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  1. Ok , i think these two people are the same people ... i have had comunication with this halhal person from California. It all started when i posted a note on an unfound cache and looked at the profile and the owner was from California ( halhal ) and the cache was in Masschusetts .. Well I inquired on the cache page and didn't contact the owner ...said something like " is it still here , the owner doesn't live in the area and was wondering how this got approved ...etc. etc." I recieved this email after posting to the cache page inquiring about this cache Birt Memorial and mind you , i was not angry , just confused. I don't know why you are so angry about a simple cache. I'd expect more from a > seasoned cacher such as yourself. Did you go look for it? Could you not find it? > Looks like things are under control -- I finally figured out on how to transfer > the cache to HP correctly. If you had questions, you could have sent me an email > via the web site. > > Anyway, I'll just assume it wasn't such a good day for you. Sorry to have been a > source of confusion and irritation for you. > > Hal Huntley (halhal) _____________________________ Sooo I replied back and said something like it wasn't an issue with you or the cache , just how it was approved and since the owner was on Vacation from California when it was placed ... ( how was i supposed to know what was going on ) seemed like it was a mistake in the approval or something .. whatever .. i waited to hear back from thsi Halhal ... here is what i got .. ___ I can understand the issue, but she didn't approve the cache right away; she said since I was "on vacation" I needed an adopter before getting it approved. W hen I placed the cache and made the original description, I wrote that it should be adopted by someone local since I'm a ways away. I was hoping some early finder would be willing to adopt it like Bigrock95 was willing to do. Since I had found two of HP's caches a few years ago, I asked him if he'd be willing to adopt it and he was willing. I told MadMin about HP's willingness and she approved the cache. Unfortunately, I messed up on the adoption link and then I had to get to church, so it was a few hours later that I got around to trying again. It really was done according to the book -- only the book took a bit longer to write than expected. I think I may suggest something to geocaching.com in the forums to figure a way we can place caches that we think might be a neat location when we are traveling that can be quickly adopted by some willing local cacher. I'd bet there are a fair number of people willing to adopt a cache like that. It would be neat to have the traveling cache placer be able to see the fruits of their placement by having someone who finds it (or just sees the posting) take it on. Since it's adopted now and you know the story, would you be willing to modify your post? Regards, Hal Huntley ___________ So I deleted my post since then .. but whatever , that is not the issue ..... what i think is that HP and Halhal are the same person. Dont' know ,,, but it is weird and it should be looked at .... If i was closer to the cache in question in the Clan's original post I would adopt ... but it is to far out of my area to maintain.
  2. All Reserved!!! I figured I would put the maximum # of people on my site as i'm sure there will be some "extra" people that may need a place to crash ! Also says that 13 is not 17 ... so who knows where i'll be , but i'll be there! Camping Area: Area 1 Site: 013 Site Type: Std No Elec/No Wtr Waterfront Arrival Date: Friday June 09, 2006 Departure Date: Sunday June 11, 2006 Length of Stay: 2 Type of Equipment Used for Camping: Tent Camping Equipment Length (ft): 20 Number of Vehicles: 2 Number of Occupants: 6 important Information Site 013 has been changed to site 017.
  3. I have a silvermarc coin that I would like to trade for south africa .. ??
  4. Whew. Thanks Speedster. I took the girls out caching today, and despite my fears, I decided to stop hoarding the SAL Red Bell TB #47 and begin hoarding the UTB TB (all hoarding transactions made at the Brattle Bug Retreat). If anyone has a problem, Sara has graciously offered to take the flack. you go Pat ..!! I'm ready for the flack !!!
  5. So... just as a point of reference, since I'm looking at the Official (3 volume) Compendium of Geocaching, Travel Bug Edition and I don't seem to be able to find it... after exactly how much time does holding a travel bug become stealing? It would help if I knew down to the half hour. Also, in the past, I have taken Jeeps from caches, and I decided to keep them in my cache sack. Should I not do this? It wasn't mine, and I didn't have permission to take it (or did I? Was the permission implied?) this is confusing. I thought TB's were supposed to move, but how can they do that if people don't take them from caches and keep them till they drop them again? I'm afraid to grab any TB's now. I might be accused of stealing. Can you smell the sarcasm? Hey clandelaney... its ok continue to play how you want to. You do something wrong according to the forum nazis ... blame it on me.. I'll take the heat! ...
