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Geocaching Birthday

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It was a nice, warm 25 degrees when we left the house. When we got out of the car 2 miles from home and a whole 350 feet from the cache, the wind chill was at least 10 degrees. My that's cold! :P


The wife said the dificulty/terrain rating was 0.5/1.5 (since it would not be accessible by wheelchair, it's not a 1)

Using a flashlight to navigate across the mesa filled with brush, I arrived within 6 feet of the "zero spot". No sign of a "0.5" rated cache. I started walking in circles, looking under every bush. Is it getting colder out here? :ph34r:




I finally find the cache, 27 feet from where it is supposed to be 27 feet! We race back to the car and turn on the heater. Had I known it was this cold out, I would have dressed warmer. :ph34r:




What are these wrapped items? I should wait until tomorrow to tell you :D ...but I'll be kind :P It's stuff for my n-scale model trains! :D


When we get home, I get a Chocolate Birthday Cheesecake! yummy!



My big present arrives next week. My new golden retriever, Geody


(BTW, I'm 31 today) :P

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HOLY CRAP YOU'RE YOUNGER THAN ME! How long have you been married for? How many kids do you have? Why don't I just read your profile? Anyway, Happy Birthday young saxman!

BTW. That picture looks like your wife got you cocaine for your birthday.


My Birthday is Feb 22. I case anyone cares. Go Pisces! :ph34r:

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:rolleyes::lol::D BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!, you saxxy thing, you!!! :P:D:D

I noticed your DENVER BRONCOS jacket in the picture. No wonder you were cold. Livin' that southern life, you forgot about temperature swings? I'll bet not.

Bringing my Golden (Jessie) to your May event. Goldens are the BEST! They'll have a great time.

Cool pics. Thanks for sharing :D


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I was an alto sax player myself. Started back in like 4-5th grade, right up until I discovered cars. Highlight of my "career" was an all elementary school student jazz band I was asked to join. We once performed on the stage of the Garden State (now PNC Bank) Arts Center, as part of a showcase of exceptional young musicians.

My little sister, who had started on clarinet at about the same age, "borrowed" my sax when she hit high school. She had quickly figured out that the clarinet section was all girls, and the sax section was all cute boys, lol. When she returned the sax 10yrs later, it was the sadest looking musical instument I've ever seen. All tarnished and dented. What a shame.

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