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  1. I think every cache type has its place...but back to basics ...location,location,location -why do I want to bring my fellow cacher's here etc.
  2. As previously stated on the another thread... whats the point in creating new guidelines if all the existing urban caches will not be forced to comply with these new guidelines, if it is deemed that serious that we need to have some urban cache guidelines for new urban caches, shouldn't we make then apply to all existing urban caches and not the usual grandfathered statement as this gives a mixed message to all those hiding and seeking any urban caches and any grandfathered cache could still kick start this issue off all over again.
  3. My concern here is that this issue has been considered by whom ever(not interested in GAGB issues), they have deemed this so serious that they have discussed this amongst themselves, post one police incident, and consulted with the volunteer reviewers an come up with a set of guidelines for all new urban caches... and grandfathered the existing....its that serious we hope the grandfathered ones will follow suit due to the security issues involved, here's hoping that we, as cachers, do not get any more bad press due to the lack of a total implementation of the new guidelines for all urban caches, or does it really matter at all if your box is already out there?
  4. From what i heard Dom said he caught 2 cachers at 5am going through a hedge near his home and they told him they were geocachers ,this seemed to peek his interest and he looked it up and discussed it with the team on the radio ,then Chris Moyles said his weekend pursuit not that geeky and moved onto the ghost stations.... just a mention ,but who was in the hedge!!!!! MooToo
  5. Saw this one pop up, had a spare 20 mins ,had the coords got close and my batteries went flat how embarrasing.......MooToo
  6. Dont you mean our friendly not so local reviewers.....
  7. LMN you should have shouted at the meet on Sat ,i could have shown you the Garmin case as i use it and had it with me ...MooToo
  8. Having attempted most of D in D's caches,there will probably be several errors that need ironing out and thats if he puts the cache coords on the page ,unlike one of his other live caches.....Where he's putting this new cache, he already has a live cache, reading his description on the forum ,so an archive and at least an hour of our lives after several evenings spent wasting time on mission impossible ill conceived caches, no thanks mate please accept some advise and try finding a few more before wasting our fuel and time.....Sorry if a bit harsh,but you have ignored advice and offers of help from ourselves and others included...so in answer to your post we wont be loving it!!!!! MooToo
  9. Dont like to blow our own trumpets too much but try the Fowlmead series by MeerRescue and MooToo its SE kent nr Dover,just check the logs....
  10. The local cachers at Little Miss Naughty's ,Naughty Weekend got together and agreed to try and set up a monthly meet in Kent.Pray 4 Mojo tasked himself (under duress) with the first meet ...we wait to see what he comes up with and have pledged our support...jusy awaiting where and when.... MooToo
  11. We have some shared hides locally and use the ignore list so they are not the first in the filter out finds every time....simples MooToo
  12. Try Kent nearly all new caches are micro's......monkey see monkey do....MooToo
  13. We managed to find 99 and 1 dnf in a day,we started at 6am and gave in to fatigue at 9pm..it was a hard day and we had a group to keep us all going,but the following day or two was a trifle fraught with various aches and pains...but really enjoyed the circuits and countryside...MooToo
  14. Hazel we think you protest too much.................
  15. Certain cachers in our neck of the woods ,use fake id's to ftf their own caches,this is technically logging their own cached even if it is in another profile.We have several shared hides and we would never dream of logging them,just ignore list so they dont get on ypur nerves.... MooToo
  16. It happened close to us earlier this year,we grabbed an FTF then reported it to the reviewer and subsequently it was archived,shame it was better than the other that meant it had to be archived,alls fair in caching and war...... MooToo
  17. Do it ,with a good enough clue and as little enviromental impact as possible why not,if this is not allowed what about burying under water...... MooToo
  18. THE FAIR WEATHER CACHER only seen during the summer months and never when bad weather is on the menu. MooToo
  19. We once started the log "welcome to dog excrement bank",the new cacher got the hint and move it to a more appropriate area,so it pays to be honest...... MooToo
  20. Thas alright for you guys and gals we have to travel miles for our nearest Morrisons......MooToo
  21. We believe everything has its place,whether its a power walk with many finds or a scenic view you are seeking , as long as the cache page is informative we pick and choose.The ignore list is a useful weapon.Some power trails are about the challenge like the Chiltern Hundreds ,the setter challenges you to do the trail in 24hrs .All said and done the best caches are always location,location,location......MooToo
  22. Loving the hints for the oregon ,im a bloke so the manual is still in the box,these pages have proved most useful......MooToo
  23. Couldnt agree more,far to many non descript micro's where a nice big container could go with a little effort,we took on board many ideas from doing at least 50 caches before deciding to place our first hide,trying to find a nano in a wood is just plain silly and i believe in location location location-with a bit of history thrown in......MooToo
  24. We have come across a troll with a cacher profile and an email address atached acting as its own type of tb,we duly moved it on and emailed and got a pleasant email as a poem back, it was fun ,other than that its usually swopsies...... MooToo
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