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How Many Times Per Day Do You Check The Forums?


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I assessed my daily habits the other day and realized that I visit these forums a minimum of five times per day. Ten times is not unusual. :(


I think it is a way for me to not feel so trapped in the office. I can at least cache vicariously through the anectdotes of others.


Just curious how OCD other forum members are.


Am I normal or do I need intervention?


I was concerned that the need to change into a pink tutu before visiting the forums might be an issue also, Snoogans assured me that he does that to and that it's no big deal. (now, in addition to finding out about other members' forum habits, I also get to see if a warn meter increase occurs if the slight is completely tongue-in-cheek.) :(


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Once or twice, if at all. There are the few days that I don't check here at all. And this isn't the only forum that I hang out in, there are others that I check in on as well. And then there's Usenet, which is basically unlimited when it comes to messenging. I'm an old BBS person, and I really liked the message boards on the BBS's. This is very similar to that.

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Well, technically, I guess you could say I only check them once a day... but it's a very long check.  :(

Same here after I log in I'm here for along time. How pathetic are we :(

Moderation is the key.

At least I don't hang out reading the forums for languages I don't speak.


Yet. :(

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I check out the boards a minimum of three times a day. Once before sunrise, once after work and once before bed. All contingent upon access to the computer. If someone else needs the system for homework that takes priority. Then there are the times that the computer is tied up on a project for several days and I'm on the boards 20 times, but all very quick glances while the system is free.



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I am still failry new at the game so I am pretty addicted to these boards (3,4,5 times a day). My expectation is that in a while the newness will wear off and I'll cut that down to once a day or so. A year and a half ago I built a Mame machine (Rebirth Arcade) and was completely addicted to the message boards on the topic, going to them every chance during the day I got - I'm not a 3-4 times a week person now. In fact, it is almost 7am and I should really be at the gym right now getting a workout in before work. :)

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I'd have to guess I have hit the View new Posts over 5k times in the last year.


Its weird I have stopped cold turkey a few times...but then in the middle of the nite I wake up and realize I got over 18 pages to catch up on....

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I only started on here a few weeks ago and am up to 500+ posts. Definitely hooked.

500??? Whacky!


Me... I check the forums too often right now and don't seem to know how to correct that problem. My guess is that its because only 3 caches per year get placed within a 2 hour one-way drive from here.

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