  6. I like this one?? Correct.... I said I was going to keep the white jeep "hope" , YES I AM .... Did I say how long I was going to keep it? NO I DIDN'T . so get over it. As many already knew who distributed the JEEPS in MA .... and the only OTHER distributor chimed in the forum to whine about me ... I felt the need to speak up ..no he didnt' say my name ,, but DUH! I am not going to keep quiet anymore . So i've been out of commission for to long. Time to see who gets so huffy about stuff.... we can clearly see that here. There are lots of people who have kept a jeep or any other bug .... waaaaaaayyy longer then me. I was singled out as I spoke up ... so be it. I really don't care what people say because people who know me ... know what i'm about. If you don't know me personally then you don't know me at all. You say play by the rules ?? ummmm i think they are called "guidelines" LOL I love the way people judge others by forum posts ... you gotta love it ... You want to log white jeep Hope ... go ahead and enter the contest. JP1W3E HOPE. Don't matter to me .. she is going to hang out and travel some , then we shall see where she ends up next. There are many more people out there that have many more jeeps then me and have kept them for alot longer then me also. I also believe you don't even need to find a jeep to enter the contest .. I've entered once a month since the contest started myself ... so go online and enter, no one is stopping you. so everyone wants to personally blame me for ruining the entire JEEP contest in the entire united states for just holding onto one white jeep .... go ahead , maybe it will give everyone else that gets a bashing some peace for awhile ... LOL OH NO .. Speedster has a jeep , ,,, She ruined the contest for EVERYONE!!! LOL gosh people ... get over it. by the way does anyone work here? ... my goodness everyone has been busy bashing me ... are we having fun yet ... lol ummmm get off your butt and out of the forums and go find a jeep ... because as we all know ... its all about the jeeps...
  7. . bul·lied, bul·ly·ing, bul·lies To treat in an overbearing or intimidating manner Finder n 1: someone who comes upon something after searching 2: someone who is the first to observe something [syn: discoverer, spotter] hmmmmmm Thief ... I think not ... traded all these bugs with others, never stole any of them. hoarder n : a person who accumulates things and hides them away for future use Call me a hoarder ... so be it ... never hid anything from anyone ...lots of people are logging all bugs everywhere, including the ones I currently hold. accumulating ... i think not ... only have two that i am so called "hoarding" or keeping away for future use. Never said there wasn't any future use for these little buggers. Hey look at this ... a geocoin i'm "hoarding" ... OH wait its MINE ... who needs a new ICON ... COWACF , whooohooo go for it people !! enjoy!!
  8. I thought I was seeing things when I saw a whole slew of zero mile Jeeps logged into the last local geo-meet. I moved 20+ WJTBs to another state in less than three days after receiving them... there's no excuse for zero mile Jeeps to JUST be entering circulation two months later. It was all I could do to keep my mouth shut when this person pulled out a bag FULL of White Jeeps at the recent event. That's pretty bad. I'd still like to know where the "Maryann" one is being held hostage. YAY ..my turn my turn !! hmmmmmmmm now i'm not one to chime in and "bash" in a forum .. but it seems i'm being bashed a bit here. I wish you bug nazi's would just get over yourselves ... LOL I distributed all my jeeps except two original ones i recieved.. the "bag" full of white jeeps I think i had like (4 or 5), the rest of the bag was full of my newest travel bug which was pretty big. You should of spoken up TIM , I could of used a good laugh. Those bugs were swapped with other white jeeps at caches ... just like most people do .. isnt' that what your supposed to do ? LOL why i'm singled out is beyond me ... , etc. etc. blah blah blah .. whatever Why i'm explaining myself is beyond me also ... but here ya go ... .. bash me all you want i really dont' care much .. ... I spent alot of money shipping out all those jeeps to the areas that didnt' get to see any. As for driving them to all of massachusetts that didnt' see any ... well that was not an option as i had a bad vehicle and could not do so .. so i used my money to distribute them as fairly as i could. I waited until after WH's meet as I was going to send them to areas that didn't recieve them .... which was ALOT as we only had 36 each , so covering all of MA is a difficult process ... its a hard job to get them to everyone .. we all did our best and it seems only a few people are complaining becasue they apparetnly think they are better then everyone else ... I say whatever . You go to another state ... wow isnt' that great ... RI is 40 minutes away and you handed them off to my friends and others who helped you ... whatever ..great job on distributing them so quickly. I handed mine off also and then they were handed off ... etc. etc. everyone helped everyone out and I appriciate all the help i got to distribute them ... The 0 miles on them ... people are just grabbing them from each other as the contest is about having a jeep and doing the goal and such and so on and so on .. so YES 0 miles happens ... get over it ... and you know something ... 