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  1. I think I understand... If I buy beer for you and your friends, then it's ok?
  2. I actually have filed for a copyright, btw... I don't know how long I'll have them on ebay... this is my first run, we'll have to see how this one goes.
  3. It's not something that can be patented. By saying that I reserve copyright, I have reserved copyright. I can supply. Not a problem. Just waiting to see how many people go to ebay and order one at this point.
  4. I reserve copyright for this original idea, btw. I just listed some on ebay.
  5. I had a really neat sign made and gave it away as a prize for Spring Fling. It went over very well. I'm able to make more, and I'm wondering if there is anywhere on the forum that I can tell about it?
  6. One of my puzzles has the bogus coords in the middle of the lake. Am I responsible of someone drowns looking for clues that don't exist?
  7. Much to my dismay, I noticed the other day that "melty" showed up in the dictionary. What crap is this? Taco Bell makes up a word, puts it in commercials ad nauseum, and now it's in the dictionary? WTH?
  8. I like getting FTF. A lot. I'll sometimes get up in the middle of the night and race out into the cold or rain to try to get one. <-------- That's why I've been accused of being this. In fact, I've taken to calling myself that.
  9. "Took Hampster, left swan. TFTC."
  10. I hereby nominate this thread for "Most Useless Necro'd Thread of the Year"
  11. Sure could make the FTF race more interesting....
  12. Mingo gets found a lot, since it's the oldest living cache in the world. It has 1222 finds. It would get found even more if it wasn't out in the middle of nowhere in Western Kansas.
  13. Here in Africa we regularly have caches "Buggled".......Muggled by baboons.....! I bet it's hell getting them to write decent logs, or to trade even/up!
  14. Our reviewer just disabled one like this. The cache description said it was "within 150' of the posted coords". To top it off, it's in a place where prolonged searching would draw all kinds of unwanted attention.
  15. I've been voted "Most likely to do something dangerous to find a cache". I hope don't meet my demise this way, because it would have a negative effect on the caching community. I'd rather just die in my sleep. BTW, I saw something in the news story about a way to donate to the family. Everyone reading this should consider the impact that many small donations could make.
  16. I have asked before and still no one has answered the following simple question: How does the fact that I have my FTFs listed on my profile have any negative effect on any other geocacher? I'm proud of my FTFs. I list them on my profile. Some cachers choose not to. Those who "aren't impressed" apparently think that the point is to impress someone, but that couldn't be further from the truth. They can be unimpressed all they want, and it doesn't affect me. My cache logs and profile page are a part of my history in this game/sport/addiction, and one way in which I express myself. That's all.
  17. Ditto. Geocaching is quickly approaching the mainstream event horizon. I liked it better when nobody ever heard of it.
  18. Briansnat, the many photos of W that went around portraying him as a chimp made me uncomfortable. The ones you posted of Condeleeza Rice are even worse, IMO. The fact that the photos are mean-spirited, nasty or even racist do not depend on the political affiliation of the person as far as I'm concerned. Objectionable and inappropriate is just that. It has nothing to do with a "Hypervigilant PC society", rather it's about the fact that people like me are no longer afraid of being bullied into silence by those who think that equal treatment of all is a threat to the "American Way of Life"... It's sad that there are those who are being dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century. But they will eventually get there. At least their kids might.
  19. So what is this? A necro of a necro of a necro from 2001? Or is it a necro of a necro of a necro of a necro.... Wow. I think I need a nap.
  20. No, actually my first reaction was a *gasp*... Followed by "I can't believe this!" At no point did that doctored photo make me "chuckle" or anything like that.
  21. After reading the "defense" from the poster of the photo, I am even more convinced (if that is possible) of the objectionable nature of that photo. His trying to say it's like an election (For each person who found it offensive or racist, there are just as many who found it funny and NOT offensive or racist) is weak to the extreme. This isn't an election. There were a number of people who posted to this very thread that they thought the doctored photo was objectionable. The right thing to do is to acknowledge the photo is in poor taste, and take it down. Period. All of the attempt to justify it or tell others that they need thicker skin is just so much damage control. Altrus, I don't know you. But if you choose to stick with the photo and your response to the criticism of said photo, I can say that I am glad that I don't know you. Welcome to the 21st century. That dog don't hunt anymore. Get with the program.
  22. Heck, I have Google Earth on my phone. I can look at it while I'm at the cache site, and it shows where I am in the photography. I use Google Earth a lot for looking for a good place to hide a cache.
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