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6th International Math Trade


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That's it!


The coin submission phase is closed!


We ended up with 47 participants and an astounding 1330 coins for trade!


Now the Regroup Phase begins. If you are interested in regrouping coins to make an extra special package in the hopes of landing that one must-have coin, then follow the instructions below. When you are satisfied with the way your coins stand, please let me know via email or a post to this thread. Remember, regrouping is optional. If you simply want to trade your coins off one by one as they are now listed, all you need to do is send an email to the address below saying that you are done regrouping. If everyone finishes with the regrouping early, we can move on to the Want List Phase early.


Please contact me if you have any questions. The Regroup Phase will be open until January 21st, 9:00 PM EST (next Friday).


Regrouping Instructions:


The Regroup Phase gives all participants the chance to create sets of two or more of their coins. You can do this to make an offer more attractive to others (and therefore to have a potentially higher chance to get a specifically wanted coin). Remember -- if you decided to group two or more coins together, these will only be traded as a complete set (or not at all).


To regroup your offers, please send an email to:




containing the line numbers and the coin descriptions of all coins for each coin set you want to create. Also mention your geocaching.com nickname -- just as an extra measure of insurance to keep me from making mistakes.





Let's say I have seen some must-have coins that I, well, must have. Unfortunately, I feel that the coins I am offering -- on their own -- won't seal the deal. So I decide to combine some of my coins into sets. I'll fire off an email with the required info:


Regrouping for E&Cplus3:



ID 409 Alice black nickel/pink

ID 410 Alice black nickel/purple



ID 423 Discover Your World antique bronze

ID 424 Discover Your World antique silver

ID 425 Discover Your World LE black nickel



ID 414 Birka antique silver

ID 415 Birka gold




Please use the ID's as listed on the COINS OFFERED worksheet in the Mathtrade6 document.

Make sure you only use the numbers in the column titled "REFER TO THIS COLUMN ONLY!"


Please let me know if you have any questions about this process. You can post your questions here, or email them.

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New to this as well.....

What if I group coins together in order to trade for ONE particular coin and that person is uninterested.......

Then I have to trade the group for a potentially less worthy coin?


That's not quite how it works. Trades don't necessarily go to the person who has the coin you want. Hopefully chuck or someone else can explain it because I simply don't know how to.


Plus, your grouped coins (or any single coin) can only trade if you have any other "less worthy" coins listed as something you would accept for the group (a single coin). If you only list the ONE coin you have to have after the grouped coins, then that's the only possible coin you can receive for those grouped coins. Your grouped coins will either trade for that one coin or the grouped coins won't trade at all.

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Once the grouping phase is over, I'll redo the coin sheet and everyone can see what the groups are. That's when you start making your wish lists. That is the hardest part of this process, and where I will be trying to post the most comprehensive explanations.


But I think I'll spend some time tonight posting a bit more info on how this trade will work. I want to make sure that everyone understands that they won't receive an inferior trade for their coin. You are in control of the coins you could receive.


More on that to come.

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New to this as well.....

What if I group coins together in order to trade for ONE particular coin and that person is uninterested.......

Then I have to trade the group for a potentially less worthy coin?


You'll be the one to decide what any of your coins will trade for once we get to the wish list phase.


If there is only one coin that you want one of yours to trade for, then you will get that or nothing. And it doesn't matter whether the other participant is interested in yours. That's how the trade chains work.


Your coin -> person A

Person A's coin -> person B

Person B's coin -> person C

Person C's coin (the one you want) -> You


This is only a 4 coin chain, but some chains could be hundreds of coins long.

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