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I took this picture on top of Mt McKay in Thunder Bay, Ontario this fall.

I found a cache called Nurse Duncan's First .

I don't have a log on that cache that shows up on geocaching.com but my name is in the logbook. I found this spectacular maple tree that decided to turn early in the year.

I am using this as desktop background and my wife thought it was a poinsettia so in the spirit of Christmas I decided to post it on this thread.

It just looks like a poinsettia!


Maple leaves on Mt. McKay



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Here's a few I've taken in around my home state of WASHINGTON :rolleyes:


Views from the top of Sauk Mountain (GCGJQQ)




View from cache at Lake Ann (GC1725)





Mt. Shuksan from Picture Lake Earthcache (GC1EHB4)



View from my own Earthcache at Deception Pass on Whidbey Island (GC1E057)




Snoqualmie Pass near the APE Cache (GC1169)


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That looks like a neat cache Kit.


This photo was taken from the cache To Summit Up....Awesome Butte!

The hike up to the top of the West Butte of the Sweetgrass Hills in northern Montana takes about 4 1/2 hours but it is an incredible place. Your vertical rise is about 2200 feet which doesn't sound like a lot but when it is right off the perfectly flat prairie it is really spectacular. From the top of the West Butte you can see the Cypress Hills in southern Alberta, almost 100 miles away.

This is a landmark cache.





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OMG! I hate you all! Just kidding! Seriously, I don't hate you. I am a northern California girl currently trapped in SE FL and let me tell you, there is no comparison. I miss the mountains and hills. I used to LOVE hiking! I cannot wait to move out of here! Then I can send you photos of beautiful places, too! So jealous...


Here in SE FL we have to be very careful of spiders. I almost did a face plant into a web with a HUGE spider in the middle of it while bushwhacking. This is a photo of an attempted night cache, but I got too freaked out and had to turn back.


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Here are the remains of an old military road (GCVKB6) that crosses the Ouachita Mountains in southeastern Oklahoma. From the cache page: "..... the remains of a road built in 1832 by the U.S. Army. Soldiers had to dig and form the entire thing by hand. The road bed and a rock culvert remain. The road was originally used to relocate the Choctaw people to their new home in Indian Territory and to move supplies and troops between Fort Towson in Oklahoma and Fort Smith in Arkansas. Robert E. Lee, General Zachary Taylor, Ulysses S. Grant, and other famous figures used the road. Travelers from Poteau, Wister and Talihina used the road until about 1930."






I also got this neat shot of a monarch butterfly (extensively enhanced!). :lol:



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Well, since I seem to have the stage on this thread at the moment, I thought I'd share a few more images from my files of which I'm especially proud. I hope you like them too! :laughing:


Lake Ellsworth, Oklahoma, in fall (GCZ3AR)



Lake Chickasha, Oklahoma (GCYWGN)



North Canadian River at dawn, Jones, Oklahoma (GCY79E)



Lake Arcadia, Oklahoma, in February (GC10RNY - one of my puzzle caches)



Retainer pond at a sand-mining facility, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, at twilight (GCZ8TH)



..... and my personal favorite, a parking lot in SW Oklahoma City at dawn! (GCPP54)


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Great pics, guys, but wearing shorts above the snowline is probably not for me! :) Here in Oklahoma, we don't have snow-capped peaks but we do have lots of man-made lakes. This is one of my favorite pics from what was once a remote spot on Lake Arcadia outside of Edmond, Oklahoma. The reflection of the trees in the water at the time was mesmerizing! I used it as the frontispiece for another one of my puzzle caches (GC106MP) but sadly it fell victim to the bulldozer earlier this year. :rolleyes:



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I posted this image yesterday on another thread but, since I'm really pleased with the way it turned out, I think it's better off being placed here instead. The cache is Lost in the Woods and the image shows the North Canadian River (purportedly named for a couple of French Canadian trappers many years ago) as it meanders through the Stinchcomb Wildlife Preserve in Bethany, Oklahoma.



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Yes, Rev Mike, once you start doing this it's difficult to stop! :D I particularly like your pics that show either waterfalls or rapids. And in the last series of images you posted, I do believe I recognize the famous "Natural Bridge" in Virginia as I visited that site myself about ten years ago. I can even remember spotting George Washington's initials carved in the rock under the bridge!


Now, here's another image from one of my archived caches (Picture Perfect!). It's a view looking to the north-east across Guthrie Lake in central Oklahoma. The late evening sunshine on the exposed rocks (we were in a drought situation at the time) transformed them into this lovely rich orange red color that you can't appreciate anymore because the lake is back to full capacity and the rocks are now submerged.



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