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What GPSr do you use?

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Garmin GPSmap 60cSx, so does the other half.


We started with the blue eTrex Legends, then got a 60CS and a 76CS (the month before the CSx models came out!) and finally got the two 60CSx's.


I looked at the Colorado and Oregon gps units, just because we like toys, but after reading about them on the forums, and listening to the advice of friends who tried them and then returned them to get 60 CSx's again and we've decided to stick with what we have, at least for now.


---We absolutely love the 60CSx's. I think they're the best gps units out there right now. I've never had the first complaint about them.

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a Magellan 4000 XL


oh wait - no, that was just for the first 3 caches. (still have it, it still works)


now it's that same ol' 60csx.


I'm also keeping the 60c around just for fun


(there were a bunch of other units between the first unit mentioned and the newest)

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I went through 3 in a month.

Vista hcx first...then a 60csx...before finally taking the plunge I knew I should have right off the bat and got myself a Colorado300. Had I known the Oregon was coming out a month or so later I probably would have waited...Although I like the QH antena on the Co. WAY better than the Patch on the Oregon, the entering of coordinates and text on the Oregon would be awesome compared to what a pain in the butt it is on the Co.

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I started with a Garmin GPS II+. I then upgraded to a Magellan Meridian. From there I stepped up to a Magellan Explorist 600, and eventually acquired a Garmin GPS V, both of which I'm still using....though neither is working all that well anymore. :grin:


I'm currently thinking about picking up a Magellan Meridian Platinum to use on my motorcycle. I only need basic maps, and don't require routing or anything....mostly just want it for a more accurate speedo, and to record my tracks. They're cheap, because they're old tech, plus I still have the handlebar mount for my old Meridian basic that'll fit on my MC, and the detail maps software. I really liked my Meridian basic, and the buttons are big enough that I should be able to press them w/o taking my gloves off.

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So, other than the fact that the 60CSx supports tide tables, what are the major differences between the 60CSx and Vista HCx? Looking at the Garmin site, I don't see any obvious differences - but the price gap is large, so what am I missing?

Last time I checked the Vista HCx did tides, looks like almost the lower high tide to me:


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So, other than the fact that the 60CSx supports tide tables, what are the major differences between the 60CSx and Vista HCx? Looking at the Garmin site, I don't see any obvious differences - but the price gap is large, so what am I missing?

Different chipsets is one major factor. About the same accuracy (personal opinion is the 60 is a tad more accurate, but others will argue will say the opposite, not much difference in any case), but the HCx and the other units on that chipset have had an awful lot of issues lately. I've seen thread after thread of complaints, lots of comments about having to continually update to the next newest software upgrade, etc


Other than that, it's mostly body style and location of the controls.


The rubber gasket on the Legend style body (the HCx) comes off with alarming regularity. I didn't have that problem with any of my old blue Legends (and counting the ones in my classroom, I've owned 8), but I've seen many threads about it over the years and apparently it hasn't been fixed with the HCx.


A lot of people just prefer the look and feel of one unit or the other and are willing to deal with other issues for those reasons alone.


Personally, I find the controls much easier to use with the 60 style body (or even the 76 style) where everything is on the front of the unit. I also like the rocker style direction arrow selector.


Other people prefer the tiny size of the Legend body style. I have carpal tunnel in both wrists. The Legend body style always left my hands swollen and aching by the end of a day of caching--and my thumb was irritated and tender from the little click stick (probably why I liked the rocker that replaced it). My husband is a large man with big hands and he despised the Legend style unit because it made him feel clumsy.


How a gps feels in your hand makes a bigger difference than you might think. Remember you'll perhaps use it for hours at a stretch. You really ought to go somewhere and hold any unit you are considering before buying it. If going into a store to hold their gps units if you know you won't be buying from them makes you uncomfortable, perhaps you could go to a local event and ask folks to let you try their gps units for a few minutes.

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Magellan Sportrak Pro, and a Magellan xplorist 200.


Just purchased a Garmin Oregon 300, awaiting arrival.


Based on my experience with automobile navigation the Garmin units are superior to Magellan and since I have maps for my nuvi already I might as well stick with Garmin.

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