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  1. Just to keep things straight, how far is a 'just" What is the governing body that sets the standard for "just". Is there a fine for violating the distance of a 'just"? How much is the fine? Perhaps you could volunteer to be the "just" police for GSP. Lighten up Francis.
  2. I looked at the servers and everything seems ok at the moment. Ill keep an eye on it for a while but we look fine at this point. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns. Thank you, Michael LaPaglia Community Relations Specialist Groundspeak, Inc.
  3. Old native American comment regarding DST "White man strange, Cut 1 foot section off blanket sew back on other end. Blanket still same size"
  4. Or you stumbled on a forum that doesn't expect posters to be ultra sensitive. Look at the times both posts were being added at the same basic time. Sheesh, lighten up Francis. Both posts were just adding to what you said. They were helpful not attacks.
  5. Battery leakage due to leaving the batteries in for extended periods of time while not in use is normally not covered. Alkaline cells are designed to leak instead of swell up and explode. So its not a defect in material or workmanship.
  6. I assume they are a little clearer. I just had my wife cut and fit a Fellows Write Right shield that I use on my IPAQ. She did a great job and it works great. If there is a difference in clarity I can not see it. Its good enough for what I need.
  7. Possible Stupid Question Warning!! Up until last week I have been using an IPAQ with a Navman jacket and OziCe as mapping software. Now I have a Colorado 400T. Since it has the topo 2008 preloaded would these maps offer me something I don't already have with the 400T?
  8. It has the same internal Memory size as the 400T. How much is that? good question as there are some 400's that came out with less. Only the 300 and 400T have DEM so the 400c would not be upgradeable as far as I know. I don't know about the unlock part.
  9. The information on memory and SD card support is in the General Information section. Garmin claims that the Colorado will support 4GB SD cards and I haven't seen anyone report issues with 4GB SDHC cards. There are some reports that 8GB SDHC cards work but it isn't clear to me whether the entire card works or not. As for getting a 4GB 400t (vs a 3GB 400t) I think that will be difficult. It seems like most of the new ones are 3GB. There is some information about serial numbers in the FAQ that might help you locate one if you have the opportunity to select a low number number unit. GO$Rs Dont know if this helps but this is a new 400T s/n 18xx its got 4gig base memory.
  10. Its correct for you, not me. I want them listed the way they are. Thats correct for me. Perhaps its not a bug and its not a feature its just the way it is. All the complaining and whining isn't going to change something that isn't broken. Just because you think its broken doesn't mean it is broken. It is what it is. Lighten up Francis. Its not broken.
  11. So this is a contest to see how many people do NOT want to be your friend??? I'll help. Send me one and Ill ignore you too. I'll bet we can find lots of people that don't want to be your friend. I have to admit this may be the silliest numbers game yet.
  12. Since the "new stuff" is important there is a good chance they need the "New stuff" to fix the old stuff.
  13. Nope I am not new here. You just have to look beneath my avatar to see how many posts I have made and how long I have been a member. Wikipedia article The first two descriptions in the wiki link are the common usage of the word NAFF. The second explanation explains how it was meant within my comments. I am offended that you have taken the third or fourth explanation as what I meant. The way I wrote it within the text should have showed otherwise. To give you some idea to how benign the word is, it was used as a designer label for several years. IMHO, Unfortunately, that is the problem. Making changes without informing your customer base is not wise business practice. I understand they are working on new code and such but when they do implement it the customers will be informed first. You are correct that is the BIG problem. Why does it take a member to inform us, why can't Groundspeak just say that. Very bad business practice. Or is it the fact they hold the main monopoly over the hobby and they don't actually care? I hope I am wrong on that? Sheesh Its frigging Tupperware in the woods. Stop acting like its life or death. take a break, go caching, go chase butterflies, read a book, get drunk, do something that allows you to lighten up a little.
  14. And will you be hiring him and paying for his move to the new job should he get fired for insubordination? Its all well and good to suggest someone disobey a directive at work but unless you plan on taking care of their financial needs after that its probably not a smart idea. To suggest that someone sneak in and go against the employers wishes is a bad suggestion and could get someone fired or at the very least written up for not following the wishes of the people paying his salary. All in all this was a bad idea.
  15. Thanks! Nick Maybe its a french thing but wouldnt it be better if it said the actual number instead of <N>? <N> just seems like a waste of work. I mean what good does a letter do anyone?
  16. I'm sorry, where did Imake a complaint in this post? You should not be in the forums if all you can do is pick a fight for no reason. Sometimes it what you say, Sometimes its how you say it. In your case its all of the above. You have a habit of making your suggestions sound like demands and your comments sound like you are taking shots. Like this one. You were not kidding at all you just added it to try to not get warned by the mods. Go to the Library, check out the book "How to win friends and influence people" come back when you have mastered the concept. Then maybe your "suggestions" will be better received. No disrespect intended, it is a suggestion to make you a better forum poster.
  17. I believe word you are looking for is "Please". Also SHOUTING doesn't really sit well. Thank you.
  18. I would like to know which cache this is. either posted here or in a pm please. This product is also a pesticide.
  19. Ok But, we get to be the Sharks. They were way cooler than the Jets.
  20. I think Im really glad that there is a limit to the length of a title in this forum
  21. Why don't you just write Groundspeak, tell them how many you want to buy and ask if they will sell them to you? That way you get a real answer instead of all the guess's that people make here? Write Contact@geocaching.com and ask the source.
  22. As the owner of the Wisconsin DeLorme cache, I can understand not leaving the cache out 24/7. Since nobody can hunt the cache unless I give them the coordinates, and nobody gets the coordinates unless they finish the series, there's no reason to leave the cache out all the time and risk a muggling. However... by doing this, I am putting the responsibility on myself to check the validity of a potential finder's finds and resetting the cache in a timely manner. I don't require an "appointment". I'll place the cache, then send out the coordinates. I'll pick up the cache after it gets logged online. What about those that have already found the cache and want to revisit? Why should they be required to make an appointment to visit a cache they already earned the right to visit?
  23. No there are auto-renewing memberships and non-renewing memberships. All monthly memberships are auto-renewing.
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