0 miles just makes the resale value go up !! LOL Is it my fault that the good people that I sent them to did not place them NO ..Is it my fault that the jeeps have 0 miles on them...... NO ........Is it my fault my vehicle died and i had a hard time distributing them on the DAY they arrived NO ... Is it my fault i got lyme disease........NO........ get over it people ..... its a toy and if people are complaining that they didn't get a jeep ... well then to bad , go out and find one ... i went out and swapped them ... i traded for them ... whatever .. I have the "HOPE" jeep as it is my middle name , i traded a yellow one for it , paid for shipping and waited for it .. ...... am i going to keep it ? YES I AM ... you wanna send the travel bug police out for me ........ BRING IT ON .. LOL Its a game people ... have fun with it and play it how you want ... whooooohoooooo this is pretty amusing ... hey AuntieWeesel are you proud of me yet? LOL i've whined like everyone else ... do i get a prize ?? oooooooooohhhh maybe even a reputation!! LOL this is just so fun i can't stop ... ok done now .. have fun people ..... happy caching and if i have a white jeep with your name on it , email me ... i'll give it to you ..... no problem ...
  9. Would this be to many??? LOL
  10. I just recieved my Jeeps here in MA to distribute ...... boy did I get some weird names ......LOL
  11. White jeeps will be arriving in Massachusetts tomorrow and plans are already in the works for the Western part of the state. I have not finalized plans for Eastern MA .....but will distribute them to people and areas that will move them along accordingly and give everyone a chance to complete each months task and enter the contest !! WJTB party is happening soon!!!
  12. Check the web site , they are giving away 3 garmin etrex GPS also. Each month is going to have a specific goal for the WJTB's , you can meet the goal and submit the photo and this will also enter you for a chance to win the garmins. The web site is updated and the jeeps are being distributed to a few people in each state. As i'm one of the Massachusetts distributors i'll be recieving the jeeps and sending them off to get some miles. We are trying to keep the jeeps moving this year and not have anyone holding onto them. So if you find one , log it , get your icon, and move on for others to have a chance to win prizes from Jeep. hope this helps
  13. oooooooooooooh just recieved my UTAH coin today ....... its peeerrrrrrty keep an eye out for my personal coin ....... its in the works ( may be a while ) but it sure will be unique... I'll post more when I get closer to getting them .... they will be for purchase or trade if you have a personal coin.
  14. Hi Dave, You are down for three coins. Put me down for 5 coins if this Massachusetts cacher is allowed I've been meaning to get back to Indiana ....... gotta love the F1 race in June!!
  15. Hey that is my log!!! Code? We dont' need no stinkin code. I love the puzzle caches and I usually solve the darn things as soon as they come out, but never get out to be FTF. I would like to add in and say get out.....visit and solve this one , not only will the puzzle be a challenge (For some that is) but the cache itself seems to be also. WITHDEIHDNIN Speedy38
  16. I have a Virtual cache is a very historical Cemetary. When you visit my cache you learn about the history of my home town...History Lesson My other cache is right outside the same Cemetary Isle of Marsh. They are quite enjoyable as is the Cemetary itself. The caretaker has been a friend of the family for years and he has met so many cachers that have visited. It is a great place to ride bikes and walk as many townies do on a daily basis. I think they are great if they are planned correctly. Another great cache in a Cemetary has some great history to learn and a neat multi.... it is done by good friends of mine B & BJ Calamity Cache I think they are great , and all of these are snow friendly if you in the area! Speedy38
  17. The Mighty 50' Walking Stick TB!!!! Speedy38
  18. HI I'm also looking for someone in Canada at 77 33.39 for this same cache , any other takers? We both can log a find ? GC153 Waypoint name same as posted above. email me via geocaching user name Thanks !! Speedy38
  19. A little bird told me you hit 100!!! Congrats !!!! Speedy38
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