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  1. I've been poking around with Smache for about a week, and the only thing that's not working is that the majority of GPX files I import fail out with various errors. The most recent error is this, importing a GPX from GSAK with nearly 1000 records: "There were errors encountered during the import. Error processing GPX file. Error writing caches. Error writing logs. Smache data structure exception: Error adding log to index. Log does not have a valid ID." After this error, the import summary shows zero imports, but the Total Caches database shows 825 records imported. None of them are viewable or show up when I open Total Caches, however. Similar errors all the time, with both Pocket Query GPX's direct from Groundspeak as well as from GSAK. When I export from GSAK, I just use the defaults because that will presumably be as close as possible to a "standard" GPX. I can send you sample files that fail if that will help. Thanks for the program - lots of nice features you don't see elsewhere.
  2. Big congrats to Ruck who hit 3000 this weekend, looks like somewhere in Tacoma. Well done.
  3. WTG Mark & Debbie! 2K is on the way.
  4. ...and also caches that are too hard to find.
  5. I can't believe everyone missed post #3000 in this thread. Congrats mudsneaker! Also, WTG snookie!
  6. WTG Quadmommy on #500, that's a great accomplishment for both the Quads and the Mommy.
  7. Amen to the #900 congrats, and to the upgrade sentiments. I've been not-so-subtly trying to get Gordo to use my backup eTrex, but he just keeps sticking to that black brick thingy he's got. Actually, I have one too, slightly different model (GPS12). Still carry it around for emergencies. Congrats on 1K, Scoob, and thanks for waiting.
  8. /me tries to catch his breath from last time. This event is already shaping up into a doozy. I'm really grateful to be a part of it.
  9. It's those pesky facts again. They always seem to get in the way of a good complaint.
  10. WTG Allanon and Pandora. I'm surprised there's not more milestone reports from the Longview CM, though I suppose there's still a lot of logging to do.
  11. It's a great upgrade, all sorts of new features. I found a cache with it already today. The one addition Geoniche needs is an easier way to get cache notes and/or found status back through the pipeline to gc.com - the export GPX works great but there's still a lot of macro writing and hand-editing to do to get my notes out of it and get them logged on the site. Thank heaven for GSAK's macro language.
  12. WTG Barnabirdys, that's awesome. Also congrats to Leprechauns - it was nice meeting you at the Fling, though our conversation was too short - and Shop99er on your 'stones.
  13. The worst part of the Fling was my email box Monday morning - so many cachers in the area, logging almost every one of my caches at least once. I had nearly 250 log emails today. Yow! The best part of the Fling was... well, you've heard it all by now.
  14. WTG Shop99er - sure wish I could've taken the day off today and invited myself along on your out-of-towner touring. Perhaps I'll see y'all in the morning on the boat. Thanks Lady-Hawk-!
  15. Thanks fellow Kid's Site Master. Post-Fling congrats to lucyandrickie for #3800 at my Cache Quips - Bushwhack after leaving the festivities. It was fun talking to you today as well.
  16. There's radar? I get the feeling you people aren't telling me everything. I thought I could hold out until the Fling and make that #800, but it's just too hard to pass up new caches a block from my commute. Congrats to Pandora and Wienerdog as well. PP, I just checked your profile, fully expecting to see #2300 on there. It's been more than 24 hours. You're slacking!
  17. Actually, Clyde, those instructions are for Street Atlas Handheld 2005, not 2006. For the new version, for some reason known only to Delorme and whatever unholy demon watches over them, they dropped the last field (the icon) from their import format. I'm working on a CSV macro to dump it without the last field. Grrr.
  18. Pasha


    Heh. I just came in here to find the URL to this thread so I could post it for you in the GSAK forum. Guess I don't need to do that now.
  19. My favorite caches in the Sequim area so far are GCHWCF/The Plane! The Plane! and GCGG1T/Johnson Creek Trestle. If you haven't been to Trollville you should go - there's a virt there (GCGTAA). The various Track the Dragon caches up there are worthy trips, if only for the stories. I've only done a couple though, so YMMV. Depending on what route you take and how far off that route you're willing to go, I'd also recommend GCN2Z8/Just Past Point No Point at the northernmost point of Kitsap County, and GCKT6A/splish/splash in Ocean Shores.
  20. My favorite part of the whole story is "...skillfully read the coordinates...".
  21. Cee Eye Tee Oh. It's not a word! And I'm not Type A!
  22. Awesome, well done Bruce! That's probably where I'm going to go for #1000 (that or the Ape Cache), so glad you guys thought it worth the trip. Congrats also to SeabeckTribe on your half-century!
  23. Sassy - check your email. Glad you guys had a good time on Whidbey, Dick - I meant to ask about how it came out. I hate that about Kitsap County. When my top 7 closest unfound caches are all on islands somewhere, that's just too much water.
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