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Your Geocaching style

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I've received a letter this morning from the Sports Council for Wales...


"Your household has been selected at random... a representative will call... to do the S.C.W. Adult Participation in Sport and Physical Activity Survey 2008 - 2009."


Well, OK... :bad:


So, can we claim Geocaching as a sport, or only a physical activity? How much does geocaching add to your overall physical fitness? Do you find that you're doing much more walking now that you've discovered geocaching, or would you be doing the walks in any case, because you're an outdoorsy person?


I'll definitely be dropping geocaching into the survey interview: It'll be interesting to see whether it's there on their list of 'physical activities' already. :lol:



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Hmmmm....definitely do more walking now but the majority of it is short walks 1-2km whereas hillwalking (less frequent since I somehow developed a family!) for me would tend to be 10-15km.


I'd categorise it as a physical activity rather than a sport but that's because I'm not competitive at it :bad:

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sport (GAME) Show phonetics


1 [C] a game, competition or activity needing physical effort and skill that is played or done according to rules, for enjoyment and/or as a job:

Football, cricket and hockey are all team sports.

I enjoy winter sports like skiing and skating.

See pictures , , , .


2 UK all types of physical activity which people do to keep healthy or for enjoyment:

She used to do/play a lot of sport when she was younger.


3 OLD-FASHIONED fun or enjoyment


guess sport covers it

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Walking your dog around the park every evening is "physical activity."


Dashing out to the park at midnight to FTF a hamstercache is "sport."


I think your choice is clear.


Mrs. B, did you receive the book on hamster breeding efficiencies? I posted it more than a week ago. Here, we are well into producing a bumper crop for springtime cache placements.

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Sport or Hobby it's physical and therefore has to be a benefit to all ages as it's getting them out and about in the fresh air and burning off hopefully a few calories. Some walk, some ramble and some jog, so all in all it's a good all round activity. Get it on that survey ! :bad::lol::lol:

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geocaching has got us walking more as a family so is a physical activity to us the kids are much keener to go on a "treasure hunt" than just a walk. But sport or activity the exercise is great, taylored to your fitness levels . Its improving my leg stamina walking up boggy hills like "Inclined to cache" don't know who got more exercise on that one me trying to crawl out of the bog I had sunk up to both knees in, or mr tardis laughing at me so much his sides were hurting (we always enjoy your caches mrs B :bad: )

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I always consider a sport to be something that would keep you fit (and lose weight) however even though we walk for miles over the weekends I certainly don't feel any fitter and have definitely lost any weight even though we do this every weekend! If I'd spent this time doing a traditional sport (perhaps swimming, cycling, jogging etc) I really would expect to feel and see more benefit.


Just a thought - is walking classed as a sport? :bad:

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I think it's a game, not a sport, but that only matters if a sport can get a grant from the government, in which case it's a sport, and we should start pushing for a spot on the Olympics. And apply for the grant.


It's definitely got me a *lot* more active. Although I don't wear trainers while caching.

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I think it's a game, not a sport, but that only matters if a sport can get a grant from the government, in which case it's a sport, and we should start pushing for a spot on the Olympics. And apply for the grant.


It's definitely got me a *lot* more active. Although I don't wear trainers while caching.

I don't think of it as a sport as such.. Do we train for it?

But on the other hand we get out much more than we used to doing lots of walking... Up those hill things lol



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I don't consider it a sport.

But then neither is darts,syncronised swimming or marbles.


I'll go along with that ;) .


Whatever the dictionary says, for me a sport should really involve physical activity, and a skill, and be competitive, and have some objective measure of performance. For me the first is true for caching, to some extent the second is true, and the third is irrelevant because it lacks a consistent and objective scoring system. It's true that some people do play competitively, but as everyone plays to different rules it does (for me) tend to defeat the object :D .


18 months ago I would have been flat on my back for a week after walking a couple of miles. Now I can walk a dozen or more miles over hilly, muddy or uneven ground and not really feel any reaction. For the first time in my life (I'm 60) I climb trees, hang under bridges and so on - even more than a second childhood in some ways :D .


Agreed, I'd certainly make a point of mentioning it to your visitor!


Major edit when I re-read my post, to get rid of some ambiguities!


Rgds, Andy

Edited by Amberel
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A sport needs to have a winner and some losers.

So perhaps somebody who is dedicated to be the first to find could consider it a sport, other than that its a just a pastime, like walking the dog or shopping.

Skiing is a sport, but I don't compete so its a recreational hobby for me.


An Olympic walker can walk faster than most people can run.

The qualifying time for a 20k (12.42 miles) walk is around 1:23

In the the Great North Run (13.1 miles) the world record holder at walking would be around the first 150 finishers, and perhaps even higher in the placings.

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The OED defines sport thus: "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others".


So I'm not sure whether that makes it a sport or not! But to answer your other question, Adam & I we outdoorsy walker types before geocaching but we do our outdoorsy walking stuff far more often since we found geocaching.



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If you have to wear trainers to be doing a sport we'd have problems defining marathon roller-skating as a sport! (its a sport!). Or skiing too, snowboarding and so on.

Geocaching makes our normal walking times a bit longer and we have been walking a bit faster too. We are walkers anyway though. We wear hiking boots or wellies at the moment.


We know others that geocache and are trying to catch up with their find figures, that makes it slightly competitive and therefore a sport :(


I like the RASH idea, it seems to encompass every aspect.

I'd definitely tell the info-gatherer person about geocaching though.

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