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  1. woops, thanks for pointing that out - ad corrected.
  2. I am selling my lightly used Garmin Oregon 400T, it is in like-new condition. Following mapsets preloaded: - Garmin City Navigator North America NT 2009 - Garmin US Topo 24K National Parks, Central v3 - Garmin Topo 2008 - mti_mn mapset (I don't even remember what this is, detailed mn topos?) Following accessories included: - Garmin OEM Carrying case - Carabiner belt clip - Kingston microSDHC 4GB Micro SD Card (SDC4/4GB) - Garmin Coroado 400T Ram Mount RAM-HOL-GA27U (Not pictured) - Zagg Screen Protector note: no mini-usb cable included but I'm assuming most people have these readily on hand. I am looking to get $160/shipped paypal gift payment or +3%
  3. Since the Oregon/Colorado are compatible with the heart rate strap I'm curious if anyone has tried to use it while jogging? It would be nice to get the data from a run off my Oregon but I have no idea how I would even carry it on me while running? anyone have any ideas?
  4. I have owned both. The Oregon's touchscreen is far more intuitive to navigate around and hand-enter coords with. The Oregon's overall dimensions feel much better in my hand (I'm a big/tall guy, usually wear size XL gloves) People have complained about the Colorado's poor waterproofness... having looked at both closely I'd be way more confident with the Oregon around water than I would the Colorado. That said, overall I still really liked both units very much, but between the two... most definitely get an Oregon
  5. I've also owned a 60CSx, Colorado and now an Oregon. I feel EXACTLY the same! <3 my Oregon
  6. I've owned both and if paperless caching is important to you, then I'd recommend the Colorado/Oregon.
  7. What is the benefit of using GSAK with a Oregon/Colorado? Why not just run your PQ and copy the .gpx onto your GPSr?
  8. Yeah, forgot that part :/ Well its still a request.
  9. I don't see why it couldn't be changed, it'd be pretty simple. In fact I've run a forum before that also used invisionboard (like this one) so I _know_ it can be done. I'm not trying to be a stickler, I'm just curious why we can't get true transparent avatars? and if there is an actual reason. it'd make a lot of people's avatars look A LOT better!
  10. Garmin Colorado or Oregon are the only two (Garmin brand) GPSr's that support both.
  11. I think you have it backwards, .png's are actually much smaller than .jpg's or .gif's in my experience. my current avatar is 19kb in .jpg, yet in .png is less than 5kb! so it would actually be BETTER as you'd use less bandwidth. from wikipedia.org; "Some versions of Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW and MS Paint provide poor PNG compression effort, further fueling the idea that PNG is larger than GIF. Many graphics programs (such as Apple's Preview software) save PNGs with large amounts of metadata and color-correction data that are generally unnecessary for Web viewing. Unoptimized PNG files from Adobe Fireworks are also notorious for this." "In practice, well optimized and compressed PNG files are usually much smaller than GIF files (10 % to 50 % savings) for filesizes above about 100 bytes."
  12. I am not trying to upload an animated gif, but a simple static image as a gif with transparency. Why not allow people to upload .png's then with transparency? that way you don't have to worry about animations yet still allow (proper) transparencies.
  13. uploading a .gif doesn't work, when I try it it turns the transparent portion black.
  14. Is there any reason why you can't have images that contain transparency on the forums?
  15. Less than an hour left! reserve price has been met! this baby is getting a new owner very soon!
  16. I've had both the Colorado 400t and the Oregon 400t and I will admit I thought the idea of a touchscreen was ridiculous at first. The Oregon is build very well and the touchscreen is *so* much better than that rock-n-roller wheel. It easier and faster to navigate through menus. I use my Oregon in my vehicle with City Nav maps all the time and its great! Between the two, I'd recommend the Oregon.
  17. I started out with a Garmin eTrex Legend I got off Craiglist for $35! Search for the deals, they're out there!
  18. I once used a Palm and Cachemate and YES, it makes caching *so* much easier! but now that I have an Oregon 400t, its _EVEN_ easier! I upload one (or two) pocket queries and I'm done. always have 500-100 caches ready to go in one device with full descriptions, logs and hints! I couldn't ever imagine going back to the 'old way' of caching!
  19. I once used a Palm and Cachemate and YES, it makes caching *so* much easier! but now that I have an Oregon 400t, its _EVEN_ easier! I upload one (or two) pocket queries and I'm done. always have 500-100 caches ready to go in one device with full descriptions, logs and hints! I couldn't ever imagine going back to the 'old way' of caching!
  20. Well, contrary to popular belief I'm not selling this with the motivation to get cold hard cash (and profit from it). Initially I wanted to trade this for a Oregon Wherigo.com Geocoin as I recently sold my Colorado GPSr and upgraded to a Oregon GPSr... But of course, its hard to find one so that idea kinda fell through... Recently I started to become interested in those small geocoin-like tags that shall not be named to use as signature swag. So... I posted on 'that other forum' to see if anyone was interested in trading this coin for a starter kit coupon and again, interest was slim to nill and they kept saying I should just go to eBay with it. I really didn't want to list on on eBay (and be 'that guy'), but alas that is its final destination. My only goal here is to sell this coin for enough money to buy a starter kit to get my own small geocoin-like tag thingy that I cannot name. I don't really see a difference of what I'm doing vs. me actually trading it for another geocoin or actually trading it for a coupon for a starter kit to that other site? it's not like I'm selling it to go buy a HDTV and before anyone asks, its too late now... no trades, we're down to 1 day left on the auction and over 40 people watching! again, that's my only goal here... I'm not listing this to 'maximize profit' or what have you. I assure you all proceeds are going to be 'reinvested' into my geocaching portfolio. and in the end, the saying goes 'something is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it'. I know what its worth to me personally, hence the reserve. But again, with over 40 people watching and just 1 day left we're already very close to that reserve and I don't at all doubt this will meet my reserve price. good luck to those watching/bidding!
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