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  1. I thought I would renew this thread to mention that there is a program called Summits on the Air (SOTA) which I have been doing since last June. It has been a lot of fun combining hiking and ham radio. (And yes, there are usually geocaches along the way). Points can be earned for both the operators on the summits (Activators) and those who make contact with them (Chasers). For more info, see the following: http://www.sotawatch.org http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nasota http://www.sota.org.uk/ http://www.pnwsota.org/ In addition to the fun of it, I find I am learning a lot about portable operation, power sources, antennas, etc.... 73, Linda AB7YL
  2. I've had GCD on my watch list since 2001 so I guess I probably should get around to hunting it down. See you tomorrow!
  3. Hi All, I am indeed AB7YL. I don't have a lot of time for radio, but enjoy taking my VX-7R on hikes, a little DXing when I have the time, and a little contesting (notably, going on camping trips off the grid to ridiculously remote locations with my teammates on N7PP to do the Salmon Run contest in September--this year not so remote) In addition to self-study, there are other ways to study for the license exams. The Radio Club of Tacoma holds regular classes for the Technician license (held on a weekend at the clubhouse in Tacoma) as well as monthly testing sessions and periodic classes for the General license. Check out their web site at: Radio Club of Tacoma Trust me when I say that if I can pass the tests, anyone can if they study. I find all the electronics stuff boring, but the more I know about it the better I am as a radio operator. Linda
  4. Hi everyone, Is there anyone who can help next Saturday afternoon (September 18) for a few hours at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma with an informal intro to geocaching event? Your task will simply be to go with a small group of newbies and show them the ropes. Please contact me ASAP and I will put you in contact with the head organizer. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon--- Linda
  5. Very cool, this will fall at the end of my vacation. A perfect way to wind up some time off! I'd be interested in carpooling with others from the south sound, keep me in mind...
  6. Yes, the tunnel is closed until further notice due to falling debris danger. See the article here: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/trav...9_trail31m.html You can reach the APE cache from the other direction by hiking or biking (obviously harder and maybe not as fun).
  7. I came across this free Garmin Washington Topo, it's a large download but seems to be decent: Washington Topo No warrantees are implied, just sharing a link...
  8. There is an article in this month's Puyallup School District newsletter that mentions geocaching. Check it out, the online version is at: http://www.puyallup.k12.wa.us/ourdistrict/.../08-12DecCX.pdf The article in question starts on page 5.
  9. Hi all, I've already gotten some TB's with my employee discount! If your local store does not have them in stock, you can order them on the website and have them shipped to store for pickup... Linda
  10. Wow, this brings back memories. This was find number 20 for me, on August 2, 2001. I was the 8th finder if the logs are all still on the cache page. Here's the log: What a hoot! Loved this one. Went through the dark and scary place with my friend Jean, stealthily exchanged items, signed in and off we went before the crowds showed up to try the dark passage...Took an ape mug (to be left in another cache soon) and a paintball tube (to be placed as a cache soon), left POTA cards and a bracelet. LindaLu and JeanBean I've been back by there a couple of times since, but nothing matches the thrill of that original hunt. I did not have a light on my bike at the time, so I remember we duct-taped flashlights to the handlebars! After 7 years of caching I still love it! Thanks to all the people who make geocaching a wonderful sport/hobby/activity/addiction!
  11. Excellent idea! I'll check through my saved files and see if any are useful for the project! I just loaded it in. Looks good so far. Just a note on saving the maps. The easiest way I've found is to start with a blank Mapsource File, upload all the maps (not waypoints, tracks or routes) from your GPS (assuming you have downloaded maps there in the past), then use the map tool to add the Northwest Trail map. Save the database as "Home Map Set" and download the entire new set back into your GPS. My Home Map Set is a collection of street, topo, marine/tide points and now the NW Trail set. Thanks M10B! L.
  12. Hi all, Just a short note to let you all know CameraThyme is hosting a CITO on March 15th at Steele Lake Park in Federal Way. Here's the link: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...b8-e807fd37224b Let's have a great turnout for one of the first CITOs of the season!
  13. Hi, There are a number of trails around the greater area. Here are a few: Foothills Trail (East Puyallup to South Prairie) Riverwalk (not long, in Puyallup) Scott Pierson Trail (Tacoma) Powerline Trail (Gig Harbor) Western-Chehalis Trail (Lacey to Roy (I think)) The new trails around the Chambers Creek golf course Info on these can be found by Googling, mostly parks department web sites. There are caches to be found, too....
  14. Umm, yeah right. A more likely reason is operator error.
  15. I found out that we're doing a service project on June 30 in honor of our co-worker who died at Ipsut Creek recently, so I'm probably going to have to change my vote. Either of the other dates work for me, I just need to ask for the day off.
  16. June 30 works for me, July 26 would work if I know early enough to ask for the day off....Thanks everyone..
  17. I'm in too. I need to make sure I can have the day off, so if we can set a date soon that would be great!
  18. Wow, that list of caches (and the ones from that time in my found list that are now archived) brings back a lot of memories! Thanks for creating this cache, it should be interesting!
  19. Dick, You were just being a responsible cache owner. I have had to delete logs only once or twice in my 5 1/2 years of caching as I can recall, but it does make you feel kind of sad that apparently not everyone is honest in their logging of caches! (On the other end of the spectrum are cache owners that delete logs just because they don't like what the person said. That is a separate issue altogether.) Anyway, you were absolutely right to do so. 73, Linda
  20. Hi everyone, Would it be possible for you to allow an alternate email address for the special "My Finds" Pocket Query like you do for other PQs? I use a spam-blocking service that limits the size of files, and right now to get that PQ I have to go in and change the email address on my account to my real one, run the query, then change it back after I receive the file. That's if I remember. Today I ran it without remembering to change the email address, and it arrived corrupted, since the size is too big. Now I have to wait an entire week to run it again. Please help, you wonderful GC crew!
  21. Absolutely marvelous adventure. Work was a little tough today, since I am still not caught up on sleep after going 22 hours without it, but when I got home a pleasant surprise was in my inbox, White Jeep "Linda" had dropped out of the sky into a TB cache near the airport. I've had this thing on my watch list ever since they put these out in 2005, and it's been wandering around the midwest, so now it's going to keep me company for a while! Cheers everyone!
  22. Another possibility for getting from Seward to Anchorage is taking one of the shuttles run by the companies that run the Resurrection Bay boat tours. When I was there a few years ago, I went one-way from Anchorage to Seward, and then my sister came and drove me back after she got off work. Enjoy your trip Jester and Mrs., it will be fabulous!
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