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  1. I recently booked a 4 night stay in a hotel by using the "nearest hotels" link on a cache page. First time I ever used this feature, and thought it was a good feature on GS. After paying for my room, I received e-mail from a travel agency with instructions for me to print out... GUEST INSTRUCTIONS: # Please print this and present it to the front desk person when you check in. # You have already paid our company for this reservation at the time of booking. # The hotel should not charge you for room and tax, only incidentals. # If you are charged by the hotel for room and tax, please contact our company immediately at 888-635-0606. HOTEL INSTRUCTIONS: # Do not charge the guest for this reservation; charge the MasterCard that came through the GDS with this reservation for room and tax. This is the MasterCard belonging to the Tour Operator. # Please create a separate folio for the guest incidentals, the guest should be charged for their incidentals. # All additional changes to reservations must be made by tour operator directly. # To cancel this reservation, please contact the tour operator. To me this is just "shady". Not to mention It cost me 10$ more than it would have if I had actually went to the official hotel site and booked my room. (I learned that later) I think GS should have a disclaimer about using a third party when booking lodgings.
  2. Happy Holidays! I am lucky enough to have several ammo cans, fully stocked. First person to email me on my GC account and include thier snail mail will be shipped a 30 cal ammo. I just ask that if you can help out another cacher with a holiday wish, you would do so. A couple years ago, I paid for a premium membership for a struggling college student for Xmas. (err...holidays) It's better to give than receive.
  3. Congrats on finding Geocaching, and KUDOS for thinking about other geocachers and their 4 legged friends!
  4. This is a great un-improvement! Some things just need to be "KISS".
  5. Looking at my finds, my owned caches finds....I see GS has gotten rid of the "about a day ago", "might have been last week", log dates! Kudos for the return of actual log dates!
  6. I wonder if Jeremy will skip his own block party tomorrow, for fear of a mass riot? I myself checked out and completed a few challenges, and played around with a few others. I have decided they are not my thing, so I doubt I will be doing any more of them. Like said previously, I want my cache finds to be an accurate accounting of MY geocaching game, and how I play it. To each their own, and my own does NOT include this new challenge farce..
  7. CX2DB I was under the impression that the Challenge lister has no control over the posted logs? Is this true? And if so, how can he claim only those with pics can log it? I might go test this out.
  8. Oh man! I would love to go, but I am hosting IowaGeocachersOrg Hike and Seek Sept 24-25th. I might be too wore out to go cache halfway across the country! Keyword...MIGHT! EDIT: DOUBLE OH MAN! This is in AUGUST! NOT Sept! OK..I'm excited now!
  9. Kudos for the accomplishment! I am not so much of a power trail person, but the challenge of this calls to me. I am not out to set a record, just finish the series. Game on for me! ~Jenni
  10. Just stumbled across this thread and KUDOS to you for getting the impossible done! As a BOD member of IowaGeocachers.org, and trying to work with the Iowa DNR on their cache placement rules on state land (2 per state owned area, whether it be 2 acres or 500 acres), your accomplishment is a HUGE win for geocaching! Thank you for your efforts, and if the National Parks are re-thinking the geocaching policy, I am hoping Iowa DNR will take a second look at their geo-policies! ~Jenni
  11. This IOWAN has always considered herself a Mid-Westerner.
  12. OK. Now I am jealous. BBJR and I were going to take a 12 state, 2.5 week drive to Carnation and back for GW. A broken foot and 10 weeks off work has diminished our plans to a 4 hour flight each way, and a great compact rental car for the 5 days we will be there. I hope we get to hear of your awesome travels so we can live vicariously through you!
  13. Premium membership on GS.com, Garmin GPS ( I love my Oregon, but I love my Map60CSX more) and you should be good to go. If you download GSAK, you can find alot of macros that will make your non-paperless GPS more paperless friendly. Hints, D/T..there are several things you can do to make your "non paperless" GPS into a "somewhat paperless" GPS.
  14. I ran "myfinds" PQ today. Got an e-mail saying it was ready fer download in GC PQ site... Go to GC PQ site and it was not there. Guess I stay at 2015 finds till next week (if'n it works next week)
  15. Add me to the list of those immune. Now, having said that...I am sure to get the worst case of poison ivy/oak ever documented.
  16. I love my Oregon 400t for the paperless features... but I love the stability (accuracy) of my Map60CSx. With the right GSAK macros and tweaks...you can get alot of info loaded into the Map60. Not quite paperless, but close IMO. If I were to recommend a GPS, I would say Map60CSx is the way to go.
  17. I got an e-mail saying it ran myfinds PQ...go to GC PQ page and download it....yadda yadda I run enough PQ's that I am now used to the new way of doing buisness. Only problem is..its not in the download que on my PQ download site. Normally, I would shrug this off and re-run a PQ, but a "myfinds" can only be run once a week.
  18. I generated a "myfinds" PQ. Got the e-mail saying its ready for downloading at the GC site. But it does not show up in the PQ's ready for download on the GC PQ site. Normally this would not bother me, I can try again tomorrow right? NOO My finds is a once a week PQ. Why is that? And where did the PQ I generated go to? I guess I hope next week that "myfinds" PQ makes it to the download site. Otherwise I might be stuck with 2000 finds forever.
  19. With so many worthy charities out there...donate that money in the FTF'ers name! I think many many geocachers would be proud as heck of that FTF prize! For me, FTF means signing my name on an empty log, I don't need a prize. Just my 2 cents..... (which I am donating to my local animal shelter)
  20. Get a bunch free, then sell me 100 of them cheap. We are looking to buy them/find donors to help us celebrate the BSA 100th anniversary of Scouting! ~Jenni www.iowageocachers.org
  21. I love Shanka's log. Sometimes the universe aligns and gives someone something special. Ordinarily I would not condone wild animal/human contact.. but clearly this was meant to be, and make a family smile. Things happen daily that were not meant to be understood, they just happen.
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