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  1. Useless hint - when cache owner thinks, that everyone knows his favorite book / movie. at his aunt, where is Harry Potter sleeping? Who is Harry Potter? Son of Sherman T. Potter??? ?
  2. GC35EV0 Alte skisprungschanze - old ski jumping hills near Oybin, Sachsen, Germany. Out of order since start of '90s, last jumps in 2006.
  3. GCXXJY Windsor castle - ruins of windmill rebuild to little chateau near Lovosice, Czech Republic. Remnants of german forts on Atlantic coast in Bretagne near Tronoan.
  4. Very long log written in Danish ... on a cache above Lago di Garda in Italy. Я нашел один тайник в Росии но записку написал на английском языке.
  5. I placed my first cache GCYV97 09/13/2006 when i had only 27 founds. It was my first idea where to place cache and i still consider it as my best cache. Cache is still there with original box.
  6. Countryside north of Prague looks different than American one: My favorite area is on NE side of my HC:
  7. Some Czech ruins: GC2YXBQ - last remain off unfinished monastery, works stopped after 1420 GCQE9B - ruins of dam breached in 1916 GC11GJE - ruins of castle Navarov, abandoned in 16th century GCYC3G
  8. I think that some ammoboxes was stolen by cachers. Ordinary thief stole whole cache or leave its content in plastics bag but in some cases was ammobox replaced with lock-n-lock by somebody. It isn't noticeable, cache don't look muggled and it's hard to found who did it because cache owner discovers it weeks or months later.
  9. 2,03/2,23. I don't search urban caches. I like long difficult multis/mysterys in the woody and rocky terrain. But my average Diff is descending to 2,00, I should find some difficult mystery!
  10. Many people living in villages hates strangers walking around their property. I know about cases when local inhabitants was expelling geocachers parking his cars near their houses. Most bizarre case was man living on the end of village next to suitable place for parking the car. It was local weirdo convinced that all that strange people with GPS receivers are land traffickers wanting to buy land behind his house and build new houses there - that was something what he didn't allow in any case. He was very rude and some cachers has conflict with him.
  11. 1/1 regular cache is real nightmare! In most cases I am sure that here is impossible to hide anything bigger than micro. (In the fact, regular is sometimes cylinder 10cm in diameter and 20cm long)
  12. I have seen logs of non-cachers in some caches include one my cache. One of best caches i have found was in the cave accessible after ~60m of wading 50cm deep water. In the logbook i have found log of non cacher "Found accidentally, I must explore every hole in the ground!"
  13. Geocaching maps still not work on Google Chrome.
  14. Fire hose, bag full of strange crystallic stuff, wreck of tractor dropped by somebody down the hill ... and of course a lot of rubbish deep in the woods.
  15. In Czech republic we have geowikipedia and there is "list of inappropriate forum threads", in fact it is list of dead horses of czech forum. I think that they are similar: - lame caches created by newbies; only cachers with more than X founds should be allowed do create new cache. - why is reviewer publishing such lame caches? - how to download all caches in coutry into my PC? (~15000 caches) - geocaching as children's playgroup? OMG!!! - another new article about geocaching in newspaper. (new stupid teenagers will attend to geocaching) - 100 founds in a day? Why are you doing it??
  16. I am turning my GPSr on when I cannot found cache without it. I have offline listings in my PDA and part of that listings is photo map - not satelite map but photos taken from aircraft flying in 3000m (available in Czech republic). There is no problem to found cache using this map (cache must not be somewhere in the middle of forest).
  17. Cache is always on the other side of river/fence/deep gorge etc.
  18. Why that strange bike? I was riding roads like this: on old road bike with tires like this: (really not too fast) Most of my finds was with bicycle, 80-100km day trip, sometimes by train with bicycle and return by bicycle home.
  19. I am holder of glider pilot licence, >1000hrs and >40000km on cross country flights; soaring is my hobby #1, not geocaching. Now flying mostly on Schempp-Hirth Discus.
  20. On the roof of old fortres Forte Garda above Garda lake in Italy: View from hiding place of my cache GCY9V7 - Monkey trap: (photo by Colonel74)
  21. And what about bridge from nowhere to nowhere? (GCM0PT, Czech Republic. Never finished highway bridge)
  22. 23km (14,3mi). Czech republic, on the north of Prague.
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