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  1. Hi Due to several reasons Ive not cached for ages, my membership ceased ages ago and I;m just wondering if its still a faff to cache. Before I had premium membership, GSAK, garmin nuvi poi loader Do I still need to use GSAK to sort data, or has the website advanced enough to do it direct. I have a garmin gsx60 that I used to run PQ then load into GSAK then down load to gps, then used to load roadside ones onto my sat nav as well for drive bys. Not fussed about that now, just really want to run a PQ and be able to filter by size and fave points without spending hours filtering and downloading gsak to my new laptop, is this possible with premium membership now. Or if not I'll save myself the money and just download individual caches
  2. So surely that cache should remain as the land owner has given permission, or am I reading the rules wrong?
  3. Sorry Izzy its not a GC its a place to visit, my fault I wasnt exactly clear. Have almost got the days planned out now. roll on 5 weeks time
  4. Eusty if its Hunstanton area then the owner is Le strange estates. If not they might be able to tell you who is. Snettisham is Ken Hill estates
  5. Excellent thank you, I will start really pinning it down next week. Just found spaceguard which my youngest would love, can anyone recommend it.
  6. Thankyou, looks a fun day out on the trains.
  7. I had a dog find 2 of my caches, it had been taught to track and found it a wonderful game, luckily the owner who had no idea where to replace them contacted grounspeak and they in turn contacted me, put us in touch with each other and I got the caches back. I'm sure that story is on here somewhere about a year ago.
  8. We love this sort of cache, and I surpose we really should have been out and looked for this by now. But we just dont seem to have the time now, but as we are at lynnsport so often I really should make the effort soon.
  9. Hi We are having a holiday at easter based around Shropshire, there will be 4 of us 2 adults and 2 kids age 14 and 10. Can you recommend any good caches not to miss. We don't mind the size of cache we love ones that take us to places the guide books never mention. Happy to try to solve puzzles or tricky finds if they take us to a nice place. My dad grew up around Shropshire and we are having a tour of the places he lived, so are going to Bridgnorth, Shrewsbury, Ludlow and Ironbridge. We intend to do the cliff railway and severn valley railway the Hawkstone follies and also a quad bike ride just over the border at Middletown, Powys. Any other family recommendations for activities or caches would be gratefully received. Happy to travel an hour in any direction from Bridgnorth.
  10. http://coord.info/GC2N9N9 This is an excellent cache with plenty of mooring I'm sure you will go this way anyhow. Any thing else by that cache owner is also well worth a look. http://coord.info/GC23CY7 this is just a bit futher along also with excellent mooring, and a good place to explore for non cachers as well.
  11. Has to be A stroll in the park in sheringham park http://coord.info/GCX8QA other caches enroute as well - or travel a bit further and do treasure island for a stand out cache.http://coord.info/GCD182 For a stand out whole series which we enjoyed was - http://coord.info/GC2ACWD however this might be too far over for you.
  12. Well that is brilliant, thank you so much, upgraded my version of firefox and worked prefectly.
  13. Hi We are having a bit of a tour of Co. Durham in a couple of weeks thanks to the travelodge £9 sale. I have planned a rough outline but wondered if any locals could have a look at it and add their thought please. We are a family of 4 with 2 kids aged 13 and 9. 1.We are starting in sedgefield, 2 nights. We intend to go to forbidden corner at Leyburn on the way the first day and maybe do waterfall GC1QOGD as well. And maybe in the evening head into Hardwick country park. 2. The second day we have pencilled in the BMC series of caches nearby 3. we then head to chester-le street the next day - hoping to spend the day at diggerland, doing caches silly steps and view the view, plus if it viable some the the CLASS 100 caches (have pencilled in number 80 to 99) 4. the next day intending to do some more 100 CLASS caches, hoping they will give us a really good tour of the area as we have never visited before. I have no idea how many it would be possible to do, maybe about half if we are lucky. We tend to head out and stop if we find a nice place enroute that the kids would enjoy, so some times we only make a few caches before they find a river to swim in or something and we spend the rest of the day there - so with that in mind are any near a scenic shallow river? We then head to the washington Travelodge 5. We would like to show the kids the angel- and will do the angel caches, duck and jolly roger. Then head out to the coast to sunderland working our way up to south shields, so i have pencilled in the caches on the coastal road and in South Shields. Then head back to washington travelodge for the 2nd night 6. Heading to Beamish wild (tesco vouchers dont include beamish only the wild bit so we will do that) and the easter egg event caches nearby. Then for that night we are heading south towards home stopping at scotch corner. 7. Homeward trip - somwhere along the A1 would be nice just to break the journey for the kids. I had orginally intended to go to brimham rocks and high force on this trip, but AA autoroute sayes they are both an hour away from any of the travelodges we are staying in, if any local can disagree with that and squeeze a trip to either in somewhere above that would be great. Maybe it would be possible to do high force after beamish on the way to scotch corner - Im not really sure of the distances involved or how long to allow for beamish wild I would also be grateful if you could tell of any family friendly pubs like 2 for 1's or havesters that are along any of my days routes. Thankyou for reading and any help you can provide. I did try to join the NE forum but it says my IP is banned.
