL ME YOU HAD A LLAMA!!!!!!! YAY!!! I LOVE LLAMAS!!!!
  23. Hmm.... Apparently I am now chopped liver. oops....I mean fizzymagic and sailors codgers and bruteforce and ...uhh did I miss anyone?
  24. I would definately have Laura go to the plate but seeing as she has just hit a homerun on the last event...I think we'll give her a rest.....Bill....your turn!
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