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Milestone Congratulations


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Well Pasha, it's too bad you didn't come to the WSGA meeting on Saturday. There was a group of us that went night caching afterwards.

I would've liked to have gone, especially for the GSAK talk, but I live in Kitsap county and was home with the kids all day Saturday. I work about a mile from the library, though - if it had been during the week I would've made it.


Congrats Pasha, TrueCompanioin and I followed you around Port Orchard most of yesterday. You were on a tear. Nice work getting 100 in the first month.

And vice versa on a few - it's always fun to read the logs and find out that you just missed someone or that the car that passed you on the way in was probably full of cachers.


Thanks all for the nods.

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Well one of the most popular posters on GC.FORUMS, the one always stirring up *stuff*, posting topics with a dozen page replies, causing more then enough angst for some.


The one, the only RENEGADE KNIGHT still has time to cache.............



:ninja:800 CACHES FOR RK!!!!!! :ninja:


CONGRATS :ninja::P

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10,532 posts, about 38 months, that's 277 posts per month, a little less than 10 per day, the entire time. And he still grabs 800 caches? Have you ever noticed that you never hear about Mr. Knight and Superman in the same place at the same time? It's a telling clue.


Well done!

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Congrats to RK, George501949, EGH!, Masterpuzzler! Those are all impressive milestones! :)


Also a special shout out to my bud FrodoB for his 500th cache at my new one this afternoon. Glad I stopped by to check on the cache and got to witness the event! :)


Happy caching to everyone!

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Time exists so everything doesn't happen at once.

Space exists so everything doesn't happen to you.

That is a good one. :ph34r:


Mine is a line delivered by the character of Ranger Marcus Cole in an episode of Babylon 5, written by J. Michael Straczynski.


As soon as I heard it I knew I needed it as a Sig line. :huh:

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