  14. I wish there was a resusitator cache closer to Norfolk.
  15. OMG is it only me that still prints paper cache details off?
  16. I am not a dog owner now, but have had big dogs in the past (labradors). And shock horror walked them off the lead. However they were well trained and never out of sight, and we always called them back and put them on a lead if other people approached or we where near a junction or turning we could not see around. (and picked up after them!) The problem is a few ruin it for the rest. My dogs often got bit by other dogs, and many times we were blamed for putting our dogs on the lead, somehow the other owners said that made their dogs aggressive. My point was mine were on the lead so not near their out of control dogs so how could it be my problem. They should have prevented their dogs coming to mine. One of the main reasons I wont have another dog now is because my old dog had such a hard time with other dogs as he aged, he wanted just to get out for a short sniff, he was not good on his legs for the last few weeks, then some stupid owner let their dog bound over and knock him over, causing loads of pain for Sam. People are just more ignorant now in all walks of life. Anyhow to the main reason i replied to the above quote, I think its a slippery slope to tread to start thinking like that, how far do you take it? Do you expand the theory to other animals and people. Sorry officer i just whacked that teenage yob who was walking along the path because I perceived he was a threat to me and I wanted to get in first? PS one of the worse attacks on Sam was at the only geocaching event we have been to, we had been there about 5 minutes and were still getting the picnic things out from the car, and sam was on the lead, when a rottie came over and just attacked him, spliting his ear and making him bled, even after that the geocacher owner never said sorry, nor did they put the dog on the lead. We didnt stay and havent been to another event since.
  17. wow I was lucky and got a complete set of garmin coins. I managed via a non caching forum to get people to get them for me, so I had a complete set. I even got 2 spares which I sent out and one got muggled very quickly, so the others are still sat unactivated. Question is I really need a 4 bike towbar upright bike rack for the car, if I sold them and they made that sort of money I could have the bike rack..... I really wanted to send them travelling as was intended, but they get muggled so quickly I have just left them in the draw, which isnt really the point of the coins
  18. Thanks for everyones help, pleased it wasnt just me missing something
  19. How do I? I have a regular pocket query that i run, but if a cache is archived the PQ just ignores it and leaves it showing as whatever state it last was, eg unavailable or worse still active. I know I can manually alter it in gsak to show as archived, but is there any way of gettign the pocket query to do it.
  20. I had a royal visit to one of mine as well, see log below http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=1357eee4-b5af-4003-80ae-1fc0113bdfad
  21. This is what has happened here, it found the freshly replaced ones, not the ones left out for a while.
  22. title should read a lovely caching dog story not a strange story but I dont know how to edit it
  23. After a period of forestry closure where i have a series of caches, 2 weekends ago I went and replaced all the caches with fresh new ones. Within a week I was getting dnf logs, which I thought was strange as the originals had been out ages without a problem and I knew I had only just refreshed them all. Then i get a surprise email from Groundspeak.... "Hello Sue, Greetings from Groundspeak! I have an amusing story for you about your caches. We have been contacted by a resident of the West Bilney area whose dog is finding, retrieving, and presenting caches to her. She has no idea where they were hidden, but one container is a lizard and the other is a rabbit. It appears likely that they are the missing caches from your Sam's Lost Ball series. I am waiting for her permission to share her email address with you. Do I have your permission to share your email address with her? If both of you agree, contact each other and work out how she can return your containers. Regards" I was so pleased that someone had taken the trouble to contact Groundspeak (and pleased I had left a stash sheet explaining caching in the caches) and I was also impressed at the dog finding them, as they are hidden well and away from the main path. I have now been in contact with the finder and its a small world, shes the dog trainer that 10 years ago I took Sam to for basic training, so it was lovely to have a chat and catch up. And explains why her dog was able to find them as it is so well trained. Rehidng the caches again will be harder as her dog can track fresh human scent, so might have to put them up a tree now!
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