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  1. The Oregon has a Waypoint Averaging function. Not sure about the Dakota.
  2. I just updated my Oregon 550t with CN 2010 and TOPO 24K Northeast to 3.40, and my street names are back. That's a relief. According to WebUpdater, this update also adds Profile control for BirdsEye imagery, but since I haven't subscribed yet I can't test that claim. --Larry BirdsEye is now profile specific
  3. I re-loaded my maps from internal memory on my Oregon 300 in order to gain more space for BirdsEye. My memory card is a Garmin 24K Topo card so I am stuck using internal memory for everything else. Anyway, I have street names on all of my maps, CNNT, Topo 2008, Garmin 24K, and Ibycus USA. To be honest though I am not sure if I ever lost the street names. I re-sized the maps right after the upgrade to 3.70
  4. BirdsEye really needs to be profile specific just like all of the rest of the maps and not globally set.
  5. Good to know. Is it still set globally? On in one profile means on in all profiles and off in one is off in all?
  6. OK, so after upgrading my Oregon 300 to 3.70 and trying out BirdsEye I noticed that when going into map setup and enabling it in any profile will enable it in all profiles. Likewise if I disable it it will be disabled in all profiles. This does not seem right. I was hoping to have one profile set up just for BirdsEye just as I have one set up for custom maps etc. I e-mailed Garmin and this was their response: Thank you for contacting Garmin International. I would be happy to help you with this. I experimented with three different units (Oregon 450, 300, and Dakota 20). Once I disabled the BirdEye on each of the devices, then it was disabled on all three unit will all profiles. Unfortunately, it looks as if this is how the unit is designed. I apologize about this inconvenience. With Best Regards, xxxx Is this really how everyone else's Garmin's are? I had someone say that it was not globally set on their 550. Just trying to get to the bottom of this. It just does not seem right to me to have this set globally.
  7. I tried this one out last night. From a great distance it looks cool like the screenshot above but not so when zoomed in. When trying to use at a more appropriate zoom level for hiking or caching all you get is dark green/brown background to the maps without the relief shading that you would see on the Garmin Topo maps. I removed it from my Oregon as it is useless for me. The best answer I have come up with is to use TopoFusion and upload a white backround (use the +/- keys to remove all the coloring and map info from the map) but with shaded relief highlighted to my Oregon with a 0 draw order. With a topo map active in the Oregon you now have an Oregon topo map with a white background and shaded relief. This is way, way easier to see than the greenish/brownish background that you normally see as the background when shaded relief is being used.
  8. And you can have a white map background AND have shaded relief also. Iv'e been playing around with TopoFusion taking away all of the color from a topo map and leaving just a plain white surface with the shaded relief turned on and then uploadeding it to my Oregon with a 0 draw order. The results were my 24k Garmin maps with shaded relief and a white backgound instead of the very hard to see Garmin brownish/green shaded relief. This is so much easier to see while out on the trails.
  9. Have you checked to see if you have the latest firmware?
  10. I downloaded MapSend Topo 3D to an Sd card to use in my Crossover. It was the only option I could find.
  11. This had happened to me two or three time when I had my MerryPlat too. The one thing that always fixed it was to do a clear all memory. You will lose your waypoints so you may want to save those first. Afterwards let your gps set with a clear view of the sky for twenty or thirty minutes. It's been a while since I had that gps so I don't remember exactly how to get to that part of the menu to clear all memory. Good luck.
  12. I doubt if it has to do with the code but rather your unit. If I mark a waypoint then go to "Where To" it will show that waypoint at 4 feet away or less. Consistently.
  13. I checked the power off against the trip computer timer and it appears to be powering down correctly...except for the black and white screen.
  14. Same here. It does fade away though without pulling the batteries.
  15. I have the first case and it is ok. I have tried several cases (not that you see thru though) and in my opinion the very best case that I have found thats fits the Oregon just like it was made for it is the Clip Case for the Magellan Explorist. I have been using one for awhile now and I couldn't ask for anything better. It does not have any additional pockets but that works for me because I prefer to carry my extra batteries in my backpack when on a hike.
  16. I have had the same problem a couple of different times and the only way to get rid of it was to delete the gpx folder itself. Disconnected the unit fired it back up the hooked it back up to the pc and reloaded my caches. All fixed.
  17. You can also turn off the shading and land cover shading to to make the screen easier to see.
  18. Once learned GSAK is the best way to go. But there is no need to remove the sd card from the gps though.
  19. Your gps will not recognize a .gpx file. It will need to be converted to a .gs file first. You can get Mapsend Lite or VantagePoint software to do this and send it to your gps. Both are free and can be downloaded from Magellan's website.
  20. Here are some screen shots for that area from my Oregon. There are lots of different possibilities with the different maps and turning different layers on or off: 24K CA/NV Topo - sd card two state series Topo 2008 Topo 2008 with CA Topo isolines from gpsfiledepot.com overlayed
  21. ryanerb, Here are some MapSource shots for that same area for comparison: Garmin Topo 2008 Garmin 24K Topo CA/NV two state series (SD card only at this time) CA Topo from gpsfiledepot.com Garmin City Nav NT 2009 Ibycus USA
  22. Garmin Topo maps are routable? Since when? I have never discovered a routable topo map! These Garmin Topo maps are routable.
  23. By Swan Song do you mean GIGANTIC GPS? That thing is like a cinder block. Did the Meridian series come after the Explorist models? The Meridian line was produced before the Explorist.
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