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  1. My goal for 2011 is to hike to the top of Half Dome. I plan to start in Tuolumne Meadows and spend 4-5 days enjoying the area.
  2. Google Earth with the Geocache Viewer is great for finding caches on trails. Lots of trails are shown on Google Earth so you can see the trail and the cache locations.
  3. Personal preference. Do them if you want, skip them if you want.
  4. There is no rule of thumb, per se. You could place a cache on the other side of the world if you could demonstrate the ability to maintain it if the need arose. There is, after all, a cache placed near a deep sea thermal vent and the last time I checked, the guy who placed the cache doesn't live down there by it. I suppose your mileage may vary, but my understanding is that you need to be within 100 miles as the crow flies. If you don't have your home coordinates listed, the reviewer can't determine if the cache is within the limit.
  5. I know a cacher that has been a member since October of 07. He has logged one cache online. I know he has found more than that. I was thinking about him the other day and the term "shadow cacher" came to mind. He is not a ghost, we just don't see him.
  6. Well I don't know the details and I guess it doesn't matter. The log has been edited by Groundspeak. The person that did the editing was not the reviewer. Interesting that it was not done right away.
  7. It seems that for a lot of people geocaching is about bragging about numbers. Total number of finds or claiming records, it has become a large part of the game. What better way to feel superior than to have a bigger number than the next guy.
  8. I decided to go after GCRBPR which is a 41/2 star terrain cache. Being 50 and 50lbs overweight it was a very painful first attempt. Since then I have lost 25lbs and have a new hobby, hiking. I have done an overnight hike to Yosemite and am planning a week long backpack trip this year. Eventually I found the cache. I am in much better shape than before I started. I can only hope and assume that there are unseen health benefits as well.
  9. I don't get the family sport comment. Do you consider religion somehow anti-family?
  10. If it were me, I'd probably push it up the food chain to the Lily Pad and email contact@geocaching.com for action. Maybe the Reviewer is busy taking care of his goats He replied to my note thanking me for bringing it to his attention. ???
  11. Why are you dropping the ball and not reporting this? I think you have reached an incorrect conclusion, based on an incorrect assumption. I emailed the reviewer that published the cache. I referenced this forum topic and the log. I asked that it be dealt with according to whatever the standards are for this type of log. The log remains, so I guess it was considered acceptable by the reviewer.
  12. The person that had posted the log had not been on the site for a while. I have been waiting for them to visit assuming that they wouldn't necessarily see a request to change the language until then. They logged in on the 13th, but the log remains unchanged. I can only guess that it was deemed to not be in conflict with what is considered acceptable in this area. Go figure.
  13. No, but you can come over and I will give you some free "counseling".
  14. Maybe we should close the topic to reduce the chance that someone else will be shocked or offended. I have enough input to answer my question. Thanks, and I apologize to all that were subjected to such coarse language.
  15. So, have you done anything about it yet? Or do you not plan to? I haven't yet. I was waiting for some more feedback. I find it interesting that Keystone commented on it, but did not offer an opinion on the question at hand. Thanks for the opinions.
  16. Well as I am sure you read in the original post the CO has not logged in for many months. Does that count as letting it slide?
  17. It is hard to express the whole question in the title. I figured most would read the post and understand my point. The cache owner has been missing for almost a year. The logger was fairly new to caching. I am curious about what you would do if you found the log on your cache. I am also curious what you would do if you read the log on a cache with a missing owner.
  18. I was reviewing some old caches I have found, and came across a questionable log entry. The owner has not logged in for almost a year. I found that the log was not in keeping with the "family friendly" ideals that are expressed by the frog. What would you do? excerpt from the log.
  19. You haven't been around the forums much, I see Threads about playing the game an "alternate way" usually generates a lot of controversy. The controversy, of course, comes from how the find is logged, not that you're not using a GPSr. If only the person signing the find logs the cache online (or of it is a "team" account), no big deal. If he signs it for the person on the computer as well, please don't ask for acceptance here. Some wouldn't care, others would. Personally I find this more trouble than it is worth, but then again most of the time I cache alone and don't even use Phone A Friend. Gotcha, thanks for the clarification. FYI it's a team account we're using here. Not that I expect anyone to care, but the only reason we even log things online is so we don't got back and accidentally refind a cache. A quick look at our stats will show that we're not exactly competitive cachers. Probably done 3 in a day at most, no FTF's, etc. Anyhow, just thought I'd share my twist, don't even particularly use it that much myself. But if no one else likes it, that's cool. I'll just go back to enjoying the game, thanks = ). I think it is fine to ask for acceptance here. You won't get everyone to agree, but I don't remember many, if any times that everyone agrees. A recent topic on optional hidden find counts showed that you don't have to participate in the count competition, so what difference would it make if both get to log online? If five people cache as a group, can all five log a find, or does only the one that "finds" the cache get to log? This is a game, not a find count contest. As long as the cache was found and the log was signed, log all you want. Maybe someone can quote the guidelines. Does it say that all online loggers must be present when the cache is found. Must be within sight of the cache? Must be within 10 feet when the cache is found? I think it is a great idea because you both are having fun. It does no harm to the game and really shouldn't bother anyone. I think I will give it a try some day.
  20. For some people a find is a find and that is all that matters to them. Go figure.
  21. Again it seems as though English is a second language for you. You refer to my words with the link "you claimed". Here are my words directed at you... Where did I claim that you are trying to change the way anyone plays their game? I made mention of insisting that everyone become enlightened enough to ignore how they feel. This is talking about people changing the way they feel about hiding or showing their numbers. It says nothing about changing the way they play. I really am at a loss as to what you are talking about. More obfuscation?
  22. Yeah, I read it. In post 334 you claimed that I needed to "include some quotes for this to make any sense." But the Prime Suspect quote was RIGHT THERE. Nice attempt at backpeddling but you clearly are giving up trying to tell me what my words actually meant so now you're just claiming that since you were responding to PS that I'm not allowed to respond to you. But you were misquoting me so I could not tell what you meant. You claimed that I said... You said - that hiding the find count is about keeping people from comparing themselves to you, and to help to keep them from becoming vain or bitter. This is taken totally out of context. If you read the Prime Suspect post and my response any fair person can see that words you used do not reflect my statement. I also note that you left out the emoticon. Nice try obfuscating again by putting false words in my mouth. I never said that you are not allowed to respond to me. How do you think you can get away with making such wildly false claims?
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