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  1. Is there a way to then make that data part of the map data in Mapsource?
  2. OK here is my problem. I would like to save tracks and be able to then save them (with labels) to create custom topo maps (both on paper on USGS quads as well as on mapsource). The general project is to map out Four Wheel Drive trails and then be able to distribute these both by paper topo as well as CD so that they can be uploaded into other users Garmin units. I know that this is coming out about as clear as mud but does anyone see where I am going with this?
  3. I can live with that.... Now the question is (assuming enough memory is available) can you switch between the base map and topo on the fly?
  4. Ok I have never before had a desire to have a map based GPS unit. I prefer to find my coords and plot on a paper 1:24k topo while in the woods. However, I am now in the market to put a unit in the Jeep. I am looking at the Street Pilot III. Does anyone know if I can load topo maps into it? The whole reason I am looking at the unit is to be able to mark trails off-raod and be able to identify a trail at an unmarked intersection. I know I could pull this off without mapping but it would make my life so much easier to be able to get a visual on where I am and what is coming up.
  5. Ok this is the best shot I can find here at work... 2004 TJ just after returning from Paragon Adventure Park. 2" lift to go on this week.
  6. So I guess if it is a bad idea to have a cord near the pass. side airbag then this product would be a bad idea on the driver's side
  7. As a dedicated user of UTM the above posts are right on track. The best way to think of the "1 meter" statement is that UTM can provide a "resolution" of 1 meter. While one system really isn't better than the other I prefer UTM. UTM is very easy to work with using a paper map. With the help of a grid reader or corner rule you should be able to plot your location on a map within a couple seconds.
  8. It's nice to think that you can disregard Federal Law based on the fact that you are operating in "emergency services" (if your buisness if Fire/EMS/LE it is just that routine buisness for your agency). I have worked in Fire, EMS, Search & Rescue, and currently Emergency Management. If you think that the "serving my community" platform will cut it when you violate federal law, you are in for a big suprise. You may want to look into what just happened to the State of Nevada when they decided to install a new radio system (used by the Highway Patrol) and forgot to license the frequencies... They where forced to scrap $14million worth of equipment and re-bid a whole new system or face being fined $10,000/day. If the FCC chose they could make that fine retro-active to the first day that the system was used 3 years ago (almost $11million). The problems with your plan are as follows: -A license is required to use GMRS -A buisness (your agency) may not obtain license GMRS -Equipment type accepted for GMRS may not be used in PLMRS bands (High-Band) There are very good reasons for these regulations. If you cant get grant funds (which are bountiful at the moment) then you may want to look at other off the shelf products that provide tracking/reporting such as many cellular service and carriers of the iDEN product line.
  9. For future reference there are companies out there that offer covert GPS units to law enforcement. The unit is then returned to the company and they provide a print out of the address records along the way. Montgomery County, MD police have used this before.
  10. quote:Originally posted by Navdog:A good alternative to use are http://www.heritagemercantile.com/products/LL/LLmain.html They have a durable latch on all four sides and a soft rubber gaskets on the lid which seems to keep them watertight. I have a few in use and they seem to be working well. Safeway stores had a special deal on a variety pack of a few different sizes this summer. Price came out to about a dollar apiece! http://www.locknlock.com/default.htm is a link to the official site. You might need a languge pack installed to view it in English. ___________________________________ http://www.moondog3.com - http://www.pdxgeocaching.com Those are the ones I was refering to.
  11. Ok so it's not mine but I thought that this one was pretty good.
  12. Now let's not leave out Grid North. I was tought that there is only one north and that is True North. From there we adjust everything around it. Living life at 12deg declination
  13. quote:Originally posted by Firehouse16 & Code3:Nice, but I don't think that'll work when I'm trying to give a helicopter or air tanker coordinates on a fire! Medevac-10 this is command. You should see an engine company with emergency lights burning at your 3 o'clock. Follow them in to the scene. Done that one before
  14. I have had very limited use of mapping units other then the StreetPilot so all I can tell you is that from what I have been told most GPS mapping isn't geat. I tend to use a map and compass as my primary navigational aid and the GPS as an additional tool. In dense woods coverage is way too spotty and the chance of a failure too high for me to put my welfare on an electronic device as my primary aid. I print out maps using MapTech Terrain Navigator or I use off the shelf USGS Quads. Just a personal choice.
  15. I have had shutdown problems with mine as well. I still need to pick-up the data cable to upload the new firmware.
  16. I guess the reason that I never though twice to do it was because so many before me did. Also, I know I read somewhere that anything on the forums becomes the property of Groundspeak. So it's not like it is being used to stamp on a T-Shirt and sell or even stored on any server other then GC.com
  17. I Think this may be what you are looking for. It is available online from Walgreens for $4.29 and holds 1 Gallon. I saw a container at Big Lotsthat was plastic and had a gasket around the lid. It had tabs on each side that locked the lid on. Plan to pick up a few and see how they do. [This message was edited by SearchRescueDog on November 02, 2003 at 02:57 PM.]
  18. Now you really got me motivated... Time to start to put stuff on paper. I am not a topozone fan though. I may have to include some printouts from maptech in the first stage. Now let's see how many people curse me when I set the whole thing up in UTM.
  19. I keep my GPS72 in a cell phone case hooked to the side of my backpack. It is far enough back that is is out of the way and the signal isn't obstructed by my body as much but it is still within reach. I do the same thing on the other side of my pack for my 2-way radio.
  20. Log out and clear all cookies in your brower. This should fix the problem and cause it to update.
  21. Never had any problems with mine for about a year now.
  22. quote:Originally posted by Mark 42:Do any of the FRS radios have adjustable squelch? There is no reason that they couldn't however I am not aware of a model currently on the market. quote:Mine tend to cut in and out, which gets annoying. Or is it just because I have a pair of cheap Audiovox FRS radios? How do the privacy codes work? Do you just select one, or is it like SSB, or what? Do you just tune into the privacy code by flipping a switch or turning a dial after telling the other person which one to switch to? The "Privacy Code" that is offered on FRS radios has nothing to do with privacy. These codes are sub-audible tones that are transmitted along with the carrier. Some people know these tones as CTCSS, Private Line (PL) Channel Guard, "Tone Code". It is a tone that you can not hear that is broadcast when ever you transmit. However it also blocks your receiver from hearing any transmission that does not have that tone. Example: Your radio is set to Channel 6 Code 0 My radio is set to Channel 6 Code 7 You can hear me, I can't hear you Your radio is set to Channel 6 Code 12 My radio is set to Channel 6 Code 10 I cant hear you, You cant hear me Your radio is set to Channel 6 Code 4 My radio is set to Channel 6 Code 4 I hear you, you hear me Using this feature just helps to keep down the amount of crap you will hear. It offers you zero privacy. Also, as a side not CB would in theory perform better in the woods as the lower frequency signals tend to travel better through vegitation then UHF (FRS/GMRS) signals.
  23. I have thought of something like that. I plan to look to put it out this winter. My idea includes a map work though.
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