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Ode To Caching...


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Geocaching Haiku:


My Etrex guides me

To places I hadn't been

Who left this porn stash?




I got the waypoint

I found the cache location

Slipped on ice...bruised butt




I browse the forums

All avatars are blue smurfs

Don't you people work?

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OK I think we're all getting very tired. i know I'm gonna regret this but here goes. (I'm not even gonna think about it, I'm just gonna right what ever comes to mind.)


Oh my GPS treats me well,

I post so much my fingers swell,

I cannot stop for I'm obsessed,

I sit here now completely undressed,

You say I should stop and perhaps I agree,

maybe the mods could kindly ban me,

Get out and cache is what I should do,

but the wind chill factor is minus 22,

What's a New Yorker to do in such frigid weather,

My nips are so hard they show though my sweater,

I think I should stop now before it's too late,

My warn meter's already at plus 98.


Hey, Thanks. I'll be here all week. Try the veil it's tremendous!

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There once was a cache in Nantucket...

From a similar thread last year...


A girl I once knew from Nantucket

Took a trinket or two from a bucket,

Then flew to an island

In southernmost Thailand

And cached them somewhere there on Phuket!*



*Note to Hydee: Don't panic; It's actually pronounced pOO'kit. B)

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I look on the website and what do I see,

a new cache in the area just calling to me.


Enter the coords and away we go,

Rain sleet and even the snow.


Pulled over for speeding, I'm in a bind,

"But officer I wanted to be the first to find".


I get to the park and I check out the sites,

Cuz I know my Garmin is "waiting for satellites".


I head down the trail and what do I see,

a couple going at it in all of their glee.


The sight of this couple through me for a loop,

had a bran muffin, now I got to poop.


I find a nice log and have me a sit,

wish I had the paper to help with my $hit.


Forgot my TP what a dum bloak,

I wiped with some leaves, Yikes its poison oak.


I itch and I scratch all the way to the cache,

man I'll be lucky if I don't get a rash.


Tree canopy is messing up my GPS's sight,

go forward go backward go left go right.


A hole in a tree, could this be it,

A smile on my face from the prize I will get.


I reached right in like a stupid baboon,

I pulled out not a cache, but a mama racoon.


She bit me and scratched me with all of her might,

Turning me into a very grizzly sight.


All mangled and broken, hair in disaray,

I pack up my stuff to call it a day.


Back down the trail to get to my jeep,

want to get home to get me some sleep.


What I saw next made me begin to weep,

A big tow truck taking off with my Jeep.


What I didn't notice when I first got to the spot,

is that I parked right in a no parking spot.


I finally get home and try to unwind,

going to type in my "did not find"


Even with all that went wrong and my total bashing,

I would never give up the greatest sport of GEOCACHING!!!

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This one was written by user "Bamageek" and posted on our local forum, Alacache.com and includes most of the local frequent cachers:


Twas the Night Before Christmas


Twas the night before Christmas and all through state,

Not a Cacher was hunting, not one single cache;

The GPSes were hung by the chimney with care,

While batteries were charging in the chargers near there;


The cachers were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of first finds danced in their heads.

And mamma watching TV as I surfed the alacache site,

Were just settling down to bed for the night;


When out on the lawn there arose such a noise,

It sounded like one of Joefrogs marshmallow guns firing with great poise;

I ran to the window to see who was there,

Tripped over some toys and a big teddy bear;


I grabbed my camera and prepared for my shot,

Maybe there’s a Locationless waiting to be got!

When what to my wondering eyes did I see from afar?

Jeff35080 is hiding a cache in my back yard!


With his trusty old helper, so lively and quick,

I knew in a minute it must be ReadyMix!

More rapid than eagles his cammo tape in hand,

He searched very carefully all over my land.


He hid his cache nicely and left very quick,

I think he was frightened away by the noise of St. Nick.

No sooner had I got to the gc.com site

When I noticed MtnMan had already approved Jeff’s new flight!


I ran for my GPS a first find I did see,

But as I walked out my back door I knew it wouldn’t be.

I was putting on my shoes and from out of nowhere,

Oldboyhiker was already standing there!


As he stood there in poise searching for the cache there,

The aroma of Axe Bandits flung through the air.

He said not a word but went straight for his find,

For he knew that Bubba Cache was not far behind.


He went right to the spot! He found it in a dash,

TNLN, signed the log, and picked up some trash!

As he left I saw him smile as I heard him say,

“Better Luck Next Time! Tomorrows a new day!”


I woke up from my dream and it was Christmas day,

so I decided to post a message to you and say,

Merry Christmas to all and your families so dear,

have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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