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  2. Hey, congratulations! The first 20 are probably the ones you'll remember the , so they just may be the most important. Cin
  3. Thanks for all of the dog-friendly cache suggestions! Aurie and I will be hitting one of those tomorrow. cin
  4. Poor Aurie has been upset with me because she hasn't gone geocaching in a while. Yes, she actually knows that when I get my pack out it means I'm going somewhere fun, and she's been pouting and whining at me when I leave without her (and again when I return home). I just haven't been doing much dog-friendly caching lately, so I thought I'd ask for some suggestions here. I know several of you cache with your canines -- have you been anywhere lately that your dog(s) just loved? Aurie is especially fond of 2-4 milers, but we're open to new adventures. Yes, I'm spoiling her, but I'm also being selfish -- it's much more fun to cache with her than just all by myself! Cin
  5. CachinCin


    MAJOR CONGRATULATIONS! Wow, and I'm all excited about approaching #500. I remember the ticks of spring when I lived near the Washington/Idaho border. There are times when the darn things can really creep you out, even if you aren't 7.5 months pregnant! cin
  6. Pepper and I had a great experience at a cache on Camano Island today -- very, very closeup views of a pair of bald eagles. They were sitting about 20-30 feet above our heads. Wow! Click here for photos and my log If you haven't done any caching on Camano Island (to the north of Seattle), it's a beautiful area. There are 3 caches on the island -- soon to be 4 (we hid a new one to the north). And, you just might be lucky enough to see these two eagles, since they're nesting near the cache. cin
  7. What a fun thread! I've had a great time reading these. My geocaching name is a bit boring, I'm afraid. My friends have tended to shorten my name (Cindy) to "cin," so I've been called cin for a long time. When I first started using the Internet (gosh, more than a decade ago!), I often used Cin as my name. It's fast and easy to type, and back in the early 90s that was important. So, I put Cachin in front of Cin, and there you are. cin P.S. People often ask my husband about his geo-nickname: BlankJeff. Only one person has ever gotten the reference before he explained it.
  8. This looks like great fun -- I'm going to talk to my husband and start making plans. cin
  9. Wow, that really is a puzzler. With no names in the log book even, you can't contact previous finders. I'm assuming that there was a geocaching.com sticker or information sheet, so you knew it was a geocache? If so, then my guess is that the cache was placed but never listed -- perhaps it wasn't approved, and the hiders just left the cache behind? Or, it could be that the cache is brand new and the page hasn't been set up yet. Hopefully, someone from that area will check the forums and get back to you. cin
  10. Looks like an awesome puzzle series -- thanks for the tip! cin
  11. I know that Chorse and her husband have done some horseback caching. They did live to the north of Seattle, but I heard through the grapevine that they recently moved away. You might look up some of Chorse's cache logs, or even email her -- very nice woman, and I'm sure she'd give you some good spots. I did remember that her #100 log was a special horse outing: 10 Peak Cin
  12. I'm glad that you stumbled on a cache and are now interested in caching -- welcome to our favorite past time! Hopefully, those of us on the forums can help you to contact the cache owner and replace the cache. I did a search on geocaching.com for "Irby" and "Irby School," but didn't find any caches with that name. Could you tell us a bit more -- what state and/or town it was in? If you have the cache, there should be a log book for signatures inside. Often these have the name or ID number for the cache. Do you have either of these? If you don't have any of that information, then perhaps you could look up the geocaching names of the last few people who have signed the log book. They might be able to more fully identify the cache so you can contact the owner. Cin
  13. The only one that I've read about is Wil Wheaton (from Star Trek: The Next Generation). Wil wrote about geocaching in his blog at one point. I think that he lives (at least part of the time) in Utah. cin
  14. Congratulations on making through the first year! I hope the two of you are doing some special geocaching (or....er....something just as exciting) to celebrate. cin
  15. A P.S. to the above message.... The first URL for the classifieds is probably the best resource. Make sure you also do some general searches at google.com, though. We have a pretty tech-savvy community in the Seattle area, and many rentals can be found on the web -- with photos and email addresses (that's how we found our place to rent). cin
  16. Hi Lesbaru -- I hope that some others responded to you via email, but just in case here are a couple of URLs that might help you out: Seattle Newspaper Classifieds: Rentals PAWS Seattle Pet Friendly When I moved here two years ago, we had pretty good luck finding pet-friendly places (and we have a LOT of pets). We were looking at houses, but I've been told that its not too hard to find places that allow pets. Of all the places I've lived, Washington state has been the most pet-friendly -- quite a bit easier than the college towns I'd been in for the past decade. Let us know when you get to the area -- it would be fun to welcome a new caching friend to the area. Oh, and make sure you keep an eye on this cache page for meetings/events: WSGA-Puget Sound Chapter Cin
  17. Did anyone catch the silly GPS humor in the Opus cartoon in Sunday's Seattle P-I/Times? I don't know if Opus is online at all, but I'll bring the strip to the next WSGA-PS meeting (which is, btw, in Redmond this Thursday). cin WSGA Puget Sound Meeting Cache Page Edit: fixed URL
  18. Looks like CandA archived the cache on May 1st. The next closest (half a mile away) is "Be Prepared!" by Kodak's4 and Seth!. It's probably far enough away to be fine. cin
  19. Anyone planning to cache in Seattle tomorrow might want to avoid the Montlake Blvd area. The boat parade will keep the drawbridge closed from 9-4, and then it will be opening and closing often afterward. You can see specific details on this page from the Seattle Times web site: Opening Day Primer Cin
  20. It really is sad to see so many trails and roads closed. Don't LucyandRickie have a cache or two along the Sauk River walk? I wonder if the Monte Cristo area had any problems.... cin
  21. I'm glad to hear you've adopted this cache. It's in a great spot, and I wanted to recommended it for visiting cachers, but it just wasn't in good enough shape. Thanks for stepping up! cin
  22. What a beautiful weekend we had -- and another one just waiting in the wings. It's great to have summer just around the corner. I actually got Jeff out caching this weekend (he's been buried in work lately), and we had a wonderful time enjoying the sunshine yesterday. I'd been wanting to do Bull Moose's Ferry caches, so we headed to Bremerton for our first visit there -- definitely not the last. I haven't logged these caches yet (need to collect one little piece of information to finish the one that's on the Seattle side), but they are two of my all-time favorites. Bull Moose put a lot of work into these, and you get a ferry ride with some of the most amazing views around. These are good ones to recommend to visitors -- definitely a Puget Sound experience worth having. Ferry Cache I Ferry Cache II It was a great day caching in Bremerton, but dang! the stinging nettles were out in force. I just barely brushed my fingers against a plant yesterday, and they're still numb and sting a bit 24 hours later. Are nettles more toxic with the new growth in early spring? Cin (edit: spelling)
  23. I was hoping to be down in Olympia, but last minute complications may keep me closer to home. It's looking more like I'll be at the north end event. Should be a fun time! Cin
  24. Just a quick bump, since most of the CITO events are tomorrow. Cin
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