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Post a pick of your caching dog


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My wife and I take Ugly Puppy with us on some caches. I thought maybe some folks would like to post some pics of their caching dogs (Being we are in a errr PC time period, pics of other animals are welcome as well, but no naked pictures of your drunk uncle or anything like that).


Here is a picture of Ugly Puppy at a cache here in Memphis, TN.




Have fun all.


When in doubt...hit it with a big hammer.

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Originally posted by jarja_grl:

You have invisible dogs Stunod? That's very cool...Saves a lot on vet bills and PetSmart trips, huh?


edited cause the dogs showed up after I posted, DOH!


You're almost as impatient as the dogs!



"Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand." - Homer Simpson

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Here's me and my best pal after solving the Mysterious Cache of the Three-headed Mummy. Yoinks! That was a tough one!


Well...Ummm...ok...to be honest I don't have a dog....not since Ol' Yeller.....sniffff.




"The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field.

When a man found it, he hid it again." Mt. 13:44

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Originally posted by Stunod:

Here are Stu and Abby (Stu is the Shepherd-Collie and Abby is the Golden Retriever)


Hey, my golden is called Abby too though she's a bit younger! (1 Year old.) Here's a couple pix of her.


At "Knobs on High"...

icon_wink.gif I bought an invisible fence for my invisible dog. icon_wink.gif


Buzz Lightfoot

Pike County, PA


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yrium, thanks for the photo of Grommit!!! I have enjoyed reading the logs that he has posted. Very funny stuff. He looks like a distant relative of the puppymonster (distant in location too, no less).


Aladin Sane, sorry to hear about Ally.

All of us with caching pets can appreciate how you feel.

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I can't have a dog in my apartment, but I didn't want to miss out on showing off my baby. icon_smile.gif




I also can't take him caching with me as I don't keep his wings clipped. He's quite terrified of any change in his environment, anyway, so I'd probably leave him at home even if I did.





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Originally posted by mtn-man:


yrium, thanks for the photo of Grommit!!! I have enjoyed reading the logs that he has posted. Very funny stuff. He looks like a distant relative of the puppymonster



Gromit has always thought that J.C. the puppymonster might be a distant cousin on his mother's side. He's jazzed someone liked his posts and now he's raring to do the next cache log we do.


--- yrium ---

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Originally posted by Tikiroy:



Our dog Stella on the Trail!!!



When I saw the picture of Stella I immediatly imagined that you have two other dogs and when you introduce them you say...


"This is my dog Bob, my dog Stella... And my other dog Stella".


If your not a newhart fan you probably won't get the reference but Stella's hat reminded me of the first Darryls hat.


--- yrium ---

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Originally posted by kingsmen26:

Originally posted by sept1c_tank:





Looks like a roo!


Indeed, it is a roo. Travelling by bus through the red center of Australia, the driver noticed a dead, 6-foot, Red kangaroo on the highway. When he stopped the bus and the two of us walked back to remove the decapitated carcus from the road, he noticed movement in the pouch of the dead animal. We sliced open the pouch and retrieved a 2-3 month old "joey."


We dropped the baby off at an animal rescue center, and upon returning two months later, I saw the joey again, this time healthy after surgery.


The photo was taken right after we retrieved him from the pouch. The bus driver is holding him.


==============="If it feels good...do it"================


**(the other 9 out of 10 voices in my head say: "Don't do it.")**



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