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  1. here's a review.. http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/3545-review-...pbooks-gps-maps
  2. I've spent a ton of time comparing the ibycus vs topo CDN vs Backroad mapbook.....there is no question that Bkrd Mpbk is way better....expensive but superior..
  3. Just bought the new Backroad Mapbook BC/AB map sd card.....wow....expensive but magnitudes better than Garmin topo CDN or Ibycus.....
  4. can you load custom maps on the Nuvi series, specifically the nuvi 550?
  5. What a coincidence you would ask today. Just 3 hours ago I was at my local Sportsmans Warehouse store and the sales clerk went outside with me. We compared their Oregon 450t to my Oregon 400t (both with same settings) side by side with bright sunshine outside but we were in a shaded area so that sunlight was not on the screen. I have made all the settings on my 400t to enhance the screen's readability plus I used the white backgrounds from the wiki. There was no appreciable difference in the 2 screens readability to either of us. We moved both units at all different angles trying to see if there was much difference. You can't really say the 2 are identical because you can notice a very very slight difference in the 450t but it is so minimal. From a practical users veiwpoint you can't say it is any better, if you really want to split hairs and talk miniscule amounts then Garmin can say it is better, but still not satisfactory in my above test situation. Don't expect the 450 to be much different than the 300 series if it has the settings and background set to maximize the readabilty Thanks a ton.....you saved me some money.
  6. Are these screens really more sunlight friendly/readable than the 300 series? Thanks
  7. Sorry If I missed the answer but will this service cover canada?
  8. and for a good time put the google earth maps right on your handheld......
  9. The key to getting your maps to fit from GE is when you open up the add overlay dialog go to the altitude tab and change "clamped to ground" to "absolute". My GE satellite maps on my Oregon are in perfect sinc with my gps data.
  10. I was there.....also great info. I was getting so frustrated though because if you don't make the setting change to absoute you'll spend the rest of your life trying to get the overlay to match.
  11. I love em....it's nice to have actual satellite maps on the unit.....garmins "how to" 5 steps is a good explanation. ......or goto gpsfix's website Agree...the Garmin 5 steps looks simple and straight forward. Just never could get past the set of georef'ing the overlay. Only other thing is make sure your running the most recent version of Google earth.
  12. I love em....it's nice to have actual satellite maps on the unit.....garmins "how to" 5 steps is a good explanation. ......or goto gpsfix's website
  13. I've been struggling with geo-referencing my images ( sat images from google earth ) in google earth. I fiddled with stretching and squeezing and could get close but never a good fit. The key is when you open the image overlay box go to the tab Altitude and change "Clamped to ground" to "absolute". You still have to reference the image but it's very easy to make it perfect.
  14. cool thanks I'll upgrade my ibycus....it's been awhile.......enjoying the snow?
  15. I noticed awhile ago when I loaded the new version of map source I was no longer able to use my 3rd party maps. Is anyone else having this problem? I went back to an old version and now it works fine.
  16. snomchfun

    oregon 2.94

    How do I go back to 2.93.......I should have known if it isn't broke don't try and fix it. 2.93 worked awesome.....the 2.94 track is brutally noisey. Thanks
  17. Only if you get the pre-programmed cards, which are kind of a PITA.... True.....at least the Oregon comes with 850 Mbs, that's where I have the Ibycus maps ect.......definately not perfect though
  18. I've been use DEM data for a couple months now ( in Canada ) works great.
  19. Since the PN-40 and Oregon 400 series are out it may come down to the 60csx or the oregon 300. I have both and am more focused on outdoor activities than geo-caching. It's a tough call.....60scx is likely more rugged and has a few more features.......the Oregon is easier to use and with the DEM is definately way cooler............
  20. 5 bad Colorados........1 great Oregon
  21. As far as I can tell since the update the altimeter does not display when it's set to elevation over time, the other three are displaying data. I changed all zooms and couldn't get it to work.
  22. Yep, you now have to turn shaded relief back on every time you start up...........I wonder what else is wrong?
  23. I'm from Calgary, bought the SD topo with the DEM and love it, shaded relief makes a huge difference in the mountains.
  24. I can confirm this as well. Great release.....the Altimeter display no longer works either.
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