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  1. Not to mention the fact that the coast guard makes sweeps of the area looking for things out of place and hidden. How long before a cache causes an incident? - Rev Mike
  2. I don't like the idea of ECs being listed PMO... but I don't really care enough to go to war over it. I did not even know that it was possible since I have never seen it or considered doing it. The only time I could ever see it being necessary to PMO an EC would be if it was a very sensitive area and you were trying to keep the number of visitors in check but then if that was really a necessary consideration than perhaps it would be best to question having a cache listed there at all. - Rev Mike
  3. I also don't really believe that caches belong in cemeteries and it is well within the rights of those associations maintaining the cemeteries to remove them and forbid future placements. Sounds like they don't exactly get the whole picture about geocaching and once again we get a black eye because of questionable placements. I agree with the OP about bringing it up but think this should be moved to the South and Southeast forum. Perhaps it is time for local cachers to have a CITO event or two to help out these folks maintaining the cemeteries and perhaps in the process you could explain the game to them in a bit more detail and work towards a point where they may even allow caches in their cemeteries again. - Rev Mike
  4. Society Hill (GCM7AK) A bit surprised by that... I figured that it would have been Ohio (being less than a 30 road minutes) but it was actually over 9 road hours away in North Carolina.
  5. I have had that problem myself before. There were a couple of times when I was trying EarthCaches (all by the same person) only to find that the logging requirements had been truncated in Cachemate. This happened to me two times and both time out of my home state. Am I upset at the CO? Most certainly not. It is no different than going on a long hike with no water. In the end being prepared is entirely your responsibility. If that means taking the time to check that the listings in the palm are all there and complete than that is what it means. If nec essary print it out on paper the old-fashioned way. I am not sure what the OP uses but I know that I use a palm with Cachemate and GSAK and you do get a message telling you which listings were truncated. I have found more than a couple of EarthCaches and can't really say that has happened to me more than twice. I know that I have a problem myself because when I sit down and start writing my EarthCache listing I have a very hard time keeping it simple. I likely have one or two myself that fall into the category of too long but I never think that I have said too much or filled the page with any irrelevant garbage. I do believe that it is always up to the seeker to be prepared. - Rev Mike
  6. Everything I know about tides I learned while on a cache hunt that went a bit wrong.
  7. Remove the lid Wash both parts Spray primer over existing markings Paint to match the location I will be hiding it Write my name and contact info on it Apply a small amount of anti-seize lubricant to the hinges Reassemble Fill with swag & a log book Place cache - Rev Mike
  8. Monday May 4th was my initial plan for the event in Flagstaff but I could do it on Tuesday May 5th if the 4th will not work. - Rev Mike
  9. Indeed. I have met quite a few. Aside from their terrible idea of a cache hide I must say almost all of them are great people. - Rev Mike
  10. Looks like one that I would really enjoy doing. - Rev Mike
  11. Might work depending on what you put into it... Here are three examples of similar EarthCaches I have found: The Most Radioactive Town in America Centralia, The Burning Town Love Canal, Superfund Birthplace All three are Superfund Sites if I remember correctly. Hope that helps. - Rev Mike
  12. Done. Also in the New Mexico forums. - Rev Mike
  13. True enough... there is nothing that says you can't go replace that bag every week or two. That does not seem to be the case here and I can only agree with what everyone has already said about a posting a "needs maintenance" log and moving on. - Rev Mike
  14. From reading your post, I had no idea what guidelines you were referring to. Therefore, I made a quick review of the listing guidelines. I couldn't find a single guideline that discussed the OP's issue. Perhaps you could share with us those guidelines that you would explain to the cache owner. Thanks. I tend to believe that it falls under this one: Cache Permanence When you report a cache on the Geocaching.com web site, geocachers should (and will) expect the cache to be there for a realistic and extended period of time. Therefore, caches that have the goal to move ("traveling caches"), or temporary caches (caches hidden for less than 3 months or for events) most likely will not be published. If you wish to hide caches for an event, bring printouts to the event and hand them out there. We realize that it is possible that a planned long-term cache occasionally becomes finite because of concerns with the environment, missing or plundered caches, or the owner’s decision to remove the cache for other valid reasons. Please do your best to research fully, hide wisely, and maintain properly for a long cache life. Though not specifically stated, I don't think a plastic bag out in the elements meets the reasonable expectation of cache permanence, and would be considered a temporary cache as I interperet that section of the guidelines. - Rev Mike
  15. I got a headache just looking at those names.
  16. Thanks for all the responses so far but I still need help in Las Vegas, Flagstaff, and Albuquerque. - Rev Mike
  17. Both sound great but the date is now set in stone for the Colorado event and it will be a Friday (04-24-09) Do either have an area like a smaller room that could be designated for the event or are we at the mercy of the crowds? Both are located in the area I was considering for the event and if crowds are a problem at either my original thought was the Rock Bottom at 16th and Curtis. Even though it is a chain it should be equipped to handle the larger crowds but it will only be considered as a last resort. I would rather have it at one of the places you mentioned. Another note is that we will be staying in Boulder for the evening so I might stop at the Pumphouse after the main event. Thanks for all the responses so far but I still need help in Las Vegas, Flagstaff, and Albuquerque. - Rev Mike
  18. Unfortunately these events will have to be indoors and in the evening. We will be pushing on the road for a minimum of 12 hours a day and caching along the way so these events would have to be when we roll into town. I am partial to smaller local brew pub/resturant type settings (that is why I am after local advise). We are going to be entering Denver in the evening (7:30-8PM at the latest) coming west on I70 and will be heading up to the Cache Across America Colorado in the morning. Still uncertain about lodging while in the area or even a general location. Anywhere between downtown Denver and Boulder will be great. We are pretty flexible as far as locations. - Rev Mike
  19. If you do I may just have to move since there are already over 300 I still need between TN, KY, and OH. - Rev Mike
  20. I am going to be making a pretty serious caching trip (in late April and early May) spanning over 3 weeks and 20 states. Two other cachers from Pennsylvania will accompany me for this epic caching journey. What I am planning on doing is hosting "meet & greet" type events along the way as I roll into various areas. What I need is at least one local cacher from each area (Denver, Las Vegas, Flagstaff, and Albuquerque... so far) that I am considering to help me figure out a good local venue and perhaps spread the word a bit. If you can help out with one of those locations please let me know. I already have some ideas but would like someone local to discuss them with and offer any advise. - Rev Mike
  21. Welcome aboard. Hope you enjoy your caching trip. - Rev Mike
  22. Here are links to thw two caches I found like that. Erie Key and Lock Cache The two states key and lock cache In retrospect they lasted longer than one would think. Hope looking through these helps. - Rev Mike
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