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  1. MMmm.... Sounds like my son that has a toy he never plays with, but doesn't want to share it with his sister, or put it out for the garage sale. It just there and he owns it. Shane
  2. Joejam72 and I took the pic. King boreas posted the pic we took on the font page. The king let them keep the find. They DID find it. But did not want to wade out in the water to sign the log. That would be half a find.
  3. AmishHacker and the rest, those are great! I Lack talent. IF you would like to create an avatar with my handle in your spare time I would appreciate that. Subjects for avitar: 27 in any form, written or otherwise. Weird Al Yankovic. My geocache Biography. Thank you! Shane
  4. A show of hands: Would this be counted as a find? My log entry before Zoejam72's: My previous find of said cache: Thanks for your opinion. I personally had no problem with the find and when I talked to the cache owner he thought it was funny. Shane
  5. So, if my bug came into this "feeding frenzy" and 20+ people log my bug to get #s up. What would happen if I deleted all the touchy feely people's logs and only left the picker upper and the dropper's logs? Not from the server/website point of view, but the users. Shane
  6. I was looking for a "memorable" 100th find. So I was sitting on 99 for a week. But King Boreas put a cache 1/2 a mile from my home. I had to act! The shame of not being a FTF in my backyard! I almost missed it. Then I saw that another local signed the cache log but not the website. At least I was beat by a local cacher 1/4 mile from their house. So my 100 find was the CITO day by MNGCA. My son and I cleaned up our newest hide Operation: Liberty. Clean up efforts are posted. We found a e-machine 333 in the woods 50 ft from the dirt road . Then Made the King's cache 101. Shane P.S. For those that like to go off topic. Make a new thread. 200th find, 300th.... Ect..
  7. The wife and (2) kids love to go! This is how it works. We all go to the area, normally a park, the kids run off the the playground. The wife accompanies me to where the "pavement ends". Then: I go bushwhacking Find the cache Take it to the wife to sign the log Holler, "I got it!" to the kids Kids come running Kids dig for goodies Kids run back to playground with new toys I add my trade Place cache back in place If there is no playground we all go for the hike. But after pulling 100 ticks off each other in Le Sueur County, MN and Walnut Grove, the kids shy away from the woods. I can't wait for the mosquitos ! Shane
  8. My home is 24,899 miles West of my 1st cache. But a mile and a half if you go East. Sorry, Had to do it . Shane
  9. I put a cache out in Walnut Grove, Minnesota, called "On The Banks Of Plum Creek". It has been 3 weeks so far and there was 1 attempt, but no find (I don't know why, I told them where it is in the clues). So I was wondering what stories you have on the length of time from approval to FTF on a cache. Also what is the record? Thanks, Shane
  10. There is this thread that has a rating system too. But I like yours better. Just what the finder thought and that's it. Nice and simple. You have my vote on it.
  11. We went out to a VERY remote area, not another cache for a thousand miles! We figured we would get the First Finder Prize!
  12. I agree! People Yell I Found It! with muggles abound I could care less about the numbers. Some people need the numbers. They would go to a crappy cache that is a piece of paper taped on a manhole downtown to get 1 more. Some do the quick "me too" or "LOL" in forums at EVERY post without any additional thought to the thread just to get over 2 million posts. My brother, case in point. My personal opinion is this. When you log a find, you are able to rate the difficulty and terrain. Then it can average out with what the hider put. I have been to a 1/1 cache and it was a 3/3 to me. Then there was the opposite. A very easy one to me was rated 2 or 3 stars. One of my current caches I put a 2 1/2 difficulty because if you follow the arrow on the GPS it takes you from the parking lot, across a creek, thru woods, and over a fence. But if you take the bridge that is in front of you when you park, and follow the trail, you will walk right up to it. With me knowing that, I would rate it a 1/1. So it would be nice to find out how others would rate the difficulty and terrain. Now a 1-10 or 100 rating on the cache itself is subjective. For example: Some people love 3 mile walks to a mountain top and would give it a 10. I would give it a 1 because it was too far of a walk. I would give a 10 to a multi that would involve a canoe and 10 miles of river. My wife woud give it a 1. Those are kind of extream, but you know where I'm going.
  13. I recently did cache maintenance and spray painted the white tupperware lid black. White was bad idea in a dark wooded area. Anyway I put a note in an altoids tin placed it in the hiding spot to say what I was doing, and that I was in the east parking lot. I wouldn't want someone to drive 50+ miles and come up empty.
  14. Like he said, so since money has "In GOD We Trust" you are going to stop putting where's george dollars in caches?? GOD is a general term to a supreme being for many religions. A cross is a symbol to a specific religion. Like saying car (general) and ford (little more specific.) I came across an eraser that said jesus saves, in the first part of a 3 part multi. I think that was solicitation. I just let it go and continued with the hunt. I like the shrinky dink idea! now I need to get artistic.
  15. I created my 2nd and 3rd cache yesterday. I drove 100 miles to walnut grove Minnesota to place On The Banks Of Plum Creek. I thought this would be a real quality cache. Not just for the find, but for viewing a historical area. With that said, I can see if there is a problem with the cache, I need to make a special trip to fix it. I thought that was quite a distance. I have seen caches 250 miles apart with the same hider. I could not imagine keeping track of 50+ caches. I will probably get to 10 hides and leave it at that. I say that now... I have been to a couple of "quick stash" caches and was inimpressed. There is a nice little park in my town that I would love to place a cache in but decided against it. For a rural township there was grafitti on some trees, rusting 55 gallon drums from 30 years ago, and a 75 ft tunnel that gets really dark walking thru it and grafitti on it. I was thinking, would I want cachers from out of town to come here and see this? NO WAY. So I passed. Look up King Boreas he has 452 hides and 274 finds 2:1.
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