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Winter is comming.


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I know we dont want to admit it, but winter is on its way. For some of us it means winterizing our caches.


In Colorado it means, changing pens for pencils so people can log. making sure waterproof seals are on good condition. Removing the water bottles left there for hot thirsty cachers.


Anyone else do anything special to their caches with the cold weather comming?




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Originally posted by Criminal:

Originally posted by Doc-Dean:

Winter is coming...


_Time to buy more suntan lotion! _icon_razz.gificon_razz.gificon_razz.gif



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In my fall maintenance trips, I plan on removing anything that won't do well in freezing temperatures, such as bubble solution or anything else liquid.


One thing you DON'T need to worry about is your cache camera. Film does better when stored in cold temperatures (other than, perhaps, in extreme arctic conditions where it can become brittle or the cheap camera would not function). There have been many threads on this subject and I checked with an Eastman Kodak engineer (my Dad!).


Finally, I am much more careful about where and when I leave off hamsters in geocaches during the winter months.



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Winter is coming!


Don't gotta carry bugspray any more! Room in my cachin' bag for something else.


Swap out the 2 ponchos that I usually carry (just in case and for trade) and replace them with chemical handwarmers (just in case and for trade).


Stop drinking water on my way to the cache, start drinking antifreeze.


Pack an extra ice scraper for my GPS screen and put chains on my hiking boots.




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Thank goodness winter is coming. I tend to cache more during the cold months. Out of the six caches I've placed I've made it a point to make sure that they are winter friendly. 2 of those are lame virts so they don't count but the others are all winter proof. Winter proof meaning an ammo can instead of something that can become brittle in the cold. Pencils for writting with and I make sure that they wont become burried in the snow. We don't get too much snow in the lower pennisula of MI but I don't risk it. On that note you wont find one of my caches on the ground at the base of a tree under a pile of sticks.icon_biggrin.gif These are all thing I considered prior to placing my caches, I like to make sure that they can be found year round, unlike some caches. It must be a cold state thing.


So, I take those steps but haven't considered what others are leaving like Lep mentioned. I will make the rounds on my caches to insure that there are no hamsters or liquid items in them.




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Originally posted by Breaktrack:

I am also in an area where there are two settings most of the year, either *BROIL* or good motorcycle riding weather...lol.


So my favorite geocaching weather is just starting rather than ending.



You said it. Time to get back in the field.



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I've replaced most of my cache containers with ammo boxes, so I'm pretty set for the winter.


My first geocaching winter, I went out and wrapped all my caches in garbage bags. After finding other caches in garbage bags, I realized what a lousy idea this was and went back in the spring to remove them. Thankfully, someone else had already done so for me.


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Originally posted by objets:

I'm with Doc, we got four seasons down here alright. Summer and Nov,Dec and Jan. If memory serves me right we had um 3 days of winter last year. Bring on the Blue Hairs!!!!! Objets

Actually the 4 seasons of Florida are Summer, Flu, Allergy and Snowbird!! icon_smile.gif



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I just set a winter accessible cache on the ski slopes of Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine. It's about 3800' in elevation (high for Maine) so I tied a rope to it and a tree branch about 7' up. They often have 4' of snow there in winter. I will be interested to see if anyone does it in the winter. See "One for the Loafers" in Maine:




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Thanks for the reminder. I'll never forget our blizzard where we got 7" of snow. That was incredible. We had a pretty serious snow storm the year before last and got like 3" of snow.


Oh yeah, an ammo box is taller than that isn't it. icon_razz.gif


Mmmmm... no skeeters and no ticks. I can't wait. Come on cold weather!!!




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I start preparing for caching in winter by adding my flashlight back to the ole cache pack standard issue. Getting dark at 5pm means more NIGHT CACHING icon_smile.gif


I love winter caching. It makes even the lamest drive-ups a bigger adventure icon_smile.gif There's no bugs! Guranteed night caching during the week! No need to worry about heat exhaustion and the cold ain't bad.


I love the winter events too. Esp. the ones put on by those wacky Traverse City guys icon_smile.gif


As far as getting the caches ready for winter... I think mine are already. I have started carrying pencils and am ordering some cheap sharpeners from oriental trading to carry with me as well. If I find a pen-only cache this winter, I'll drop in a pencil and a sharpener to help get it through.


I love fall though. Will hate to see it go.



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Winter around here on the wet coast means monsoons and only the occasional dip below freezing. Rain gear and rubber boots are a necessity and checking the seals on your caches is probably a wise idea.


Also, it will get dark at 430pm so carrying a flashlight and extra batteries is recommended.




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