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  1. Make it an unknown cache and just say something like "Must be 50 feet from the cache to retrieve it." That will get some people to scratch their heads.
  2. As far as I am concerned, every milestone is a "big milestone". Never say "only 100" or anything like that. Just so you know, I have found 200 an easier milestone to hit than 100. We are slowly working our way to 300 now. Keep at it!
  3. My wife and I are 38 and our son is 4. However, I have seen such a wide spectrum of people that geocache, I never really thought of a "typical age".
  4. While I would love to see the magazine in print, I do not feel comfortable sending the money in advance until I know it is going to continue. I will be watching this and seeing what the opinions are.
  5. I think you are talking about geosnippits. Hard Hat (the guy that does the tutorials) does have a TV Show on the RFD network. He is a very nice guy who knows his stuff.
  6. Rabbits can be dangerous. Just ask Monty Python.
  7. My wife has a TB that someone had been holding onto for like 6 months. I thought it was gone for good. Then like a month or so ago the guy placed it in a cache. I had e-mailed him several times (nicely) and never got a response. It just goes to show that you never know.
  8. I just wanted to extend my heartfelt condolences to any family or friends of the fallen cacher. I also want to say that I feel for the cache owner as well who undoubtedly feels bad. For what its worth, you are not to blame. While this is a rough time for everyone involved, I am sure many people found the cache and the trip probably brought them great joy as well. I hope everyone involved finds their peace. CLV3 (from Maine and soon to be NC)
  9. I have not gotten any and tried to create a couple of new ones based on a route I have planned and I can not connect to view the PQ.
  10. Micros start right around the size of a 35mm film canister or a small pill container.
  11. Well a nano IS a very small micro but not all micros are nanos. I believe that is what you are trying to say. A soup can size would actually be more of a small.
  12. I don't see anything wrong with trying for micros at the beginning as long as you do not let it get to you. Remember, there are people who have been caching for a long time who have bad days with little or no finds. Just don't be afraid of the DNFs. Logging a DNF does not mean you can not go back and turn it around to a find later. It helps the cache owner keep track of the cache and any possible issues, also you will find that sometimes cache owners will send you a hint if you log a DNF. Some key things to remember.... Most (not all) nanos are magnetic. Google maps and other such sites can be invaluable for cache recon before you go to the site...Do not rely on it as the only tool but it can sometimes come in handy. Think up/down to scale.....when you know WHAT size you are looking for, keep that in mind. Make sure you read the ENTIRE cache page and logs for possible hints. Whenever you come across a new type of hide, learn from it. You will find a lot of them recur and before long you will be finding hides that now you would not even imagine. Most importantly, its a game and have fun. Some people get frustrated too easily and give up the game before giving it a chance.
  13. I'm somewhat new also. So far the nano's we have found have been magnetic. They are as small as the end of your little finger (ist joint and found) I don't know what the thing is called. A blinkie?
  14. Personally, I do not think any cache type should be done away with. This game is so customizable and with all of the caches out there, you can avoid the type of caches you do not want to do and there would STILL be plenty to find. I actually liked some ALRs. However, I respect the rules and if I come across a cache where there is a request from the owner (within reason) I think it is still the right thing to meet it.
  15. LOL I have a Garmin GPSmap60 and I find that sometimes if it is taking a long time to acquire a signal I select "New Location" on the satellite screen and it seems to pick signals up a lot quicker.
  16. Congrats to the parents and welcome to the new baby! Also congrats to the winner of the cointest whoever you are.
  17. I have found published caches on school grounds AND playgrounds. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with it if it is done with permission and respectfully. Also, I think cachers who are trying to find these caches also need to be respectful in the way they search for them. Personally, I am a parent of a 4 year old and I am not so paranoid to automatically assume every adult who passes through a park/playground is "dangerous". I keep my son close enough by me and we have also taught him to be careful (but not rude).
  18. 1. DOB: August 30, 2009 2. Time: 3:27 PM 3: Wt - 8 Pounds 9 ozs. 4: Ht - 21.5 inches Congrats and good luck!
  19. LOL Too funny that nude cacher guy. I guess it takes all types.
  20. I wonder if some of the adjustable tackle systems that go in the soft tackle bags would work. Plano makes some and can often be found at Wal-Marts. They are cool because they are quite customizable.
  21. I have seen coords off by even up to 30 or 40 feet.
  22. As everyone else has stated. This is why I love to hide the caches. We have two hidden under our team name Team V3 on Peaks Island, Maine. I love those logs we get when people talk about how much they love the spot. Sometimes even if they don't find the cache. It makes me feel good to know I brought someone to a place that made them happy. Even if only for an hour or two.
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