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Yemon Yime posted:
the preliminary design has been submitted to GC.
Your coin design was sent to geocaching.com for approval? Why? :D

If you use their logo on your coin or siggy item, you're supposed to have permission first.


I know I had to do that.

Yup Yup. The design includes a variation of the geocaching logo, and because that is GC's "corporate identity", they do have to run things through their legal department to be sure. This was just a formality, and a minor adjustment actually improved the design! I have nothing but great things to say about how they've handled this. Fun and professional. :D

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Searching for:




Capt Prozac







MiGO seasonal




Santa Cruz


and of course, Moun10bike original!


I currently have to trade:


California 2005






Rhode Island


South Africa


Oregon 2003




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I've officially moved my trade list to http://cointracking.com/public/AtlantaGal and will eventually pull the old one offline.


My regular 2005 coin supplies are getting real low. So if you want to make a trade, do it soon. I also have my limited edition brass and gold coins to trade so feel free to send any offers. I'll have a new front design for 2006 so this is all that's left.

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Ok - time to go deep, before they're impossible. :mad:


3-for-1 for MIGO Seasonals


I'll trade any 3 of the below coins for each 1 of either of the MIGO Winter and/or Summer seasons (have Spring, so don't need that).


My spares include:




MIGO (Michigan) – non-seasonal

North Carolina


USA (2005)

GOWT (Western Tenn.)

Green Man

Joys of GeoCaching



Texas 2005


South Africa 2005

Geowoodstock III

UTAG (Utah)

GGA 2005 (Georgia Geocachers Assn)






MW Geobash

Germany (counts as 2)


E-mail me with any interest in this or if you want to propose a trade for any of the others.

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How much do migos cost?? :mad:


I believe the non seasonal coins run $7.00 plus shipping. The seasonal coins run $10.00 plus $3.85 shipping

However there were only 100 made of the seasonal coins.

And don't you have to be a MIGO member to puchase them?

E-mail sent to Atlanta Gal

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I haven't set up my list yet, so forgive this long post.


Right now, I am trying to trade for State coins. I don't have too much to offer yet, so here goes.


I have:


2- South Africa

5- Canada

3- Texas 2005

2- Conejo Cachers

1- Vacman

1- MIGO-Normal

1-Bronze Alaska


Looking for:


MidWest GeoBash

Pre-2004 Oregon

2004 California

Alabama- 2004

Kentucky 2004

Missouri 2004

Pennsylvania 2004

West Tennessee


North Carolina



NW Penn.





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I have nothing and am looking for everything......help me get started.


Where do I start?

There are a number of people on the CoinTracking.com web site who have coins available for purchase from coins that they have in production. You'll probably have to have some "wares" of your own in order to trade, but there are some people who might be willing to sell coins to you, even if they've earmarked them for trading.


There are also plenty of people here in the forums who have links to their personal, club or team coin lists.


It's a smallish world at this point, but I bet it's growing, and will grow quickly. Just buy a few of the coins that show up for purchase, then later on you'll have some for trades. A lot of people with coins listed already have everything "out there" but there are still a few very "hard-to-find" coins that if you managed to nab one, you could negotiate a 10 for 1 (or more!) trade, or in some cases, I've seen people who have claimed they'd "trade their entire collection" for one coin or another... But I'd wait to see if they really meant that!


Anyway, start slow, buy what you can, see if anyone with coins to trade would sell one, and build your collection just like you'd build any collection of anything - by looking over what's available and being an informed buyer.


My thoughts: Even though geocoins were originally intended to be placed in caches as special prizes, and even though there are some people who still do it that way (and only that way), the look in my crystal ball shows that creating team/state/personal coins and then trading them is the newer wave.


But your opinions may vary.



August 24, 2005 @ 3:41 PM

N40° 46.565' W073° 58.756'

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I really want any of the coins that carry their own icon on GC.com. Intent is to activate the coins to use as Meet and Greet coins to use at Geocaching events. Also plan to have local breakfast events themed for "Icon Hunters". There for I badly need:



Midwest Geobash


CC (coin club??)

Mount10Bike (maybe in my ildest dreams!!!)

others I have missed (except MIGO which I have)


My trading stock is limited to 2 MIGO, 2 Texas, 2 Bronze Alaska, 1 Canada, 3 2005 USA and 1 NC.


I will pay cash (its ok to make a profit on your coins), or even one of my coins plus cash to make trades even or favorable to you. Please help


Also willing to buy personal geocoins or other state coins

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I have many paid for awaiting shipping coins for trade for anything I dont have.


See my list at the link below my signature. Ones in grey are coins awaiting shipping.... email me if interested.


***South Africa 2005 coin Traded***8-25-05



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