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How Far Are Your Caches?


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So far, Team Yatta has hidden three caches and they are very close by our houses so we can maintain them easily. I have one cache that is ready to be placed but right now, we have no idea where to put it.


So I was wondering, how far are some of your hides? Do any of you have caches that are a LONG drive from your home?


I wouldn't mind placing a cache within an hour drive of Team Yatta's home base. Now I just have to find a neat place to put it. I don't want people to think our caches are boring or anything. I think I am going to drive around tomorrow and look for another hiding spot. :lol:

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Between Faile and myself we have 3 with in running distance of my house, within 2 miles as the crow flies. (I say running because I run past them on a regular basis during my workouts)


The other two are both on the way to work. So that makes them easy to check up on too. So the farthest one is probably 10-15 miles from my house if that.

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Most of ours are within 15 miles or so, but we have a few in Butte, MT which is an hour and 1/2 drive to visit, we had one in Great Falls, MT which is 3 1/2 hours from Missoula, and we have one on Rogers pass which is only about 90 miles from home. That is out of about 27 that we have placed.

-Jennifer (of Jennifer&Dean)

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Most of ours are within a half hour drive but we do have one that is about 70 miles from home. Kewaneh's employment takes him near that site about 3-5 times a month so it's checked on regularly, sometimes more often than the caches closer to home. Our virtual caches, because of their self-maintaining qualities, are spread out a bit further. The farthest three are 155, 350, and 550 miles from home.

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Coz it is close to your home doesn't take anything away from a cache - it can be a very good thing when it comes to maintenance.  It's much more significant when the possible FINDER considers th distance from home.  For HIDING caches I would say that 'close to home' is not a bad thing at all.

Oh, I wasn't implying that all the areas close to my house suck. I like the caches we have hidden so far and everyone that has found them enjoyed them.


I ask because we were about an hour away from home today and found a great hiding spot. I wasn't planning on hiding our next cache today so I didn't have it with me. Then my friend suggested maintenence might be a problem with it being that far from our immediate area. I told her it wasn't that far of a drive and I wouldn't mind driving back tomorrow to place it.


So then I just wondered how far other hider's caches were from their home base.


I looked up the lat/long of our future hiding spot online and it is too close to some other caches in the area. So I am going out tomorrow to find another spot. :lol:

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I just hid my first cache about a week ago. And I have to admit that it was quite a bit more fun and exciting than I imagined it would be. It is only 8 miles (as the crow flies) from where I live, but is about a 45 minute drive and a nice hike to get to it. Since it is one of my favorite (and frequent) hikes, the drive time doesn't seem too bad at all

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An hour away isn't terrible. Is that an area that you get to frequently? I wouldn't think that it would be too difficult to do maintenance on it.


How close is it to that other cache? I've found some that were under the .1 mile rule. Of course if it's 150 feet, that's probably out of the question. Unless there's a gorge or something in the way.



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We would like to encourage you to hide that cache an hour away from home. We are assuming that you have a really good location.


To date we have hidden 13 caches. As the crow flies, they vary from slightly over 40 miles to almost 100 miles from home. We have not had any problems with maintenance yet. Of course we do pick our spots carefully, and all our caches are in remote areas, or at least what can be considered remote for someone who lives a little north of Philadelphia.


Driving time to get to our caches varies from an hour and ten minutes to almost two and a half hours. Hiking time as additional.


Waterboy With Wife

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Most of our caches are 30 - 40 miles from home. One is 3 1/2 hours to the town closest to that cache and another hour or so to get to it.


Our multi is 250 miles from the first stage to the last. That's not counting the miles to get there and back. Average for this cache maintenance run is about 400 miles and two days. :lol:

But you get to see some fantastic territory and vistas. :o



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Most of my caches are within 15 miles of my house. I have a few that are 30 miles away. I try to place them in areas I frequent for one reason or another. Mostly in areas I like to hike and also in a park where I do trail work. I'm lucky to have a 4,000 acre county park in my backyard, so I also have a half dozen, or so caches there.


I have two in Vermont, which is a 4 hour ride (about 210 miles). But since I ski there frequently and my brother lives there, I get to check on them fairly often.

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Most of my 30 or so caches are about 10 miles from my home. I have some that are 100 miles away, those are in an area that I cache in every couple of weeks. Keep in mind that maintanance is a big issue, The more caches you have the more time you will be spending mainting them, I spent 3 days this week just one the one that are in my area. tommorow I have to check one that some other cacher moved because he thought it was in the wrong place (That is another topic) I hope I can find it. Then I have to check one that a new cacher could not find, I know it will be there, it is a hard one.

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I think that if you want to place a cache at a further distance from homebase, micros are the best way to go - there's not much to maintain! I have a couple that are 45+ miles. I put as a note in my cache description to email me if the log sheet is getting full. I probably won't do to much checking in on the cache unless people post "failures" to find.

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Both mine are quite far away.

One is at my mother's house, 100 miles from home, but where I can get to it at least every other month for maintenance. The other is about 50 miles away, but it's in a town I travel to on business almost weekly, so I can do frequent maintenance on it. So far no real problems with the distance, and planning on upgrading both caches this week, since I have on report of a missing cache and another of a wet cache.

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The vast majority of mine are within 5 minutes (I just counted, 10), three are within 10 minutes.


Two within five minutes of my folks place, are 40 minutes from me but I'm normally there monthly.


(Of course, CT is one of the most cache-dense states, and if you drive over an hour from the center of CT, you'll have left it!)


I've typically found caches hidden in areas the placers are familiar with are far better. The farther away the more "drive n' drop"-ish they become...





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How close to you the geocache is doesn't matter, it's how easily you can maintain it. If you are in that vicinity several times a year, than I say go for it. Keep track of peoples reports online they will let you know when your cache needs attention.


Please, do not place a cache you will only visit once. I live west of Colorado Springs, and we get a lot of vacationers that think they find a great spot so they place a cache. Then they go home post it with a note saying someone from Colorado should maintain it. If you have no intention of maintaining it yourself don't leave it. That's littering not geocaching.

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Please, do not place a cache you will only visit once. I live west of Colorado Springs, and we get a lot of vacationers that think they find a great spot so they place a cache. Then they go home post it with a note saying someone from Colorado should maintain it. If you have no intention of maintaining it yourself don't leave it. That's littering not geocaching.

I would never place a cache I wouldn't be able to maintain. The location we found is out in the Federal Heights area, which is not a FAR drive at all. It would be easy for me or another team member to maintain it.


For a few different reasons, we decided not to put a cache there right now. Mainly because my other members preferred someplace else (yes, they are fickle!) :). The one we had ready to go is now awaiting approval and is sitting in a park about 8 blocks from my house. :o


But I am going to buy another ammo can this weekend so eventually, we hope to hide a cache out there.


The current caches we have hidden are: 1.7 miles, 2 miles, 2.4 miles and 0.6 miles from my house. Very easy to maintain and placed in some neat areas.


My original post wasn't really about cache maintenence because my team has no problems maintaining a cache that we placed (it's our responsibility as a cache owners to maintain them). I was just wondering how far away some hiders have placed a cache.

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