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  1. Hello, I got a Quest Master's III Burning Micro Coin. It's an event coin, and I haven't been able who minted it so I can retrieve the activation code. I was wondering if anyone else out there may know what site made the coin so I can get it activated. Thanks for your help.
  2. I really thought that had more watcher's on it. It's on my "I wanna do this cache" bookmark.
  3. The date for the National Boy Scout Get in the Game CITO event will be May 15, 2010. We hope all councils, scouts, volunteers and geocachers will join us as we show Scouting and Service in action along with a lot of fun. More information will be sent to the councils soon. Thank you very much!!!
  4. Yes, here in Iowa I've heard and used the term before.
  5. A huge thank you Locus Prime and Lil Devil!!!!!!!! You made my day.
  6. Nope. On alot of my hides, I have the Iowageocachers.org logo that is clickable and will jump you to their home page.
  7. Just wondering since we are teaming up with the Boy Scout's for their 100th annvrisity, I thought there was going to be a selected weekend to hold a Scout CITO day this year as well. Does anyone have more information on that. Thank you.
  8. Had to say, loved the title of this thread. Now hopefully my keyboard will dry out without problem after I spit some soda all over it. Please don't burn down Apple. After all they make more sizes of ipod's than the nano. Now if we are talking blinky's, I'm game.
  9. I'm still up for this feature and would love to have it. I would also like a box on the map's to tick that would make ignored caches dissapear as well.
  10. Well, there's a bit of a back story, but basically I had made enough "finds" to my liking and had found everything I had cared too within 50 to 75 miles of me, so I have "retired" this account when it comes to hiding and finding. I opened a new account so I could well, start all over again. But I'm in the process of making a tombstone that houses a 30 cal ammo can inside. I don't have any photo's on this computer of it. But I've mounted a gargoyle to the top of it, and it will read Here rest's Parabola, told him that 5 terrian wasn't worth it. Then also a bit lower on the tombstone it will read offically geocaching game piece so it doesn't freak anyone out and the landowner has told me this would be ok. But lift it up and there will be a 30 cal under it.
  11. I've had great luck with them and would recommed buying from them. I know he crash his comptuer when he loaded window's 7 on it and lost alot of data which was in the time frame you're talking about. He's been very quick to respond to my e-mail's, and we even had a tracking number from the USPS that made it look like my stuff was shipped back to him, and at midnight he ran to the post office to check his PO box yo see if there was a mistake or something, and I got my stuff the next day. I've ordered from him about a dozen times and other than the problem reaching him while his computer was down, I can't complain at all about his service. It was top notch.
  12. But, of course, "deleted" logs are not readable by mere mortals but the all powerful admins can read the logs. They are not deleted, just printed with invisible ink. And I suspect that after asking GC.com to stop this persons email and they do this trick they will get exactly one warning before they will no longer be able to log into the site. The cache owner (and any watchers) would still get the email, and will have to read the message to filter it from the legitimate logs. That was my (poorly made) point. And they could keep on creating accounts if that is what it takes. A better solution would be to create an email filter to automatically ignore the person. Back to the OP: For blocking PM, there is an option that says "PM Buddies/Block List". I'm not sure if it works. For testing, I added "Parabola" to my block list. Try sending me a PM and see if it works. I just sent you a PM. Thank you for all the suggestion's everybody!!!
  13. Did you unzip your PQ? If you haven't. Do. Then when the 400t is hooked up to your computer it will act as a mass storage device. You'll see a folder that say's GPX file. Open that. Then drag and drop your unzipped PQ in there and on a restart they should show up. If you are using GSAK, there is an import and export option for all the Colorado's and Oregon's as well. My guess is your not unzipping the PQ first. Hope that help's.
  14. I was wondering, I've blocked a player from being able to contact me threw my normal e-mail account. Is there anyway I can block this person from being able to contact me threw the website at all. I don't care to read his rant's anymore. I was just wondering if there was a way to stop all contact from this person, yeah sure if they where to find one of my hides, I'd get the log, but a PM is what I want to block from the geocaching website. Thanks, Parabola
  15. You signed the logbook right. Just cause you found it by pure chance you did locate it and find it. I don't think that would warrant a log deletion. I don't care for it when someone just gives out the answer to a puzzle cache or final of a multi cache, but if they have signed the log book, then I would think it's a find. I've found about a half dozen or so caches by mistake. Some of them letterbox's, some terra's, and some geo's. Just by pure chance I was walking along awhile back and saw a kind of unnatural stick pile, and it was a unpublished letterbox from a letterboxing site or at least I never did find it on a letterboxing website. I've also done the same with some terra's. But I've never had a log deleted, and I've been honest that I found it by accident.
  16. They do make good refrigerator magnet's. And yes I've hidden one but it didn't last very long at all. One of the coin company's sent me a couple in a coin order I placed. I didn't quite know how to take that when I got my order.
  17. That is weird. I use the same filter's, and they work for me and I haven't noticed it stop working.
  18. Take your GPX file of the temp's and use a site like box.net to host the file and anybody can download it ahead of time, and upload their own equipment ahead of time. Just make a link on the cache page to the box.net file. I've seen a few event's do this, and it seems to work out well. They used GSAK to create the GPX file and just uploaded that file. It's a free site to use.
  19. I'm jumpping in way late here, but haven't been in the forum's for a while. Personally I'd like to thank Nomax for going threw and cleaning up a lot of unmaintained caches. I don't know how many he got here, but he posted a reviewer's note that if the cache owner was intending to fix to put a log on the page saying so, or it would be archived. Then about 3 week's later he came threw again and did a lot of archiving. If yours got archive by mistake, just e-mail your local reviewer and they can unarchived it. Not a big deal to do. He got rid of a lot of stuff that had been missing for a very long time, and no response from the cache owner's. The only down side I've noticed from it, is now some are not disabling their hides, even though they know they are missing or the cache owner isn't around anymore to disable their hide. Sorry but I'm not reading threw 23 pages so I have not read the whole thread, just making a reply to the topic.
  20. If you want a sandbox, then make a cache, but don't publish it. I've got one called My sandbox to play around with html. I just wrote a note on it Don't ever publish this. Which I'm glad I did, cause somehow I once did submit it for review by accident. But it's been helpful for me to experiment around cause I'm not too good with html.
  21. That's not a curse. That's some fun right there. Our operation is running smoothly here as I gained access to a pallet of 30 cal's. Paint has been hard to come by and so has the swag. But X-mas is right around the corner so the swag will pick up here fast. All hale the high Priestess Sioneva!!!!
  22. Thanks for the quick reply. I got it figured out and was able to find my last renew, and from there you can cancel. Thanks again!!
  23. I really need to get my account so it doesn't auto-renew my preimum membership. I can't take a chance of that moeny being pulled out on me. I've tried to change it in my account page but all it seem's to have is my information about my account renewing automatically, without being able to change that. I went to paypal thinking it may be listed under subscription's, but couldn't find it there. If anyone know's how I can change this, it would be great help for me at the moment. the reason I need this done, is I've been off work for three month's and have to cut back on expense's as it still will be a bit before I''m able to go back to work. Thanks for your help.
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